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Voyager Innovations, Inc. is a leading Philippine digital technology company that serves the country’s reputable telco, mobile and financial services industries. On February 9, 2017, the company was officially hailed as the 2016 Grand Winner in The Most Innovative Companies (TMIC) Award organized by Philippine Innovation Network (PIN).

Established in 1996 by a team of experienced technology professionals and entrepreneurs, Voyager Innovations has since evolved into a powerhouse of digital products and platforms. It specializes in developing innovative solutions such as payments integration, cashless transactions processing and customer experience management across multiple channels. As such, it provides value-added services to customers while working closely with local business partners through various collaborative programs to create an accessible and more efficient digital ecosystem.

Its numerous recognitions best attest the success of Voyager Innovations for outstanding service excellence among which include being recognized as one of “Asia’s most innovative companies” by Fast Company; receiving the award for Business Excellence from Frost & Sullivan; and winning two Stevie Awards from the American Business Awards for its Transformational Payments platform – PayMaya Philippines inc., in 2015 and 2016.

On top of this, it also earned awards from prestigious organizations like The Information Age Innovation Awards; People Management Association of Philippines – PMAP Award for Outstanding Corporate Leadership; Inc., Magazine’s Hire Power Award; Diwa Learning Systems’ Top Company Award; CSI People Excellence Awards to name a few. All these attest to Voyager Innovations’ unwavering desire to use disruptive innovation to create real influence in people’s lives by making their everyday tasks simpler and faster—ultimately bringing convenience no matter where they are located within the country or what path they are trying to take.

Background of Voyager Innovations

Voyager Innovations is a Filipino fintech company recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the Philippines. They have recently hit unicorn status after a $210m raise, making them one of the leading fintech companies in the region.

Voyager Innovations has a wealth of experience in fintech and mobile payments and this article will dive into their backstory and explain how they became so successful.

History and Overview

Voyager Innovations is a technology company based in the Philippines. The company has been engaged in creating digital solutions that have the potential to bring tangible and lasting impact not just to its industry, but to the entire country as well. Its products and services strive to help create better lives and alleviate poverty.

Today, Voyager Innovations is recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the Philippines, a title earned through an impressive portfolio of products and services that drive digital transformation across industries.

Voyager Innovations can trace its origin back to 201 when two co-founders established their first non-profit organization focused on rural development. This initial effort eventually led to other projects such as mobile value added services, web development, mobile apps and more. Later on in 2010, it pivoted into a full-fledged accelerator company with projects established under 3 major business divisions: telecommunications, financial technology (fintech) and entertainment technologies (edutainment).

The success of Voyager Innovations can be attributed not only to its leadership but also to its talented team whose efforts are continuously focused towards developing ways for people to benefit from modern technologies developed by the company like blockchain solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) tools and chatbot applications among many others – all these products leverage innovation towards solving some of our biggest problems today such as access inequality and financial literacy gap while connecting people using their respective passions points.

Products and Services

Voyager Innovations is a leading innovator of digital financial services, infrastructure, and technology in the Philippines. Established in 2012, they build and serve over 20 million customers with innovative and reliable products that meet the needs of their customers.

Products and Services: Their products range from payment networks like PayMaya to delivering business intelligence solutions. They offer a comprehensive suite of technologies that empowers individuals and enterprises to do their best business.

PayMaya: PayMaya is an all-in-one digital payments platform for Filipinos who want convenient access to digital services without needing cash or a credit card. It allows users to pay bills, shop online and use it as an ATM card. It also provides cashless checkout and money transfers.

MyKuya: MyKuya helps Filipino freelancers find temporary work opportunities directly from employers’ user interface via mobile application. Employers can post job postings quickly and get help within minutes from freelancers for tasks around their home or office without needing to sign any contracts or commit time beyond the requested service hours.

Kapital: This application provides financing assistance to micro businesses through its rapid online loan processing system, enabling them to manage cash flow better while minimizing collateral requirements and providing access to affordable working capital whenever they need it most.

Tapnine: This mobile content sharing platform enables users to share snippets of data quickly enabling longer conversations swiftly kept secure with end-to-end encryption that communicates between two similarly enabled devices on any network supported by Tapnine making them feel safer while eliminating need for data cables or hardware externally used when transferring large files through emails etc.

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Achievements and Recognitions

Voyager Innovations has achieved tremendous success in their efforts to bring financial technology to the Philippines. Various sources and organizations have recognized them as one of the most innovative companies in the country. Recently, they achieved unicorn status with a $210 million raise that positions them as one of the most successful and influential fintech companies in the Philippines.

Let’s look at some of the other notable achievements and recognitions of Voyager Innovations.

Awards and Accolades

Throughout the years, Voyager Innovations has achieved numerous awards and distinguished recognitions. From different sectors in the industry, it is acknowledged that Voyager has taken strides by continuing to furnish relevant solutions and life-changing services.

A few notable awards such as Asia-Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2020, Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Contact Center Company of the Year 2015, and Philippines Business Excellence Awards 2017 exemplify how Voyager consistently delivers innovative solutions to their customers. In addition, in the recent months, three Voyager innovators were included at Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 2021 list where their transformation across different industries were celebrated.

