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Jellyfish announced on April 15, 2021 that they have secured a $71 million funding round to help support its engineering management platform.

The platform is designed to provide teams with end-to-end visibility into their projects and enable efficient collaboration between all parties involved.

We’ll take a closer look at how this platform works, and discuss the advantages it can bring to teams using it.

Overview of Jellyfish

Jellyfish, the engineering management platform for modern product teams, announced today the completion of a $71 million Series B round. Led by Amplify Partners, the round includes participation from new investors Addition, Samsung NEXT, and existing investors A16Z, Costanoa Ventures and Cowboy Ventures.

The investment will accelerate Jellyfish’s mission to build a platform that unifies product & engineering teams with actionable insight into project processes and team performance. With its enterprise-grade analytics & automation features already in use at some of the world’s leading tech companies, Jellyfish aims to make every engineering org more productive.

Founded in 2019 by David Montez, former founder of PagerDuty and MemberOne (acquired by Google), Jellyfish helps modern engineering organizations see their entire cycle through an intuitive central system – improving collaboration between members of their product & engineering teams while helping them make better decisions faster. Jellyfish works across the stack — from ideation & development through deployment — ultimately surfacing actionable insights into how teams work together to inform decision making across multiple areas within an organization.

Jellyfish secures $71 Million in funding round to support its engineering management platform

Jellyfish, a Canadian startup that offers engineering management solutions, recently secured $71 million in its Series C funding round. The significant investment was led by Insight Partners, which more than a dozen investors joined.

The company provides an end-to-end platform to help manage software engineering processes and accelerate the development of complex applications. With this new injection of funding, Jellyfish plans to expand its platform offering and further advance its position as the premier leader in engineering management solutions.

Jellyfish was founded in 2019 and has since grown to become one of the leading providers in the engineering software industry. Teams across different sectors widely use its technology as it helps them unify their development experiences, from development lifecycle through deployment and service enablement. The company’s solutions are relied on by customers worldwide who want to deliver high-quality products faster with fewer defects and lower costs.

The recent funding round will be used for product innovation, customer support expansion, continued growth into other markets, and investments in research and development capabilities that will help further enhance the company’s services. It will also support international expansion through commercialization initiatives already begun in Europe and Asia.jellyfish accel insight partners globalhalltechcrunch


Benefits of Jellyfish

In April 2021, Jellyfish Engineering Management Platform announced a Series B funding round of $71 million. This funding is a testament to the platform’s benefits and how it is transforming the engineering landscape.

This funding provides Jellyfish with the resources to further expand their engineering management platform, making it easier for engineering teams to collaborate and manage projects.

In this article we’ll look at the benefits of the Jellyfish platform.

Automation of engineering tasks

Jellyfish’s engineering management platform automates the most repetitive and tedious engineering tasks, giving engineers more time to focus their creative energy on the high-value projects that require human input. Through automation, Jellyfish reduces employee onboarding time from days to minutes and streamlines bug fixes into a single-click process. In addition, automated code reviews guarantee that code is up to industry standards, released quickly and correctly. These benefits allow teams to ensure that their customers receive the highest product quality with minimal effort.

Jellyfish’s automation capabilities also dramatically reduce time spent troubleshooting inefficiencies in engineering systems. By supplying actionable insights using both predictive algorithms and real-time diagnostics, Jellyfish helps teams identify bottlenecks before they happen. Machine learning algorithms detect subtle pattern changes in software behavior and can automatically adapt relevant systems to optimize performance. These automated processes allow personnel to spend less time managing mundane tasks or responding to customer requests unrelated to product development, offering teams greater control over how their engineering projects function – enabling them to deliver required work faster and with better quality than ever.

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Improved visibility into engineering projects

Jellyfish is a cloud-based engineering management platform that helps organizations manage and monitor projects. This platform offers a range of features to optimize workflows and help teams stay on track. By using Jellyfish, teams can gain improved visibility into their engineering projects, ensuring that time and resources are used efficiently.

Jellyfish’s features include: automated project tracking and status notifications; team messaging to streamline communication; job tracking tools, including task reports and dashboards; task management with deadlines and dependencies; project management with role assignments, timers (such as Stopwatches or Pomodoro charts) and progress indicators(such as progress according to velocity or completion dates); and document sharing for work transparency.

In addition, Jellyfish also provides analytics capabilities to track progress, analyze performance gaps and understand actual resource usage versus estimates. This allows teams to identify issues in the project timeline before delays occur. The platform also offers real-time drillable reporting which provides deep insights into overall performance, helping stakeholders make decisions throughout the development cycle based on project metrics.

Jellyfish helps organizations improve their engineering processes to achieve higher efficiency and better project results. With its powerful capabilities, Jellyfish enables teams to work smarter on complex projects by optimizing collaboration between different stakeholders involved in the development cycle.

