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Deliverr, a rapidly growing e-commerce technology company, recently announced a $170 million Series C funding round, led by Coatue and joined by investors such as Starnlight and Forbes.

This new funding will help Deliverr fuel its ambitious growth plans, including expanding its customer base and increasing its market share.

This article will discuss the details of this new round of funding and its potential implications.

Overview of Deliverr

Deliverr is a revolutionary logistics platform that fundamentally changes how businesses, from small mom & pop shops to Fortune 1000 companies, fulfill orders. Founded in 2016, Deliverr has become one of the fastest-growing ecommerce technology companies. Leveraging the latest AI-powered fulfillment technology to provide faster delivery times and lower costs for customers and businesses, Deliverr allows brands to route different order types to dedicated warehouses for more efficient fulfillment operations.

Headquartered in San Francisco and with 10 major U.S. warehouses in strategic locations, Deliverr is part of the larger Third Party Logistics (3PL) sector that is estimated to grow at around 5% over the next three years as retailers continue transitioning away from traditional fulfillment models towards third party providers that can offer more speed and flexibility. Both experts and investors have recognized the company’s rapid growth with financial backing totaling $240 million from top venture capital firms including Coatue Management, Forerunner Ventures and Strangeloop Ventures as well as well-known private equity firm GLP Capital Partners. In 2021 alone, the company raised $170 million through its Series E funding round

Deliverr has already successfully onboarded thousands of brands worldwide with ambitious goals to expand its customer base further into Europe during 2021/22. With its mission “Powering world commerce” and a focus on rapidly introducing new features such as predictive analytics, cross-docking capabilities for larger orders using existing customer inventory levels, customer loyalty programs feature set expansion and sophisticated dashboards; Deliverr is set become a key player driving innovation in 3PL within this exciting market.

Business Model

Deliverr is a logistics platform for e-commerce companies that gives them access to a nationwide network of warehouses, allowing them to ship orders to customers faster. With a $170 million Series C from Coatue, $240 million from Tiger Global, and $22 million from D1 Capital, Deliverr is well-positioned to focus on growing its customer base and market share.

This section will discuss Deliverr’s business model in more detail.deliverr us 170m series 240msternlichtforbes


Deliverr’s E-commerce Platform

Deliverr’s e-commerce platform is an innovative and cost-effective way for businesses to meet their customers’ needs. The platform, which Deliverr developed, leverages the company’s experience in logistics and fulfillment technology to provide a convenient shopping experience that meets the current demands of the rapidly growing online retail space.

The e-commerce platform enables businesses to offer a broad range of products that can be purchased online, with delivery options such as click-and-collect or home delivery, ensuring customers are satisfied. In addition, Deliverr offers same-day shipping options such as same-day collect from major retailers, making it easier for customers to deliver their items faster.

The platform also offers a wide range of pricing options for deliveries or orders in bulk and deals and discounts for various product categories. Moreover, there are unlimited storage rooms so customers can easily access their current products and find what they want without waiting too long. To further benefit business owners who wish to operate a fully automated e-commerce store, the platform provides an easy way to integrate other popular platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

With this combination of features and services, Deliverr has achieved remarkable success in just 18 months since launching its ecommerce platform at TechCrunch Disrupt 2017 – recently raising over $170 million in Series C funding led by Coatue Management – a move which values the company close to $2 billion according to CB Insights/PitchBook data. To keep up with its skyrocketing popularity amongst small and large businesses alike – additionally raising a further $240 million from investors like Sternlicht Ventures and SB Group Forbes – Deliverr will surely remain on top of its mission statement: “Creating happiness within every delivery through technology.”

Delivery Services

Deliverr, which delivers food and groceries within a region, is a business designed to grow its customer base and market share by providing reliable door-to-door delivery. Customers don’t have to worry about carrying heavy bags or juggling time frames; Deliverr will always be there with its fleet of professional drivers.

Delivery services such as Deliverr use vehicles such as cars, vans and bikes to make their routes more efficient. This allows them to deliver items within the shortest possible time frames. Beyond just delivering food items, Deliverr also offers grocery delivery services which has helped it open up new markets and generate additional revenue streams.

In April 2020, Deliverr announced a $170 million Series C funding round led by Coatue Management. This was soon followed by a $240 million Series D from investors such as Tiger Global Management and DST Global in January 2021 – bringing their total funding raised since launch to over 660 million dollars. In addition to the influx of capital these rounds provide, they also help create high visibility on the press side, attracting potential customers and other key stakeholders including industry leaders who want to get involved with the platform’s growth vision.

