Basketball betting is one of the most popular sports for many betting providers. The American Basketball League NBA is particularly popular with fans thanks to good odds and many different betting options. In the following article, you will find out what you should consider when betting on basketball, which non-GamStop Basketball bookmaker is best suited and what types of basketball bets there are.

Betting Tips – My Strategies

Basketball betting is already one of the most popular sports to bet on. But what can you do to bet successfully on basketball games and how do you improve your odds? In order to answer these questions, I have put together a few tips and tricks below that will help you with your next basketball bet.

Tip 1 – Statistics Are Elementary in Basketball!

The right information is extremely important in almost every sport in order to make an assessment of the teams. This is also the case with basketball sports betting. Although statistics are not popular with everyone, they are very useful for comparing scoring results or individual statistics.

You can find statistics either in external databases on the Internet, the organizer or now also in the bookies’ own statistics centers. In basketball, you should especially look at player statistics regarding average points and defensive behavior.

In addition to statistics, so-called form tables also provide an overview of the teams’ current performance. The data from the last three to five games is summarized to show the team’s current performance.

You can use form tables and the associated sports betting analysis to see whether a team is currently at a low or high level of performance. With the help of your newly acquired information, you can then make a more informed tip for your basketball bet.

Tip 2 – Bet on basketball live and use cashout!

In contrast to many smaller sports, many non GamStop bookmakers live stream basketball games.

The non-GamStop basketball betting sites offer the opportunity to bet live on the games being held. Live betting can, among other things, provide surprising odds.

If a team initially appears to be very far ahead, a bet on the currently worse team can generate very high odds. If the other team makes a comeback, you can make really big profits. The most important thing when it comes to live betting is timing. This can rarely be predicted perfectly, and it takes a lot of experience to achieve good results in live betting.

However, it offers you the opportunity to place bets during the game. If a bet gets too hot and you already know that you will lose it, many non GamStop bookmakers offer a cashout function. You can use this to have your bet evaluated early on. However, you will receive a small amount of your stake back and will therefore not come away completely empty-handed.

Tip 3 – NBA Is More Popular Than the BBL & Offers More Options!

If you bet on basketball, there are several betting markets available to you. You can either bet on the German Basketball League or the World Cup. But betting on the NBA is most worthwhile. This is by far the largest and best-known basketball league in the world and has over 20 million arena visitors every year.

Image1The popularity of the American NBA is also reflected in the bookmakers’ bets – this can be seen in the BBL betting sites without GamStop. You get significantly higher odds when betting on basketball in the NBA than in European leagues. The betting options are also larger, and you can often find special bets on the draft or the MVP. It is, therefore, worth betting away from the domestic markets and staying informed about what is happening in the NBA.

Tip 4 – Don’t Always Place Individual Bets!

The odds of basketball betting are impressive. However, there are ways to improve your odds somewhat through combination or system bets. You combine the odds of several bets to get a high overall odds. Combo bets are probably the best-known way to combine bets.

With this, you bet on several betting options and combine them into a combination bet. The odds are then multiplied to give the total odds for the total stake. Your bet will be successful if all predicted events are correct.

If you are wrong with one bet, all other bets will be forfeited. You take a little less risk when using the system bet. This also combines several individual bets, but they are offset against each other individually. This means it is possible to lose one or two of the bets and complete the overall bet successfully.

The odds for system bets are slightly lower than those for combination bets, but you take less risk. Combining and system bets are therefore worthwhile to offset the odds of individual basketball bets with others and achieve a higher overall profit.

Tip 5 – Stay up-to-date & Bet on Special Markets!

If you want to succeed with basketball betting, you must know the material surrounding American ball sports. This not only includes being familiar with the rules, but also keeping track of information about players and teams in order to be aware of possible new additions or changes.

Especially in the NBA, the rumor mill is almost always churning. You should therefore look for trustworthy sources of information that will keep you up to date on transfers or possible injuries to players. Bets that you can take advantage of with good information are, for example, bets on the draft.


During the draft, the big teams negotiate contracts with young players and try to win over the best newcomers. The popular event therefore offers some opportunities for draft betting, which many bookmakers also offer. With the right source of information and research, you can make most draft bets for yourself.


Betting on basketball games offers many different betting options that you can use to your advantage. Since the odds for basketball bets are very good and the sport is very popular with many non GamStop bookmakers, you can use basketball bets to implement your bonuses or receive your own bonuses through bets. If you haven’t tried basketball betting yet, I recommend that you definitely give it a try.