The NHL is a North American professional ice hockey league, consisting of 31 teams: 23 in the United States and 7 in Canada. The regular season runs from October to April, with each team playing 82 games. The top eight teams from each conference qualify for the playoffs. In the Stanley Cup Finals, the team with the highest point total wins the Stanley Cup.

The Washington Capitals have been dominating the league this year and are projected to win their second-straight cup under their new captain, Alex Ovechkin. The Capitals play in a tough Metropolitan Division that includes young phenoms Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid who will be playing for the first time since their first injury. Despite playing in a tough division, the Caps are projected to make it easily into the playoffs with 110 points and will finish with one of the best records in the league.

The other powerhouse team this year is expected to be the St Louis Blues , who look to take home their very first cup title. The Blues are projected to make the playoffs again with 107 points. Alongside Crosby and McDavid, they will face tough competition from their division rival Nashville Predators (104 pts) who look to go far into the playoffs this year.

Teams that have advantage

There are a few teams that have a clear advantage, but anything can happen in the playoffs as any team can beat another. An example of this would be the Anaheim Ducks vs the Los Angeles Kings . The Ducks have a great shot at making it far in the playoffs with 100 points, but no one expected them to lose 7-2 against the Kings during their regular season match-up.

The 2020 NHL Playoffs will definitely provide a lot of surprises and excitement to all hockey fans!

It should be an exciting few weeks as we watch teams battle it out for a chance to move on in the playoffs. The Stanley Cup Finals are always a game changer, with one goal deciding it all. Every fan has their favorite teams that they want to win it all, but anything can happen during the postseason that could result in an upset victory.

Are the Washington Capitals to win?

Many hockey fans expected the Washington Capitals to win last year’s cup finals against the St Louis Blues, but the game 7 overtime goal gave the Blues fans great joy and satisfaction. It was close to midnight by the time they won it all and many players were seen crying because of the pressure that they had over them during the 10-year playoffs drought.

The 2020 NHL Playoffs are coming up very soon! We hope you’re as excited as we are at NHL Playoffs 2020! Will the Washington Capitals take home their second cup title? Who will be the underdog team that goes all the way? Be sure to check out our other articles on our website and let us know your thoughts about who you think will win it all in the comment section below.

how many teams in nhl playoffs 2020

There are 7 teams in the NHL playoffs 2020 that will make it into the playoffs. The Washington Capitals, St Louis Blues, and Anaheim Ducks all have a good shot at making it to the finals. The New York Islanders join these three as strong contenders for this year’s cup title! Any team can win on any given day, but these teams are all in great shape for this year’s playoffs. The 2020 NHL Playoffs are going to be a busy time with many hockey games being played!