Increased collaboration among engineering teams

Jellyfish is an engineering management platform that helps businesses better collaborate within their engineering teams. Through its innovative software platform, teams can quickly and efficiently manage all parts of the engineering process, from initial ideation to development and operational launches. This allows for an increase in collaboration among teams, allowing engineers to connect and communicate more easily.

Jellyfish facilitates collaboration by providing a centralized workspace where engineering managers can track tasks and delegations while gaining insight into team performance and project timelines. In addition, engineers can securely share ideas or plans with others within their organization or departments. This data-driven platform allows for increased visibility into the entire engineering process from conception to deployment, allowing everyone in the organization — from developers to marketers — to stay informed on progress and updates.

Additionally, with Jellyfish’s tooling features like code review templates and access control for multiple environments configuration; meaningful design discussions can happen in less time along with having a secure environment with granular access control management baked-in throughout the process allowing Engineering managers & developers peace of mind when making changes across these environments. This contributes towards increasing collaboration between engineers as they can share ideas in real-time without worrying about security risks or data loss caused by non-integrated communication tools like emails or post-it notes.

Overall, Jellyfish provides a secure engineering platform that greatly increases collaboration between team members while also providing automated CI/CD workflows so that changes made by individual engineers will go through rigorous testing quickly eliminating any errors while also making sure that all current regulations & best practices are met before a production launch is seen by end users which means accurate delivery of services & top notch quality across all your services powered using Jellyfish’s secure technology stack!

Features of Jellyfish

Jellyfish has quickly become the preferred engineering management platform for many of the world’s most successful and innovative tech companies. This platform offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for engineering managers looking to manage their software projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of Jellyfish.

Project management tools

Jellyfish’s project management tools allow users to assign tasks and milestones, review progress, communicate with team members and stakeholders, collaborate on projects, track time spent on tasks, and more. With the ability to customize workflows and set up notifications for upcoming deadlines and task reviews team members are always aware of their responsibilities. Additionally, users can easily integrate with third-party productivity tools including Slack, GitHub, Jira, Zendesk, Trello, Asana and others.

Additionally Jellyfish provides powerful reporting capabilities that allow users to view data from multiple angles such as a resource planner report that helps teams plan for upcoming project workloads or a feature report which tracks how many stories have been released or archived in a given period of time.

Advanced analytics help teams monitor the performance of different team members or groups across multiple projects and can give insight into how well teams collaborate. With historical and current data Jellyfish can provide statistical evaluation that is presented in easy to digest visuals such as charts or graphs allowing teams to make much needed changes quickly and efficiently.

Lastly Jellyfish offers budget tracking functionality so that users can keep an eye on their projects’ financial health by getting real-time updates throughout development cycles which help them plan accordingly over multiple releases and iterations with complete transparency.

Task tracking and reporting

The Jellyfish platform provides a comprehensive task tracking and reporting feature that enables engineering teams to manage their project workloads better. It allows users to quickly create tasks for engineering team members and assign priorities, deadlines, dependencies and responsibilities. In addition, automated reminders ensure the team is aware of its progress in each project.

This feature also allows users to track task progress in real time, alert stakeholders if tasks are at risk of becoming further delayed, and ultimately provide detailed summaries on how each task has performed over time. Through automated reports, teams can track performance in terms of quality, speed and cost to make proactive adjustments for future projects.

Automated notifications

Jellyfish is an engineering management platform that provides automated notifications to help teams coordinate their tasks and keep on top of their projects. It sends out email alerts whenever there is change to a project or when a new task needs to be completed. This allows teams to quickly respond and prevent any delays or missed deadlines.

The platform can also send out reminders about upcoming due dates for tasks, helping teams stay on track. Automated notifications and reminders make it easier for users to ensure that all tasks are managed properly. These notifications also offer users insights into what areas need improvement or further attention, and provide ideas on how best to tackle them. This helps teams optimize the workflow of their projects and stay on top of any problems they may encounter.

Impact of Jellyfish

Jellyfish, an engineering management platform, recently secured $71 Million in funding round to support its platform, making it one of the largest funding rounds for engineering management.

This funding round has the potential to have a huge impact on the engineering industry, creating new opportunities and solutions for the engineering community.

In this article, we will explore the implications of this funding round and the impact it could have on engineering teams and firms.

Improved engineering efficiency

Jellyfish is an engineering management platform recently funded with a round of $71 million. With this latest development, the company will accelerate its efforts to improve engineering efficiency for digital teams. The platform provides database and deployment services to streamline software production and deployment. In addition, it integrates with existing systems such as messaging applications and version control repositories to give engineers continuous feedback on their workflows, while reducing infrastructure costs.

The platform allows software engineering teams to easily automate manual processes, debug impacts on the system faster, identify inconsistencies in systems before they are deployed, and provide detailed configuration options to optimize efficiency even further. In addition, researchers believe that security updates can be enabled more quickly since engineers will have better insights into what pieces of code are affected when they deploy changes to production systems.

