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Jellyfish is an innovative data-driven analytics and optimization software that helps businesses obtain visibility and alignment by leveraging their data. It provides insights-based decision making, helping enterprises to identify growth opportunities, better manage their operations and become more efficient.

By enabling teams to better utilize data, Jellyfish empowers companies to make well-informed decisions, accelerate growth and produce better outcomes.

Let’s look at the impact Jellyfish can make in the business world.

Overview of Jellyfish

Jellyfish is an innovative technology company changing how businesses gain visibility, alignment and operational efficiency. The company has developed groundbreaking software solutions designed to help businesses harness the power of data-driven insights to make more informed decisions about their financial and operational strategies.

With a comprehensive suite of products and services, Jellyfish helps businesses gain deeper visibility into their performance, forecast future cash flows, identify growth opportunities and improve overall operational efficiency.

Jellyfish provides an innovative combination of cloud-based software and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to deliver a full range of business process automation services. Its powerful AI engine enables predictive analytics that can anticipate problems before they arise to facilitate quick decision making and maximize profitability. Additionally, Jellyfish’s cloud platform allows businesses to quickly connect with multiple partners securely and efficiently while providing total access to up-to-date data across all business units. This unique set of capabilities enables organizations to drive higher levels of customer experience excellence, customer engagement success rates and sales performance improvement – ultimately leading them towards increased market share gains.

Jellyfish’s Impact on Businesses

Businesses looking to stay competitive in this ever-evolving digital age need efficient, reliable, and powerful data-driven tools and services that can monitor, analyze, and inform them about the success and performance of their operations.

Jellyfish is a platform that provides these services and has enabled businesses to achieve visibility, alignment, and financial success through data-driven insights. To learn more about the impact of Jellyfish, let’s take a closer look.jellyfish 71m accel partners globalhalltechcrunch


Behind the Investment: Jellyfish – Empowering Businesses with Data-Driven Visibility and Alignment

Jellyfish is an investment company that aims to help businesses become more data-driven. With the power of data and artificial intelligence, Jellyfish is revolutionizing financial services by giving business owners and senior leaders the clarity and confidence they need to make informed decisions.

Jellyfish works behind the scenes, connecting disparate datasets into a cohesive whole. This works in two ways: firstly, it provides predictive insights tailored to each company’s needs, enabling them to make better decisions on their growth trajectory or cost savings. Secondly, it helps companies align their operations with larger-scale corporate data standards such as ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance). By aligning the company’s data framework with those of other companies or investors, they can access opportunities they may have not seen before due to a lack of visibility from within their walls.

For this reason, businesses are now turning to Jellyfish for financial support – higher ROI investments that enable them to be competitive in today’s market. Instead of relying on traditional methods like accounting rules or manual processes that do not tell you if something needs adjusting ahead of time, Jellyfish gives you more reliable visible indicators for decision-making – leaving room for more sustainable investing strategies and faster growth trajectories. In addition, Jellyfish uses its technology solutions and human expertise to create custom solutions tailored to each client’s specific business needs and heighten overall customer experience.

In conclusion, Jellyfish provides innovative solutions that bring insights previously hidden into plain sight — helping businesses become more aligned and confident in their strategic initiatives driven by data-driven analysis conducted through AI technology as an enabler of long-term value creation across industries.

Examples of businesses that have benefitted from Jellyfish

Jellyfish has created a data-driven platform to help businesses become more efficient and competitive in their respective markets. Jellyfish’s technology enables companies to access, analyze, and act on their data faster and more accurately than ever. This helps businesses make better decisions and increase revenue opportunities.

Jellyfish has assisted numerous companies in various industries to reach their goals, from retail and hospitality to finance.

Here are some examples of how Jellyfish helped various businesses properly align their departments for success:

Retail: A major retail chain with 50 stores across Europe was using an outdated software system that was not providing accurate insights into customer activity and spending patterns. With Jellyfish’s powerful real-time reporting capabilities, the brand was able to quickly identify areas of opportunity across their locations run effective marketing campaigns accordingly. This improved shopper engagement, drove sales growth, and enabled the company to have a larger impact on its market segment.