Furthermore, other recognitions include Telecommunications Company of the Year at Telecom Asia 2018 for its pioneering digital innovations, leader in customer experience management for Multi-channel Experience Management Platform (MxM) by Contact Center World 2020 Global Awards of Excellence, and one of Fastest Growing Fintech from Earnshaw published by Singapore FinTech Association 2020. Aside from these accomplishments, millions in the Philippines utilize Voyager products and platforms for their digital financial needs such as GCash—leading digital wallet app—payment gateway solutions applied across several financial institutions nationwide.

In summary, Voyager Innovations earned numerous awards from different sectors and industries to demonstrate its presence within local markets with utmost commitment in creating life changing technologies and services through innovative solutions.

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Milestones and Accomplishments

Voyager Innovations has achieved significant milestones and many awards since its establishment in 2013. As a company dedicated to empowering millions of Filipinos through disruptive technologies and innovations, Voyager Innovations has delivered groundbreaking products and services that have raised the bar for digital innovation.

In 2019, Voyager Innovations was recognized by LinkedIn Philippines as one of the Top 5 Most In-Demand Startups in the country. Earlier in 2017, Voyager was also celebrated by eBay’s M&A Executive Council when it acquired This award recognized the ingenuity and market potential of as a leading mobile wallet and financial services provider in the Philippines. Additionally, in 2018, Gartner’s Market Guide to Digital Trust & Identity recognized Voyager as one of only three providers of trusted identity solutions included in their global research report targeted towards enterprise clients with customer-facing applications requesting access or authentication to accounts or other identities using secure digital technology.

As well as these external recognitions, internal team members have been acknowledged for contributing to moving digital innovation forward in Southeast Asia. In 2019, two team members were awarded ‘People Manager’ by Q-People Leadership Awards for creating an excellent work culture within the organization; this recognition was further bolstered by winning a Global Team Excellence Award at GSX 2019 Seattle from Project Management Institute (PMI) USA recognizing their contributions to project success at scale across multiple markets and technologies such as eMoney wallet and Integrated Payments Platforms (IPP). Our people were subsequently runner-up for Asia Pacific PMI Awards held later that year at ISB India too!

The recognitions received show that not just individuals but also teams are being acknowledged within our organization; this testament to corporate success has solidified our place as one of the top innovators in driving digital transformation within Southeast Asia!

Filipino fintech Voyager Innovations hits unicorn status with $210m raise

In a recent financing round, Filipino fintech Voyager Innovations has reached unicorn status after raising $210 million. This marks a major milestone for the company, which is now recognized as one of the most innovative companies in the Philippines.

The investment has been backed by leading global and local firms, enabling Voyager to expand its digital financial services and products for customers in the Philippines and across the globe.

Let’s look at the details of this financing round.

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Investment Partners

Voyager Innovations has recently completed a new financing round, raising funding from its existing investment partners and receiving additional support from an appreciated local partner. Present investors include KKR, IFC/PROPARCO, BrCapital, BPI Capital, PLDT Capital and NDDI. In addition, KKR is making additional investments in this current round and entering into new partnerships.

The international investors participating in the Series A financing displays confidence in what the company will achieve through its various services and its continued relevance as one of the most innovative companies in the Philippines’ market. Joining Voyager’s existing world-class partners include Japan-based corporation NDDI Corporation, bringing their wealth of expertise to create a strong network for Voyager powered by technology enabled services for underserved segments in the Philippines.

The updated lines of support from the Group’s established partners and contributions from the newcomers empower Voyager Innovations and its constituents to create better financial prospects through technology driven access nationwide thus bridging digital gaps.

Impact of the Financing Round

The latest financing round for Voyager Innovations, a leading fintech firm in the Philippines, is a testament to their tremendous growth and potential. This latest funding will allow them to further build on their impressive suite of services and products driving financial inclusion in the country.

The investment will give Voyager Innovations greater reach and capacity to partner effectively with banks, microfinance institutions and cooperatives in the Philippines. It is also expected to bring more financial inclusion to underserved sectors such as rural communities, retail merchants and small businesses.

This investment helps increase investments in digital payment solutions across multiple channels (online/mobile). Additionally, Voyager Innovations can use this funding to roll out new products such as loans and insurance. Moreover, these new services will facilitate frictionless payment experiences across Southeast Asia through its regional network of partner banks. The additional funds will also bolster efforts towards data-driven analytics capabilities which could benefit the financial ecosystem by providing insights or data-driven credit scoring models for underbanked consumers or SMEs.

Ultimately, this new financing round for Voyager Innovations is integral in furthering the company’s mission of making digital payments more accessible for all Filipinos.


In conclusion, Voyager Innovations has earned its recognition as one of the top innovative companies in the Philippines. Its mobile payment service GCash has revolutionized how Filipinos transact and access services. At the same time, its consumer insights platform Tonie engages customers more deeply and helps businesses better understand their target market’s needs. Voyager Innovations was also recognized for having developed a strong technology infrastructure and cultivating an innovative culture centered around open collaboration and custom solutions.

By focusing on customer needs through innovation and providing exciting, powerful experiences for its users, Voyager Innovations continues to spur a positive transformation in the Filipino economy by empowering consumers with access to better products and services. As such, it is a testament of how Philippine businesses can succeed in an increasingly global marketplace through digital technology innovation that is both accessible and sustainable.

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