Jellyfish’s platform ultimately aims at centralizing engineering processes so teams can collaborate more efficiently and resolve issues more effectively by focusing less on manual tasks like data maintenance and more on problem-solving. In addition, by simplifying the process workflow for product releases, the company expects to reduce bug counts dramatically for digital teams to launch their projects faster with fewer down times due to technical issues.

Increased engineering productivity

The recent investment in Jellyfish has helped to strengthen its position as a leader in engineering management by providing powerful tools and resources to improve productivity, efficiency and innovation in engineering teams.

The platform provides an integrated suite of project management, developer collaboration, code review and continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) tools that enable teams to streamline engineering processes. With these tools, engineers can easily plan and organize their engineering workflow, coordinate team members’ tasks and collaborate on software development projects. Additionally, the platform facilitates code review to ensure the quality of software projects before they are deployed, helping deliver more reliable products faster.

The comprehensive suite of tools also allows for improved collaboration between team members during development cycles and greater traceability during CI/CD cycles. By reducing complexity, strain on resources and time-to-market some industry estimates suggest companies using these systems have seen improvements in engineering productivity of up to 400%. This provides tremendous value across organizations and can significantly reduce operational costs associated with developing technology solutions.

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Enhanced customer experience

Jellyfish, the engineering management platform, has secured $71 million in a recent funding round to help further its mission of creating an exceptional customer experience. By leveraging the latest technologies, Jellyfish enables companies to maximize their impact, from small startups to global enterprises.

The company’s cloud-based platform simplifies engineering by providing businesses better visibility into project progress and unified collaboration between departments and stakeholders. This helps bridge communication gaps between business teams, product managers, designers, software engineers and IT operations – ensuring that any changes are aligned with expectations and reducing costly mistakes.

The platform also provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to help companies make more informed decisions that enhance customer experience. For example, it can quickly detect anomalies in performance metrics across the user journey, such as system performance or user engagement metrics like session durations or average clicks per session. This real-time data gives businesses greater insights into user behavior and helps them adjust their strategies for improved outcomes.

Furthermore AI-driven automation tools can be used to identify other optimization opportunities or suggest new exploration paths for even deeper insights.

Ultimately, Jellyfish’s goal is to continuously drive innovation by creating an easier, more accessible engineering experience for teams of all sizes to work together seamlessly towards better customer outcomes.


Jellyfish, the engineering management platform, recently closed its funding round with $71 million raised. The funding round was led by Bessemer Venture Partners, joined by previous investors, Georgian Partners, and other leading venture capital firms. These funds will further develop the Jellyfish platform and expand its capabilities.

This article will provide a brief overview of what the Jellyfish engineering management platform entails and the implications of this investment for Jellyfish and its users.

Summary of the funding round

Jellyfish, an engineering management platform provider, has announced that it has secured $71 million in a financing round. The funds will be used to expand its technology capabilities and expand into new markets.

Jellyfish is a comprehensive engineering management platform that allows teams to strategically manage their development processes. Engineering managers can plan and allocate tasks, track progress, give feedback, measure performance, and handle team communication. Its features cover various aspects of engineering project management from tracking ideas and defects to metrics analysis and reporting dashboards.

The $71 million funding round was led by Sapphire Ventures and included participation from Sunstone Capital and existing investors such as New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and DNX Ventures. The funds will help Jellyfish scale its business faster by accelerating their product development. It will also allow them to expand into new markets outside of Europe. Additionally, it will help further build on a strong portfolio of customers from major enterprises across industries such as automotive, healthcare, financial services, energy & utilities, hospitality & logistics and retail & e-commerce.

With this significant funding round behind them, all these accomplishments are now possible as they continue to provide transformative solutions for engineering teams worldwide.

Summary of the benefits of Jellyfish

Jellyfish is an engineering management platform that helps teams to quickly and efficiently close project gaps, enhance collaboration, and score more wins. Recently, Jellyfish secured $71 Million in a funding round lead by Lightspeed Venture Partners to support the development of its engineering management platform.

This platform is designed to help engineering teams track progress across multiple projects, streamline review processes for quicker feedback loops, and pinpoint issues more quickly using automated issue discovery. The platform includes powerful project templates that can be customized according to team needs, allowing engineering teams to deploy projects faster. It also allows for building custom visualizations to animate complex sequences such as communication diagrams or workflow environments and easily monitor several applications at once. Additionally, it features tools that increase transparency across multiple stakeholders such as project boards with dynamic post-it notes.

Using Jellyfish’s engineering management platform also allows teams to automatically identify potential issues with regular health checks and automated code reviews which can significantly reduce time spent troubleshooting issues—ultimately speeding up overall development time. With its suite of powerful tools, accessible integration capabilities with other applications, enterprise-grade security features, intuitive dashboard design and actionable metrics dashboards; Jellyfish’s innovative platform offers organizations unprecedented visibility into their software development process.

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