You’re a Chelsea FC fan ready to take the Blues for a run in EA FC 24. But you want more than just playing as Chelsea – you want to dominate with them. You want to take their star-studded lineup and play a style of football that will make Thomas Tuchel proud. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll give you tips on how to get the best out of Chelsea’s world-class talent in EA FC 24. We’ll show you custom tactics that take advantage of their strengths. You’ll learn how to beat opponents with Chelsea’s unmatched quality and depth. Whether it’s dominating possession or hitting teams on the counter, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to rule the pitch with the Blues in EA FC 24!

Chelsea’s Best Formation and Tactics in EA FC 24

To dominate with Chelsea in EA FC 24, the 4-3-3 holding formation is your best bet. ###Midfield Dominance With Kante, Jorginho, and Kovacic in the midfield, you’ll boss possession and cut off counterattacks. Have Kante primarily defend, let Kovacic dribble forward, and have Jorginho dictate the tempo.

Feed the Forwards

With Pulisic, Werner, and Ziyech up top, you have pace, dribbling, and playmaking ability. Have Pulisic and Ziyech stay wide to stretch the defense, then have them cut in to combine with Werner. Let Werner make runs in behind, and play through balls to utilize his speed.

Defensive Solidity

In defense, have your fullbacks stay back to provide cover while the center backs mark tightly and tackle aggressively. Kante will help shield the back four, so opponents will struggle to get behind your defense.

Set Pieces and Crosses

With players like Zouma, Werner, and Giroud, Chelsea pose an aerial threat. Whip crosses in from the wings to the back post, and you’ll notch some headers. You can also try short corner kicks to open up space before crossing.

By setting Chelsea up to control the midfield, feed the forwards, stay solid in defense, and threaten on set pieces, you’ll be well on your way to dominating with the Blues. With practice, you’ll have opponents rage-quitting in no time! Now get out there and show them what Chelsea is made of!

The Top Chelsea Players to Use in EA FC 24

Eden Hazard

The Belgian wizard is a must for any Chelsea squad. With blistering pace, silky skills, and the ability to score from anywhere, Hazard will run rings around opponents and win you games single-handedly.

Ngolo Kante

The diminutive French midfielder is a giant on the pitch. His tireless running, crunching tackles, and intelligent interceptions dominate the center of the park. With Kante patrolling in front of your back four, the opposition will struggle to find a way through.

Thibaut Courtois

The towering goalkeeper provides a commanding presence between the sticks. With cat-like reflexes, a massive reach, and strong aerial ability, Courtois will pull off saves that seem impossible. His calming leadership at the back will also shore up your defense.

Antonio Rudiger

The German center-back brings strength, speed, and aggression to Chelsea’s backline. Comfortable on either side of central defense, Rudiger wins headers, times tackles to perfection, and charges out of the back to intercept danger. With Rudiger at the heart of your defense, you’ll be tough to break down.

Between Hazard’s attacking brilliance, Kante’s midfield mastery, Courtois’ shot-stopping skills, and Rudiger’s defensive dominance, you’ll have the spine of a squad capable of beating any opponent. Build around these Chelsea stars and silverware will soon be yours! With the right tactics and team chemistry, you’ll be celebrating like Champions of Europe at Stamford Bridge.

How to Maximize Chelsea’s Strengths and Minimize Weaknesses

Focus on Chelsea’s Midfield

Chelsea has some of the best midfielders in the game, like N’Golo Kante, Jorginho, and Mason Mount. Use them to dominate possession and control the pace of the match.


Pass the ball between them, look for through balls to your forwards, and don’t be afraid to take some shots from outside the box. Kante in particular is a beast at winning the ball back, so use him to frustrate your opponent.

Utilize the Wingers

With players like Christian Pulisic, Hakim Ziyech, and Callum Hudson-Odoi, Chelsea has dangerous attacking options on the wings. Look to get the ball out wide and use skill moves like stepovers, heel-to-heel flicks and ball rolls to beat defenders one-on-one. Whip in crosses to your strikers or cut inside and take shots. The wingers’ pace also makes them perfect for counterattacks, so hit teams on the break.

