It’s no secret that the Dark Brotherhood is one of Tamriel’s most notorious factions. You can join this secretive society in The Elder Scrolls Online, but you’ll have to take an infiltration test before getting your chance at vengeance. Here are some helpful tips for passing it so you can finally embrace the darkness.

The “where is the dark brotherhood” is a question that many people have. The answer to this question is that the Dark Brotherhood can be found in Cyrodiil.

Skyrim players may join the Dark Brotherhood, a hidden club that goes back to the original Elder Scrolls game, Arena. Although it is not the most difficult group to join, if you want to be an assassin, you must know how to do it.

If you’ve ever wanted to join the Dark Brotherhood and become a skilled assassin, this Skyrim tutorial will teach you all you need to know.

How to Become a Member of Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood

You must first locate Aventus Aretino, a Nord youngster in Windhelm who is practicing the Black Sacrament, a ceremony intended to contact the Dark Brotherhood, before joining this group.

Aretino rumors will proliferate across Skyrim throughout your travels. It may be heard from a variety of NPCs, including guards and innkeepers.

If you can’t locate an NPC who would tell you about him, you may talk with Maul in Riften, near the city gate; if he isn’t there, he may be in the Mistveil Keep. To learn more about the Dark Brotherhood, you’ll have to pay him. Similarly, the youngsters of Riften’s Honorhall Orphanage frequently discuss Aretino.

When you finally get wind of his shenanigans, the side mission “Talk to Aventus Aretino” will commence automatically.

You may now go to Windhelm and meet Aretino at his house. He’ll be kneeling over a skeleton, executing a ceremony to communicate with the Dark Brotherhood. He’ll presume his ceremony went well and that you’re an assassin assigned to kill him.

You will be offered the “Innocence Lost” task when you talk with him, which is one of Skyrim’s worst missions.

You must assassinate Grelod the Kind, the elderly lady who runs the Honorhall Orphanage, who Aretino thinks is a nasty person, to accomplish this mission and join the Dark Brotherhood. The orphans will rejoice if you murder her. Return to Aretino and inform him that the deed has been completed in order to finish the mission.

After you’ve completed that, you’ll have to wait 24 hours for the Dark Brotherhood to contact you. After that, sleep in a bed, and when you wake up, you’ll discover that you’ve been kidnapped by the Brotherhood and transported to an odd cabin.

There will be a Dark Brotherhood assassin called Astrid and three captives in this hut. To join the Brotherhood, merely murder one of the captives, and you’ll be welcomed into the dreaded secret organization right away. You’re in if you accept the invitation.

You’ll start a questline to destroy the Dark Brotherhood if you assault and murder Astrid, so select carefully!

That’s how you become a member of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. You now have access to one of the game’s most thrilling questlines, as well as new armor and weaponry. That is, unless you choose to eliminate the Dark Brotherhood. In any case, if you’re seeking for more Skyrim tips and techniques, be sure to visit our guidelines page! 

The “dark brotherhood members” is a role-playing game that has been around for quite some time. It has a very unique and interesting story line. The first step to joining the Dark Brotherhood is to find a recruiter. Once you have found one, you will need to complete certain tasks in order to be accepted into the guild.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into the Dark Brotherhood?

A: The Dark Brotherhood is a guild in the Elder Scrolls Online. For more information about how to join this guild, visit

When can you join the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim?

A: Skyrim is an open world game, meaning you can join any guild at anytime.

What level do you have to be to start the Dark Brotherhood?

A: To start the Dark Brotherhood, you must be level 15.

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