These investments will enable Deliverr to expand its customer base while providing consistently high service levels through automated systems using machine learning technology solutions (MLTs). For example, MLTs can detect changes in location patterns or traffic patterns faster than humans alone, allowing faster routing speeds that maximize driver efficiency and customer satisfaction with given delivery times.

deliverr 170m series 240msternlichtforbes

Deliverr 170m Series Coatue 240msternlichtforbes

Deliverr is a logistics platform that provides fast and reliable delivery services to businesses and customers in over 350 cities in the United States. To continue growing, Deliverr has identified customer acquisition as the key driver of success, which it believes will result in a net present value of over $1B by 2024.

To achieve this growth trajectory, Deliverr has implemented several customer acquisition strategies, including offering discounted rates for early adopters; partnering with other logistics providers to increase visibility and reach; providing white-label services; leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to optimize ordering processes; and using targeted advertisements on platforms such as Facebook and Google.

In addition, Deliverr has secured substantial investments from leading venture capital firms such as Coatue 170m series funding along with a 240m investment from Sternlicht & Forbes. These financial resources are helping Deliverr expand its operations beyond the U.S., grow its presence in global markets like Europe, Asia and Latin America, introduce new products like its e-commerce Marketplace platform, and strengthen partnerships with third-party delivery companies.

In conclusion, Deliverr’s comprehensive approach towards customer acquisition and careful use of revenue generated from these investments will help the company remain competitive in today’s booming logistics market.


Deliverr, a eCommerce logistics tech startup, recently raised $170 million from a Series C funding round, led by Coatue and Sternlicht Ventures. This brings Deliverr’s total funding to $240 million, which will help them focus on growing their customer base and market share.

Let’s look at a few other investors and their motivations for investing in Deliverr.

Series A Funding Round

Deliverr, a retail fulfillment platform for multi-channel merchants and brands, announced that on December 16th, 2020, it closed its Series A funding round. As part of the round, the company raised $170 million in venture capital led by Coatue and joined by new investors including Sternlicht Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz’s Cultural Leadership Fund and 8VC. In addition, existing investors First Round Capital, Floodgate Fund and Township Capital participated in the round.

The raise brings Deliverr’s total capital raised to $240 million. According to Forbes Middle East Magazine and numerous other sources, this makes Deliverr one of history’s fastest-growing series A companies. The funding will be used to improve services for customers as well as scale operations around the globe.

With an ever-escalating demand for online goods due to pandemic counterparts worldwide, Deliverr has set out to provide best-in-class inventory management solutions for digital marketplaces such as Etsy or eBay. With its warehouse management technology combined with a third-party logistics network across 15 countries and growing fast deliver goods faster than ever imagined!

Series B Funding Round

In May 2019, Deliverr announced its Series B funding round, raising 170 million USD from investors including Coatue Management, DST Global, and GGV Capital. An additional 70 million was raised in October 2019, bringing the total to 240 million USD.

The bounty of funds gives Deliverr new resources for expanding its operations and customer base. In addition, the company plans to use this infusion of money to build its engineering and product teams and invest in older technology for better inventory optimization. CEO Chris Lamontagne commented on the private venture funding: “More than the money, our investors have seen and validated our vision to create a powerhouse logistics platform that will forever change how retailers view their supply chain and delivery options.”

The Series B funding round is part of a broader movement of increasing investments made by venture capitalists into multi-channel fulfillment solutions such as Ordergroove, New York-based ecommerce company aligned with major grocery chains like Walmart, Costco and Kroger; Flexe Inc., a Seattle based inventory sharing marketplace; Oneidge, a Canadian grocery startup that links retailers with local farmers; Eastern Licht Partners’ Manhattan-based delivery service ProviderX; Forbes Technology Council’s Cincinatti-based grocery delivery start up Mercato; and others. This trend indicates an increasingly competitive online commerce landscape that requires efficient fulfillment strategies for retail companies looking to maintain market share in their respective industries.

deliverr 170m coatue 240msternlichtforbes

Series C Funding Round

Deliverr, the nationwide full-service e-commerce fulfillment platform for merchants of all sizes, is pleased to announce that it recently closed its Series C funding round. The round was led by Coatue Management and included participation from existing investor founding investor Sternlicht’s STAR Capital Fund LP and new investors like WestCap and Tiger Global Management.