Shore Up the Defense

For all their attacking talent, Chelsea’s defense can be inconsistent. Make sure you control your center backs and don’t commit them too far forward. Use your defensive midfielders to cut off passing lanes and pressure opponents. Be careful not to overcommit when tackling, as missing a challenge can leave you exposed. And keep an eye out for players making runs in behind—Chelsea’s high defensive line can leave them vulnerable on the counter.

By maximizing Chelsea’s strengths in midfield and attack while mitigating their occasional defensive frailties, you’ll have the Blues playing exciting football and dominating on the virtual pitch. Now get out there and show your rivals why Chelsea is called the “Pride of London”!

Chelsea Custom Tactics, Instructions, and Player Roles


As Chelsea, you have a squad built for dominating possession and controlling the tempo of the match. Set your tactics to ‘Possession’ to keep the ball, frustrate your opponent, and wait for openings. Select ‘Balanced’ for width and ‘Medium’ for depth so you have players in good positions to keep passes short and recycling possession.


For player instructions, set both fullbacks to ‘Join the Attack’ so they provide width going forward. Have one central midfielder set to ‘Get Forward’ to give you an extra attacker, with the other on ‘Balanced’ to help control the center. Your wingers should be on ‘Cut Inside’ to give them freedom to roam and find space. For your striker, ‘Stay Central’ is best to take advantage of through balls and crosses.

Player Roles

With a squad full of stars, picking your best XI can be tough. Up top, play Werner at striker for his pace, and Ziyech and Pulisic on the wings. In central midfield, go for the balance of Kante’s energy and Mount’s creativity. At the back, Chilwell and James are great going forward from fullback, and Silva and Rudiger should start in central defense. Between the sticks, Mendy is a steady and reliable #1 choice in goal.

This setup will give you the control and flair to dominate against most opponents. Short passes, width, and pace will unlock defenses, letting your front three use their skills to create chances. Defensively, your back line has enough speed and experience to handle threats while your midfield tracks back to help. With the right tactics and personnel, you’ll have The Blues purring in no time.

FAQs: Tips and Tricks for Mastering Chelsea in EA FC 24

Focus on Speed and Possession

Chelsea is built around fast, technical players who dominate possession. Pass quickly, use skill moves to beat defenders, and play a high pressing defense to win the ball back. Players like Pulisic, Ziyech, and Havertz will dazzle with their dribbling and passing. Once you have the ball, keep it.

Utilize the Wings

With players like Chilwell, James, Pulisic, and Ziyech, Chelsea’s wings are a major strength. Look to play quick one-twos and through balls to release your speedy wingers. Swing in crosses to take advantage of Werner and Abraham’s heading ability. The wings should be your main route of attack.

Don’t be Afraid to Shoot from Distance

While possession and passing are important, don’t be afraid to have a crack from outside the box. Players like Mount, Havertz, Ziyech, and Pulisic have the ability to score from distance. If you have an opening, take it. Long shots can lead to rebounds, corners, and the occasional banger.

Stay compact Defensively

Chelsea’s back three allows them to stay compact in defense. Don’t pull your center backs out of position. Use Kante and Jorginho to press the ball while your back line holds shape. Stay narrow and force opponents wide, then have your wing backs press them aggressively. Compact, team defending is key to success with Chelsea.


Using these tips, you’ll have The Blues playing free-flowing football and lifting trophies in no time. While it may take practice to master, Chelsea’s blend of style and substance is hugely rewarding when you get it right. Now get out there and show them what you’ve got! Come on Chelsea!

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So there you have it—some tips for dominating with Chelsea in EA FC 24. Whether you focus on feeding Lukaku and maximizing the talent up front, shore up that midfield with Kante, or lock down the defense around Silva and Koulibaly, Chelsea has the talent to compete. Just remember to play smart, avoid silly mistakes, and keep possession. With the right strategy, you can take the Blues all the way. The Premier League and Champions League titles are within reach this season if you use these players right. Just have fun, play your game, and bleed blue! You’ve got this.