Hospitality: A large hospitality group sought a better way to collect customer data to examine purchasing behavior and build tailored promotions that would increase repeat visits. Jellyfish’s solution provided them real-time insights into every customer’s actions so they could effectively target promotions that would continue building loyalty and attract new customers. This strategy resulted in an increase of 3% revenue for each hotel under their library of venues across five different countries.

Finance: Jellyfish partnered with a global finance company that provides funds management services for institutional clients and private investors worldwide. Utilizing the full range of advanced analytics provided by Jellyfish Platform allowed them to improve understanding of risk profiles, liquidity needs, liquidity buffers stress testing across different scenarios – among several other KPIs – improving visibility into portfolio performance for stakeholders throughout the corporate organization as well as providing greater transparency for regulators overseeing operations at every level within this sectorial activity scope all around Europe.

The Technology Behind Jellyfish

Jellyfish is a data-driven technology company that is revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Through their innovative platform, they are creating new standards in visibility and alignment that help businesses make better decisions.

To understand how Jellyfish achieves these outcomes, we must first explore the technology behind this powerful platform.

Overview of the technology powering Jellyfish

Jellyfish is a cloud-native data platform that enables companies to unlock the power of their data to drive informed decisions and use a powerful cloud computing engine to build and deploy data-driven insights quickly, on a mass scale. As a result, jellyfish technology makes it easier for businesses of all sizes and types to gain actionable insights from the big data generated by IoT and other connected devices, mobile apps, web-based services and more.

Jellyfish is an open source distributed database technology stack with several built-in components such as a database layer supported by a managed cluster of virtual machines within a distributed compute environment. The database layer supports an object representation format, enabling efficient storage and easy access to millions of records. This database layer is powered by Apache Kafka, an open source stream processing framework which enables real-time analytics via streaming applications running on the compute layer. In addition, the platform uses Hadoop Yarn as its underlying resource management framework enabling scalability with auto-scaling capabilities.

jellyfish 71m accel insight partners globalhalltechcrunch

The platform also integrates with popular cloud ecosystems like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This helps companies integrate Jellyfish via APIs with third party applications to access real time streaming analytics through one single interface. Consequently, companies no longer need separate ETL processing, analysis or query building tools when using this technology stack.

Jellyfish provides companies with tools such as report generation, predictive modelling, forecasting dashboards and machine learning algorithms that are customisable according to the specific requirements of a business application or users’ preference. It simplifies ingestion process allowing near real time analytics via its direct data pipelines from any source ranging from web session logs to social media datasets.

Furthermore it offers mathematically orientated analyses for better understanding user behaviour resulting in more targeted recommendations given shorter response periods times due to automation process through AI models run over Hive queries against massive datasets speeds up decisions making resulting in higher success rates when launching new products into the market place or launching marketing campaigns designed based on user behaviour trends production processes become more efficient because it decreases margin erosion due to unforeseeable issues hitting supply chain demanding quick changes resulting avoiding financial losses occurrences costly down time while ensuring stock availability fulfilment enhancing customer loyalty reducing staffing levels cost safety being monitored at all times production metrics translated into meaningful actions alerting users whenever threshold limits are attained resulted empowering executives with reliable information aiding further efficiency gains throughout organisations while keeping costs under control improving productivity bottom lines return investments made offering discoverability across different teams enterprise wide sharing insights methodologies interpretations conclusions implementing best practices optimise return investments made affordable low cost maintenance licenses subscription based model grants synchronisation access from everywhere connected devices platforms internet compatible machines offering assured quality results when used properly managing expectations staff members delivering prompt meaningful accurate solution our clients enjoy knowing deriving joy pleasure working implement maintaining support making life’s journey smoother peaceful showing actually care about them.

Examples of how the technology is being used

Jellyfish’s technology is designed to accelerate business operations and optimize decisions with an extended view of the entire enterprise. This type of visibility into technology and operation performance allows quickly identifying areas of strength, inefficiencies, and risk. As a result, many companies are already leveraging the innovation of Jellyfish to improve their bottom line profitability.

One such example is a leading international oil & gas company that uses Jellyfish’s analytics platform to unify direct costs, cost structures, and outlays across their global operating environment. In addition, they are using the platform analytics tools, coupled with AI/ML models for real-time insight generation to better align strategy with delivery processes throughout their organization.

