The NHL decided to go back to the original six teams for the 2013-2014 season. The NHL added two new teams in 1967 and ended up with a total of 18 different teams that were spread out throughout North America. Fans all across the United States and Canada started supporting their hometown team and they began to love hockey more than ever before. Even though many fans loved the variety in teams, people ultimately decided that they missed the original six teams and wanted them back.

about nhl

The NHL went back to the original six by making a great decision to remove teams such as Columbus and Minnesota who did not have many fans. They also were able to add two of the most popular original six teams which are the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The NHL decided to add a team from each of their previous conferences, so they added the Red Wings from the Western Conference and the Maple Leafs from the Eastern Conference.

This was a great decision for many different reasons. For one, people wanted to see teams that were familiar to them such as Boston, Chicago, and Montreal. They missed the good old days of hockey and didn’t like the new trend of non-original six teams. Another reason for this decision was because many people believed that there weren’t enough good players to support all 30 teams so they might as well get rid of some of them. There were too many teams spread out across North America when hockey was always supposed to be in North America. They couldn’t support teams all the way in Florida and Arizona, but they could definitely support the original six. Although there are plenty of people that don’t like this decision, it is what the NHL needed to do in order to bring back fans and bring back old memories. This decision will make many people happy and should improve the number of fans following the NHL.

The NHL went back to the original six by making a decision that everyone has been wanting them to make for a long time. Even though they might lose some fans, I believe that this is going to end up being something great. They can now bring back many old memories and give people what they truly want.

The NHL went back to the original six by making a great decision to all of their fans. They have been wanting them to go back for a long time, so it wasn’t surprising that everyone was okay with this decision when it was announced. The NHL will now be able to give us what we want and we will be able to enjoy the sport of hockey again.

who were the original 6 nhl teams

the original six were the Boston Bruins, the Montreal Canadians, the Detroit Red Wings, the Chicago Black Hawks, the New York Rangers and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

why did they pick to go back to original 6 teams

they picked this decision because a lot of people wanted them too and it’ll be easier for them.

what fans want

fans want a simpler time when there weren’t many teams. they want the original six back and they miss it.

benefits of going back to original 6 nhl teams

  1. more people will watch th sport 2. fans have what they want 3. cheaper flights 4. better experience for teams 5. bring back good memories
  2. more people will watch the sport – with less teams, there’ll be more fans watching and it’ll get better ratings
  3. fans have what they want – fans wanted them to go back and they do that for us.
  4. cheaper flights – it’s easier for them to deal with 6 teams verses 18 team for example
  5. better experience for teams – travelling is easier and they’re closer to the fans. better overall play