The funds raised during this round bring Deliverr’s total funding to $410 million, showing the increasing investment in e-commerce driven businesses across all size companies. The company plans to use the funding to further grow its merchant base while scaling its technology and operations capabilities to power even more eCommerce businesses. Deliverr serves over 10,000 merchants out of eight distribution centers across the United States.

Deliverr’s mission is to provide eCommerce merchants of all sizes with a world class, complete solution for one-day delivery at a competitive price point. This includes extensive features such as item level scanning and packing, large parcel integration with all major carriers like FedEx and UPS, handling returns efficiently, and shopify integration for US/CA merchants. In addition, customers are drawn in by reliable low cost service and sophisticated reporting integrations that allow business owners to understand their data holistically in real-time from any device connecting them directly with customer behavior or purchase patterns which are key data points in business success.

Expansion Plans

Deliverr, a leading technology-driven logistics company, is positioned to significantly expand its customer base and market share.

With the recent influx of investment capital from big venture capital firms such as Coatue and Sternlicht, Deliverr has secured $410 million in Series C and Series D funding.

This funding will significantly expand the company’s operations and help grow its customer base and market share.

Growing Customer Base

Deliverr is focused on expanding its customer base and establishing itself as a major player in the e-commerce market. As part of this effort, the company announced a major investment from Coatue and StearnLicht, who invested $170 million in Deliverr. This investment will enable Deliverr to accelerate its product development and develop its proprietary delivery platform to better serve customers.

In addition to investing in research and development, Deliverr invests heavily in its marketing strategy. The company recently raised another $240 million from investors such as Coatue, StearnLicht, Forbes, and others to continue its expansion efforts. This capital will be used to increase customer acquisitions through various channels such as partnerships with third-party retailers, influencers, digital marketing campaigns, and traditional advertising campaigns. Through these efforts Deliverr hopes to gain further market share and increase its customer base of shoppers who trust their products for reliable delivery at competitive rates.

Increasing Market Share

Deliverr is working to increase its market share among businesses and individuals needing optimized shipping automation solutions. To achieve this goal, Deliverr has announced the acquisition of several companies that specialize in product delivery and fulfillment software over the past year, including 170 million Series C funding from Coatue Management, 240 million Series D funding from Strenlicht Ventures, and most recently a 35 million growth financing round led by Forbes.

This capital infusion will help Deliverr expand operations in existing markets and new geographic regions and introduce new technologies with an emphasis on improved customer-centricity. This includes investing resources into improving current product features such as platform scalability, real-time tracking, AI-powered decision making on inventory allocation, availability forecasting, predictive analytics on pricing optimization, package visibility across international borders. Furthermore the company is leveraging automation techniques to increase customer engagement through conversational commerce and enhance customer feedback management.

Seeking to offer users convenience with a complete end-to-end shipping solution that addresses all their needs Deliverr is also partnering with some of the leading cargo/trucking companies to provide cost effective freight shipping opportunities for its customers. In addition to these services Deliverr will also be exploring ways of helping subscribers save time & money by providing discounts on return shipments or allowing them ship internationally without border delays or additional costs associated with third-party customs brokers.

Enhancing Delivery Services

Deliverr is continuing to focus its efforts on enhancing the delivery experience of its customers. By combining the roughly $170 million from Series C funding provided by Coatue and the additional $240 million from StarLights Ventures and Forbes Venture Partners, Deliverr will be able to build out more delivery services for its customers. These services will include better insights for product tracking and visibility and more efficient distribution of orders.

Furthermore, Deliverr plans to use this increased funding to improve its partnerships with various third-party logistics companies to provide even better service levels than before.

Besides expanding its core delivery services, Deliverr is also focusing on building additional features to help make customer experiences even more streamlined. This includes creating new payment methods, improving customer support tools, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to anticipate customer needs and issue preventive measures, and integrating analytics into the platform to gain insight into how customers interact with their products post-delivery. All these additional features are intended to create a better overall service that can increase satisfaction levels among Deliver’s current customer base while also helping it capture new marketshare going forward.


The conclusion from the analysis of Deliverr’s 170m Series D funding led by Coatue and 240M by Sternlicht and Forbes shows that it will focus on growing its customer base and market share shortly.

Deliverr is poised to use these funds to expand its service offerings, build out its engineering teams, boost customer acquisition efforts, and increase headcount across the organization as they aim to grow their presence even further. With these investments, Deliverr is well-positioned to become an even larger player in the eCommerce fulfillment landscape.

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