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Charles Barkley’s NBA MVP season in 1992-93 brought joy to Phoenix Suns supporters while bringing disappointment to a number of Western Conference teams. Chuck even put an end to an era for Spurs supporters in San Antonio.

With one of the most legendary game-winners in NBA history, Barkley led the Suns to the Western Conference Finals in 1993. Despite the fact that Phoenix lost in the NBA Finals to Michael Jordan and the Bulls, Barkley’s jumper over David Robinson remains a noteworthy moment since it was the last athletic event at HemisFair Arena, which the Round Mound of Rebound condemned as a deplorable playing environment.

The last moment of the old Spurs era at HemisFair Arena is Charles Barkley’s Game 6 victory in the 1993 playoffs.

In Game 6 of the Western Conference playoffs, the Phoenix Suns had a chance to seal a series on the road in San Antonio, and Charles Barkley refused to allow his team miss out.

Chuck soon imposed his will on the game as the Suns led the Spurs 3-2 in the series. He led the team in scoring with 28 points and dominated the boards with 21 rebounds. With four thefts and two blocks, Barkley had an impact on the other end of the floor as well. The issue is that Spurs great David Robinson – a quantitative, formulaic IBM Award winner — kept pace with his fellow Dream Teamer at every level.

In the paint, Robinson proved to be a formidable opponent for the Suns. He made 14 free-throw tries for a total of 22 points. In addition, the Admiral had seven offensive rebounds and four blocks.

This enthralling head-to-head was a nail-biter. At the conclusion of the game, Barkley and Robinson grabbed center stage.

With little over 10 seconds left, Barkley’s late loose-ball foul on Robinson resulted in free throws, which the Spurs center hit both to tie the game. Chuck, on the other hand, found atonement. On the next play, he found himself alone at the top of the key against Robinson, taking a couple right-handed dribbles and a side-step before hitting a 20-foot jumper to give the Suns the lead.

Sir Charles’ game-winning goal put an end to the series. HemisFair Arena was essentially shut down as a result of it.

HemisFair Arena, according to Barkley, is a “waste,” and the Spurs should have moved out years ago.

NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images) Charles Barkley on the stage during the Saturday Night Live Season 19 Press Conference in October 1993 | NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Charles Barkley has no remorse for breaking the hearts of Spurs supporters during the team’s last game at HemisFair Arena.

The game-winner, according to Suns commentator Tom Leander, “placed a bow on the last athletic event staged in San Antonio’s historic stomping grounds.” As only Barkley could, he reacted (h/t The Athletic).

“It was already a dump.” “[The Spurs] should’ve shut it down earlier.”

–Charles Barkley, as reported by The Athletic

For the 1993-94 season, the Spurs relocated to the Alamodome and won a championship in 1998-99, owing in large part to a developing Tim Duncan, whom Barkley had earlier complimented before his NBA career even begun. In 2002, San Antonio relocated to the AT&T Center. The HemisFair Arena was demolished in 1995.

For his part, Barkley’s remarks would not be the last time he made a disparaging remark about San Antonio. Some of his more recent comments seem a little shady.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJ9f hEcxD0

On Inside the NBA, Charles Barkley had a running humor about San Antonio ladies once upon a time. Turner’s executives, on the other hand, put a halt to the trend.

According to Sports Illustrated, higher-ups at Turner urged Barkley to desist from disparaging comments about San Antonio ladies in June. Chuck, on the other hand, questioned the choice.

“They won’t allow me speak about San Antonio anymore because I’m constantly talking about their huge ole chicks down there.” ‘Charles, we have one woman [who] authored an essay,’ they say. ‘First and foremost, I didn’t call anybody in San Antonio personally overweight; I was simply playing about.’ This has been a lot of pleasure for us over the last 10–15 years. We go to San Antonio, where the folks are having a great time. T-shirts were manufactured for the folks of San Antonio.”

The Round Mound of Rebound was so enraged by his alleged cancellation that he even mentioned retirement plans. Shaquille O’Neal, a TNT co-worker, feels it’s all a misunderstanding and that Barkley will stay with the network.

One thing is certain: Barkley will never stop saying what he thinks. This is as true now as it was in 1993.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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