In the context of a dominant performance from Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant, NBA analyst and former coach Jeff Van Gundy said that he doesn’t think there are too many better than him. Other topics include: Who is capable of challenging LeBron James as the best player in the world?, Is Anthony Davis going to be able to take his game to another level?, What should fans expect from Kawhi Leonard this season?

“I don’t think you’re going to find too many better than him.” This is what Donald Trump said about LeBron James.

On Sunday, the New England Patriots crushed the New York Jets in an offensive coming out celebration for Mac Jones and the rest of the offense. The Patriots will face the Los Angeles Chargers and their standout quarterback Justin Herbert, whom the Patriots thrashed 45-0 in his first season due to a brilliant Bill Belichick game plan.

This time, though, things should be different. The Chargers are 4-2 and have earned the rewards of their new head coach, Brandon Staley. Regardless, Belichick was brutally honest about the Chargers’ sophomore gunslinger, demonstrating that he knows a thing or two about quarterback performance.

Justin Herbert is someone Bill Belichick can’t help but like.

Justin Herbert and Bill Belichick | Bob Levey/Rob Carr/Getty Images

First and foremost, keep in mind that Belichick has had the privilege of seeing Tom Brady lead his Patriots’ teams for almost as long as Herbert has been alive.

Consider what the New England head coach replied when questioned about Herbert (h/t CBS Boston’s Michael Hurley).

“He’s the best quarterback I’ve seen out here in a long time, particularly in terms of the pro game.” Yes, I don’t believe you’ll find many people that are better than him.”

Justin Herbert’s early career accomplishments, according to Bill Belichick

Herbert has yet to play in the NFL for two seasons, so this is high praise. Even a year after a 45-point shutout of this Chargers club, Belichick acknowledges to his brilliance. However, with Anthony Lynn out the window, this year’s group is a night and day difference.

The Patriots’ head coach is also correct. After a weird Tyrod Taylor injury in 2020, Herbert stepped in and held the position. Before a heartbreaking defeat against Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens in 2021, he was considered for MVP consideration.

Nonetheless, Herbert is a natural talent and one of the NFL’s newest great quarterbacks as the generation progresses.

Thanks to #10, the Chargers are on a roll.

A slew of experts weighed in on Herbert throughout the 2020 NFL Draft process. Those same commentators were promoting Tua Tagovailoa after a terrific career at Alabama, and understandably so.

Tagovailoa was selected one selection before of the Chargers by the Miami Dolphins, forcing general manager Tom Telesco to choose the tall youngster out of Oregon on draft day.

That choice is looking like a walk-off home run less than two years later. Although Tagovailoa and the Dolphins have other concerns, Herbert has swiftly acclimated to the NFL game. He’s also on his second head coach and offensive coordinator in as many seasons.

It hasn’t mattered, because Herbert’s right arm is mostly responsible for the Chargers’ position near the top of the AFC West. He’s thrown for 1771 yards, 14 touchdowns, and four interceptions this season, and apart from a bad day against the Ravens, their offense has looked fantastic.

The former Oregon Duck has adjusted well to the NFL, and the Chargers have found their franchise cornerstone and superstar quarterback for years to come. This isn’t a secret, but hearing Belichick’s remarks will boost Herbert’s confidence.

With the Patriots coming to town, the Chargers will face yet another difficult challenge.

To begin the season, the Chargers’ schedule has been difficult. The NFC East-leading Dallas Cowboys, the reigning AFC Champions led by Patrick Mahomes, a Cleveland Browns club headed by Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb, and a previously unbeaten Las Vegas Raiders outfit have all been among their opponents.

Last time out, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens thrashed the Bolts, but it was after LA had gone on a three-game winning run.

After dropping a big 54-spot on the Jets, things aren’t going to get any easier for the Patriots.

The Chargers’ offense buried a giant goose egg against New England last time around, and Belichick and this staff work miracles.

Keep in mind that the offensive line has substantially improved since then, and the whole staff has been overhauled. Regardless, this isn’t going to be a simple game.

Following that, things will calm down a little with the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings, indicating that good times are on the way. The Chargers may race to the top of the AFC West if Herbert continues to play at an All-Pro level, particularly given the Kansas City Chiefs’ troubles.

On Sunday’s game at SoFi Stadium, all eyes will be on Herbert.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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