As the 2024 MLB season transitions from a distant dream to an exhilarating reality, fans and analysts are turning their attention to one of the most captivating narratives of any season: the race to determine each team’s Most Valuable Player (MVP).

While the potential for predicting future MVPs often leans heavily on analytics and statistical forecasts, there’s an undeniable charm in relying on intuition and the so-called “gut feeling” to forecast these outcomes.

This blend of art and science makes the quest to identify the next batch of MVPs not just a speculative exercise but a thrilling aspect of the sport that engages the heart as much as the mind.

Arizona Diamondbacks: RF Corbin Caroll

At just 23 years old, Corbin Carroll is a name to watch for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Predictions for 2024 are impressive, with 157 games played, 679 plate appearances, 21 home runs, 43 stolen bases, and batting averages indicating a .272 AVG, .354 OBP, and .460 SLG, leading to a 4.9 WAR.


The Diamondbacks boast notable talents like Zac Gallen and Ketel Marte, but Carroll is the obvious choice. Despite his impressive debut season with 25 home runs and 54 stolen bases, his potential has yet to be fully tapped.

A key focus for 2024 will be his power throughout the season, aiming to maintain his prowess beyond July. Even a slight increase in his power-hitting could see him reach the coveted 30-30 milestone.

Atlanta: RHP Spencer Strider

At 25, Spencer Strider is not just another player for Atlanta; he’s the guy set to explode in 2024. With projections showing 31 starts, 176 innings pitched, allowing only 132 hits and 21 home runs, his performance metrics are off the charts.

His strikeouts are expected to hit 254 with a solid ERA of 3.28 and a WAR of 5.1. Given their jaw-dropping seasons, it might seem almost rebellious not to pick Ronald Acuña Jr. or Matt Olson. However, the excitement swells with Spencer having bagged 20 wins and leading in strikeouts the previous year.

Adding a new curveball to his arsenal, which already showed promise in spring training, Strider is on a trajectory that could earn him the Cy Young Award, a feat not achieved by an Atlanta player since 1998. This development could significantly influence MLB Team Futures.

Baltimore Orioles: RHP Corbin Burnes

At 29 years old, Corbin Burnes is poised to take the mound for the Baltimore Orioles with remarkable stats that fans can’t wait to see unfold in 2024. His projections include:

  • Stepping up for 32-game starts.
  • Pitching a whopping 194.0 innings.
  • Serving up only 157 hits and 17 home runs while accumulating an impressive 206 strikeouts against just 59 walks.

This contributes to a projected ERA of 3.46 and a WAR of 4.4.

This impressive outlook may spark talks of recency bias, but Burnes quickly silences skeptics with his extraordinary skill blend. His Orioles debut was a masterclass in mixing commanding pitches with deadly accuracy, highlighted by a game against the Los Angeles Angels where he allowed only a single home run to Mike Trout, struck out 11, and issued no walks over six innings.

This achievement is merely a sign of what’s to come from the 2021 NL Cy Young Award winner, who has his sights set on a significant payday in free agency after what’s expected to be a massive year.

Boston Red Sox: 3B Rafael Devers

At just 27 years old, Rafael Devers is gearing up to leave a significant mark on the Boston Red Sox in 2024. With projections estimating 154 games played, 665 plate appearances, and remarkable stats such as 34 home runs, a .280 batting average, a .351 on-base percentage, and a .517 slugging percentage, resulting in a 3.9 WAR, Devers is a force to be reckoned with.

Despite a brief scare with a minor left shoulder injury that kept him out of a couple of games, Devers returned with a bang in the opener against the Seattle Mariners. He showcased his power by smashing a two-run homer off Luis Castillo with a velocity of 104.4 mph and adding a double at 110.0 mph.


Known for leading in hard-hit balls and extra-base hits since 2019, Devers is not just a phenomenal hitter; he’s also evolving into a pivotal leader for the team.

Chicago Cubs: RF Seiya Suzuki

Seiya Suzuki, at the age of 29, is anticipated to make a significant impact for the Chicago Cubs in 2024. His projections for the season show considerable promise, with forecasts suggesting he will play in 136 games, racking up 588 plate appearances, hit 23 home runs, steal 6 bases, and maintain a batting average of .272, an on-base percentage of .352, and a slugging percentage of .478, leading to a WAR of 2.5.

While the Cubs have a roster filled with talent, including the potential for greatness in Cody Bellinger should he recover his earlier career power, Suzuki stands out for his consistent performance. After adjusting to MLB, Suzuki’s stats soared in the second half of 2023, boasting a .938 OPS. This upward trend continued impressively into spring training, during which he achieved a 1.081 OPS and knocked six home runs.

This performance cements the general view that Suzuki, after a period of adjustment, is now poised to exhibit the power-hitting prowess that marked his career in Japan, where he once achieved a .943 OPS with a peak of 38 home runs in a single season (2021).