The NHL is the most successful sports league in North America. The National Hockey League was formed in 1917 and has been going strong ever since. Whether you are a fan of hockey or not, it is important to know which team has brought home the cup more than any other franchise. This infographic breaks down this information and gives us insight as to which team has earned the most cups.

The first cup was won by the Montreal Canadiens in six years after the NHL was formed. Since then, it has been a back and forth battle between 24 teams battling for Lord Stanley’s Cup. This infographic breaks down this information on a year-by-year basis as to who came out on top. It is clear that the Canadiens have earned the most cups in a row with five straight cup victories from 1956 to 1960.

Who has the most nhl championships

The Montreal Canadiens have earned the most Stanley Cup Championship titles in NHL history with 23 cups. The second highest is the Toronto Maple Leafs with 13 cups. The third highest goes to the Detroit Red Wings with 11 championships. The least amount of winning cups in NHL history belongs to the Atlanta Thrashers, who have yet to win one cup in their franchise’s history.

The most cups in a row goes to the Montreal Canadiens, who have five straight Stanley Cup wins from 1956-1960. Second place is the Edmonton Oilers with four consecutive titles from 1984-1990. The least amount of championships in a row belongs to the Boston Bruins who won three straight cups from 1929-1932.

What makes this team so special compared to others

The Canadiens look to continue their dominance in this upcoming year, along with many other franchises who have won a championship in the past. It should prove to be an exciting season for those hockey fans out there, as well as those who are sports enthusiasts looking for another team to root for.

Who are some of the biggest stars on this team

Key players include goaltender Carey Price, who has almost 300 wins under his belt. He trails only Patrick Roy in this category by 11 wins, who was recently inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2006 after being retired for five seasons. Another key player is forward Max Domi. He just signed a new contract with the Canadiens, making it an exciting time to be a fan this season.

What do fans think of this team and how do they feel

Fans are expecting another great season from their favorite team. Even though they took a disappointing loss against the New York Rangers in last year’s playoffs, they look to redeem themselves this time around.

This is an interesting piece of information that will get fans looking at this infographic and cheering for their favorite teams. It is also neat to see how dominant the Canadiens have been over the past 91 years. The battle for cup championships has been a heated one, and it will continue to be so as we move forward with this ever-growing league.

What is the plan of action for this team

The plan currently seems to be centering around Carey Price’s skill as a goaltender, Max Domi currently being a key player on the team, and the new contract that has been given to Domi. All of these plans look promising to fans who are expecting a great season from all their favorite players this year.

This infographic shows a complete history of NHL championships. Also, it gives us insight on which team has the most cups in a row and which have won three or more championships consecutively.

It is clear that the Canadiens have been dominant over the past 91 years so far, but it will be interesting to see where this year takes them. NHL Conference and Division Standings NHL Conference standings based on winning percentage, not points.