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1985 all-star game nba” is an article about the 1985 NBA All-Star Game. It was a highly anticipated event, and when it finally happened, I’ve looked at film of that game at least 60 times.

At the 2003 NBA All-Star Weekend, former foes became buddies. In a way, yes. Isiah Thomas had the honor of coaching the Eastern Conference in Michael Jordan’s last All-Star Game, but Zeke saw that the media would concentrate on the two giants’ historical feuds.

Thomas was well aware of the barrage of questions he’d face in the wake of a historic incident in 1985, when he and two other NBA legends reportedly froze a rookie Michael Jordan out of the All-Star Game.

Michael Jordan’s last All-Star Game was coached by Isiah Thomas.

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The 2003 NBA All-Star Game served as a fitting send-off for one of the game’s all-time greats.

In front of an enthusiastic crowd of basketball fans in Atlanta, former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan made his last All-Star appearance with the Washington Wizards. At the front of the Eastern Conference bench, he was met by a familiar figure.

Isiah Thomas, the head coach of the Indiana Pacers and a Detroit Pistons legend, was named coach of the East. Zeke and MJ’s chilly connection created for an unusual dynamic.

For years, Thomas and the Pistons’ “Bad Boy” team tortured Jordan and the Bulls. The two teams developed a hate for one other, and Mike often aired his disdain for Thomas. Despite the fact that Thomas had retired from the NBA than a decade before, he was aware that the media would likely concentrate on previous disputes between himself and Jordan.

Thomas, in particular, was ready to answer questions regarding the 1985 All-Star Game, which might be the source of the enmity.

Thomas says he saw the 1985 All-Star Game on film.

As soon as he walked onto the court for the Bulls, Michael Jordan electrified the NBA. Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, and George Gervin, on the other hand, tried to knock the youngster down a peg.

At the 1985 All-Star Game, the three NBA superstars reportedly plotted a “freeze-out” of Jordan, refusing to throw him the ball and kicking him out of the exhibition. Jordan ended with only seven points and nine shots, the fewest of any starter in the Eastern Conference.

It’s a perplexing moment in NBA history, since the three legends have said that they didn’t intend to stop Jordan from getting into the game’s rhythm on purpose. During the build-up to the 2003 All-Star Game, Thomas challenged reporters (h/t the Washington Post) to produce proof.

“I must have watched the game tape at least 60 times to see whether I could have handed him the ball at any moment and didn’t.” I’m bringing the video, and I’m going to tell the first person who asks, ‘Here it is, go ahead and do some homework.’”

–Isiah Thomas, through the Washington Post, in 2003.

Whether or whether Thomas and Co. froze Jordan, public opinion and the burgeoning rivalry between the Bulls and Pistons all appeared to play a factor in Zeke’s final absence from the 1992 Dream Team, adding to the relationship’s pressure.

Despite this, Thomas refused to focus on the past or allow personal sentiments to interfere with Jordan’s 2003 farewell. He said that he voted for MJ and Jordan to have a prominent part in the competition.

During the 2003 All-Star Game, Thomas offered Jordan the opportunity to be a hero.

Left to Right: Isiah Thomas (L) and Michael Jordan (R). Getty Images/G Fiume and Getty Images/Jamie Squire

During the 2003 All-Star Game, Isiah Thomas became simply another bystander to Jordan’s last act.

Jordan opened the game and scored 20 points on 9-of-27 shooting in an overtime thriller that lasted over 36 minutes. Despite the low ratings, he offered supporters one more pleasure.

Jordan grabbed the ball on the right wing against an exceptional defender in Shawn Marion in the last seconds of overtime, and the game stayed knotted. He twirled baseline before lofting Marion’s extended arm with his famous high-arcing fadeaway. Before falling into the goal, the ball seemed to be stuck in mid-air.

It’s difficult to argue that Thomas didn’t have any impact on the last play. Every player for the East had one goal: to get the ball into the hands of Michael Jordan.

After Jermaine O’Neal fouled Kobe Bryant on a three-point attempt, the East lost the game. Even if it was just for a few while, all the terrible emotions between Thomas and Jordan seemed to go away.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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