The NFL has a storied history filled with thrilling victories, heart-wrenching defeats, and jaw-dropping upsets that have left fans speechless. From David vs. Goliath matchups to unexpected twists of fate, these underdog triumphs have become the stuff of legend.

In this article, we take a journey through time to relive some of the biggest upsets in NFL history that have left an indelible mark on the sport.

1. Super Bowl III: New York Jets vs. Baltimore Colts (1969)

One of the most iconic upsets in NFL history occurred during Super Bowl III when the Joe Namath-led New York Jets faced off against the heavily favored Baltimore Colts. Namath’s bold pre-game guarantee of victory turned into reality as the Jets stunned the football world with a 16-7 victory.

The AFL’s Jets’ triumph over the NFL’s Colts not only established the legitimacy of the AFL-NFL merger but also showcased the potential for underdogs to defy the odds on the grandest stage.

2. Super Bowl XLII: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots (2008)

In a matchup dubbed “David vs. Goliath,” the New York Giants, entering as wild-card underdogs, took on the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Led by an exceptional defensive effort and a stunning game-winning drive, Eli Manning and the Giants shocked the Patriots, denying their bid for a perfect season with a 17-14 victory.

The image of David Tyree’s helmet catch remains etched in NFL lore, symbolizing the improbable nature of this historic upset. It’s one of the craziest upsets in the history of the league, and Giants fans would have done well to have cashed in on one of the available NY sportsbook promos available beforehand.

3. Super Bowl XXXII: Denver Broncos vs. Green Bay Packers (1998)

John Elway’s quest for a Super Bowl victory reached its pinnacle in Super Bowl XXXII when the Denver Broncos faced the reigning champion Green Bay Packers. Despite being underdogs, the Broncos rallied behind a dominant ground game and emerged victorious with a 31-24 win.

Terrell Davis’ heroic performance, battling through injury, epitomized the determination and resilience that characterize the greatest upsets in sports history.

4. The Miracle at the Meadowlands: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants (1978)

In a regular-season game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants, the Giants held a comfortable lead with under a minute left to play. However, an ill-fated decision to run the ball instead of kneeling resulted in a fumble that was scooped up by Eagles cornerback Herman Edwards, who returned it for a game-winning touchdown.

This miraculous turnaround serves as a reminder that no lead is safe and that the underdog can seize victory from the jaws of defeat. It’s such an iconic event that there have even been sequels, led by the likes of Desean Jackson and Brian Westbrook.

5. The Music City Miracle: Tennessee Titans vs. Buffalo Bills (2000)

During an AFC Wild Card game, the Tennessee Titans faced the Buffalo Bills with just 16 seconds remaining and trailing by one point. A kickoff return involving multiple laterals culminated in a 75-yard touchdown that became known as the “Music City Miracle.” This improbable play propelled the Titans to a 22-16 victory and showcased the incredible potential for game-altering moments, even in the most dire circumstances.

The NFL’s rich history is punctuated by moments of triumph that defy expectations and leave an enduring impact on the sport. These unforgettable upsets, marked by passion, determination, and a touch of destiny, remind us that in the world of football, anything is possible.