WWE Wrestlers Who Died in 2017: Wrestling is a very tough game. Even though it looks like the wrestlers are living the life of luxury on camera, but at times accidents can happen and they can take fatal results for them. Some WWE stars who had met with a fatal accident in the year 2017, took a rapid departure from this world.

Chris Benoit:

Chris Benoit was one of the well known wrestlers in the WWE history. He held many championships in his name and also won several awards for his work. But, on June 24, 2007 there came a shocking news for all his fans around the world.

The WWE star who took his life in 2007, was seen dead at the age of 40. He died due to hanging himself with the help of a cord on one of the weight training machine’s bench press handle. He used to take this step so that he could get away from the pressure he faced while doing workouts.

Randy Savage:

One of the WWE legends, Randy Savage died recently in 2011. He left behind a deep impact on the minds and hearts of his fans for which he is remembered even today. But, after a long time this legend’s life came to an end due to a heart attack while he was driving his car over a bridge.

The pressure and the heat in his car became so high that it caused a heart attack and made him leave this world in an instant. It is really unfortunate for all his fans but, there were always some risks associated with wrestling which lead people to their untimely departure from the world.

Owen Hart:

Another legend of the WWE history named Owen Hart also left this world in a very strange manner. He died in 1999, when he was performing an act for his fans where he was supposed to descend from the roof of Kemper Arena, but after reaching about 20 feet above the ground level, his safety belt broke and he fell down with a thud.

He was rushed to the nearby hospital but it was too late for him by then. He died due to this fall which took away his life in a second at the young age of 34 years. There are many other wrestling events that have taken place, however, these are some of the most noted ones where wrestling stars left this world due to a fatal accident.

Eddie Guerrero :

Eddie Guerrero was also a WWE star who died in 2005. He didn’t die due to any accident, but because of his addictions. Before passing away he was struggling with drug addiction and one day when he landed in the hospital for treatment that’s when all the problems started to develop inside his body which led him to death in a very short span of time.

Eddie Guerrero was one of the most loved WWE stars in all his times. He left this world on November 13, 2005 due to heart failure. It is believed by many that it was because of too much intake of drugs and drinking which led him for this fatal condition.

The WWE wrestlers who died in 2017 are some of the best wrestling stars to have ever graced this sport. Even though they might be gone, but their legacy lives on forever! There is no doubt that these people will always live on through the memories and stories of their fans.


Chyna  was perhaps the most successful and popular female wrestler of all time. She was a sensation in both World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Chyna shocked the world when she burst on the scene as Triple H’s bodyguard, becoming only the second woman in history to qualify for the Royal Rumble.

She was a great athlete and an even better actor. She got the chance to prove her abilities as an actress when she played a leading role in “Backlash” which, by some accounts, is one of the best pictures ever made on wrestling.

Chyna’s life and death are still surrounded by mystery and speculation, even after the release of the police report on her death. We will never be able to know why did she die and who killed her. However, it appears that Chyna’s death was an unfortunate result of drug abuse.

Chyna was found dead in her home with a mix of alcohol and drugs in her system, which indicates that she may have died from an overdose. After the police completed their investigation, they came to this conclusion: Chyna accidentally overdosed on a deadly cocktail of prescription medication.


The article talks about the deaths of wrestlers and how they died. Some died because of an accident and some due to drug abuse. These events shocked their fans and to this day, they remember them for their contributions to the world of wrestling. The article ends with a statement saying “There is no doubt that these people will always live on through the memories and stories of their fans.”. Which means that these wrestlers lives will always be remembered by their fan. Thus, there is no doubt that these people’s legacies will live on forever.