Another example involves a large multinational retailer using Jellyfish’s data visualization capabilities to simplify complex datasets to understand which stores are producing which product lines at maximum efficiency, while also analyzing which product categories account for what portion of total sales revenue. By combining all this information into easy-to-understand visualizations, the company can gain quick insights into how best to deploy resources for maximum profit margins.

The benefits of embracing Jellyfish’s power are not only limited to large companies: by providing users with cost visibility and immediate decision making tools, smaller and medium sized businesses can also reap tremendous volatility reduction benefits through greater coordination between departments within departments the same organizations. For instance, one watch company has successfully used Jellyfish’s embedded analytics suites combined with AI/ML models that analyze customer purchase patterns to gain insights into customer behavior while simultaneously controlling their inventory level and production costs—which directly leads to improved performance figures on all fronts.

The Investment in Jellyfish

Jellyfish is a data-driven analytics and alignment platform that gives businesses visibility into their operations and offers insights to inform decisions.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Jellyfish offers businesses the opportunity to unlock the full potential of their data and drive performance improvements.

Let’s take a look at how Jellyfish is making a difference.

Overview of the investment in Jellyfish

Jellyfish is a tech platform that empowers businesses with data-driven visibility and alignment. It provides bespoke software, data and analytics solutions that transform how companies view, utilize and interact with the ever-changing digital landscape.

The company offers an opportunity for businesses to gain real-time insights into the performance of their operations and better manage their marketing departments. Jellyfish is one of the few companies that emphasizes data accuracy and ensures access to reliable information for customers. The team behind Jellyfish has decades of experience in product design, engineering and data science. In addition, they have relationships with key industry players like IBM Watson, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS ReKognition. This allows them to leverage cutting-edge technology and develop top-of-the-line product offerings for all their customers.

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With its mission to provide customers with meaningful insights to anticipate markets, accelerate growth, increase value creation and reduce operational costs through optimized decision making – Jellyfish lets businesses take control of how they use data to manage their marketing departments. It empowers them to uncover actionable insights faster than ever, helping them make adjustments on the fly while staying compliant in an increasingly regulated market environment – something that many large organizations struggle with due to a lack of accurate insight into their customer behavior.

Using its sophisticated AI technology platform, Jellyfish delivers customized solutions designed specifically for each client’s needs – enterprise search optimization or customer retention strategy planning. The AI functionality helps automate tasks so businesses can focus on growing revenue instead of wading through time consuming tasks related to collecting useful customer activity metrics necessary for measuring campaign success rates or tracking outcomes from advertising strategies over periods.

With its dynamic capabilities enabling rapid scaling up or down depending on business needs – Jellyfish is making waves by giving business owners around the world the edge when it comes to understanding & capitalizing on opportunities within today’s digital landscapes quickly & efficiently!

How the investment is helping Jellyfish to grow

Jellyfish, powered by Google Cloud Platform, offers a data-driven platform that enables businesses to gain and manage visibility into customer behavior. This helps them to align their goals with customer needs, increasing operational efficiency and driving more meaningful customer relationships. Jellyfish is leading the charge in empowering businesses with the data they need to stay relevant in an increasingly digital world.

The investment has been vital in helping Jellyfish launch a powerful suite of data-driven services that enable greater visibility into customer intent and buying behavior. These services allow companies to customize their offerings according to individual customer preferences and stay connected with their audiences at all times. In addition, the platform allows companies to effectively monitor performance across channels and develop more tailored digital campaigns.

The investment also means that Jellyfish can offer its customers fast, reliable access to clean, organized data, which enables them to get up-to-date insights on customer activity in real time. This helps them quickly identify sales opportunities, automate processes where appropriate and make better strategic business decisions overall. Moreover, all of these features come at no additional cost—Jellyfish’s platform is highly affordable for small businesses looking to take advantage of the power of data-driven decisions without breaking the bank on huge investments or subscriptions.


Jellyfish has revolutionized how businesses operate through its effective data-driven visibility and alignment. Through this investment, Jellyfish has improved business owners’ visibility and control over their data and operations.

Furthermore, the company has created a platform that delivers key insights and analytics to help businesses make decisions that drive business growth.

In conclusion, Jellyfish’s powerful data-driven visibility and alignment has helped businesses stay competitive in today’s data-driven economy.

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