Solar ash is a greyish-blue powder that forms on the night side of the moon. It’s made up mostly of solar wind, dust, and tiny glass particles from meteorites. In some cases it has been known to cause lung disease in workers who have inhaled too much while cleaning windows with silica sand for use as an abrasive.

Because you can only take two hits when you start a new game, you’ll want to harvest plasma and boost your health in Solar Ash. Having more hits will keep you out of the checkpoint and reduce the amount of backtracking and retracing.

Plasma is the cash you’ll need to improve your health, and it’ll be all over the place. It generally takes the form of brilliant red globules that may be found all over the map. There are a few additional methods to obtain it, and you’ll want as much as you can get your hands on.

This Solar Ash guide contains all of the information you’ll need to optimize your gains and maintain your health bar full while farming plasma.

Plasma Farming in Solar Ash

You’ll require Erving’s suit if mining plasma is your main goal in Solar Ash. Here’s a link to our instruction on how to get it unlocked.

If you put on Erving’s costume, any plasma pickups you locate will be worth twice as much. Globules increase in size from 1 to 2 units, while most opponents increase in size from 15 to 30 units, and so on. Heart Machine makes extensive use of this health resource as a breadcrumb trail, bringing you to goals and mysteries.

Throughout the game’s stages, you’ll also come across boxes with diverse looks. They have varying appearances based on the surroundings, but when shattered, they all provide between 5 and 10 plasma. Crates, like globules, respawn anytime you reload a checkpoint, but their plasma is on cooldown.

Killing foes is another good method to get plasma, since even the weakest enemy will give you 15 units when killed. The bigger foes provide you more for the extra difficulty. Defeated opponents will not respawn until you lose all of your health and get the Destroyed message, or until you load into a different region and return, thus as long as you don’t, you may clear whole levels for exploration.


Large crystals of plasma concealed throughout the Ultravoid are the most precious plasma sources. Some of these crystals are simple to discover, while others are guarded by brief platforming challenges. Others are concealed in plain sight, and you’ll have to search hard to discover them. Because they don’t return after being killed, the 150 plasma they retain is a one-time boost to your health.

The optimal plasma farming strategy is to have two or three levels accessible and move quickly between them, then clearing high-density regions repeatedly. You don’t want to be in an area where there are a lot of bothersome foes. Instead, look for locations with a large number of little guys surrounded by boxes and globules.

If you’re looking for trophies or accomplishments, you’ll need this health resource to get the Plasma Drive (1,000 units), Plasma Overdrive (5,000 units), and Universal Donor (10,000 units).

In Solar Ash, How Can You Improve Your Health?


To boost your health, meet with Cyd, your friendly Ultravoid AI. With a beginning price of 1,000 plasma and a maximum price of 3,000 plasma, you may add four more health cells to your bar. To upgrade the first time, you’ll need to clear the Crater; after that, you may upgrade at any of Cyd’s conduits. While you’re there, look for the secret Voidrunner stash.

The problem is that every time you kill a Remnant boss, Echo will destroy your most costly cell upgrade, requiring you to buy it again. This occurs five times, so depending on how much you’ve put into your health, you may be paying up to 10,000 plasma to stay topped up.

Once you’ve finished the game, don’t worry about losing any more health cells. Because you can’t bring Remnants to Echo, the game can’t take your health cells, and you may gather as much plasma as you like.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to utilize it, but hey, as numbers rise, so does serotonin, right?

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