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Apple made news recently with its high-profile hire of Facebook Ads Manager, Antonio Garcia Martinez, best known for writing the book ‘Chaos Monkeys’. Apple’s latest hire shows the tech giant is looking to expand its talent pool and get into the world of online ads.

This article will explore the implications of Apple’s move and what it could mean for the future of Apple’s online advertising business.

Background on Apple’s recent hires

Apple Inc. has recently made several high-profile hires to strengthen the company and improve its digital capabilities. The latest is Antonio Garcia Martinez, an author of the popular book “Chaos Monkeys” and former Facebook Ads Manager.

Antonio Garcia Martinez, who wrote the tech industry book ‘Chaos Monkeys,’ joins Apple as a product manager on its advertising platform, iAd. He was previously an Ads Manager at Facebook and more recently an early employee at ‘acquisition funnel start-up’ COOKPAD Inc., where he acted as VP of Product Management.

Martinez’s hiring follows other notable new employees to help expand Apple’s engineering prowess. Last month the technology giant tapped Google software engineer Alex Lee to strengthen its Core OS software group; late veteran hacker Ian Rogers, who was most recently CEO of Beats Music; and in April it hired Yahoo engineer Flipboard executive Matt Sheckler for its product design team; then earlier this year it scooped up executive talent from Microsoft, Amazon and Accenture for roles in health care innovation projects among other areas.

Overview of the hire of Antonio Garcia Martinez

In a high-profile move, Apple has announced the appointment of Antonio Garcia Martinez as its product manager for ad platform solutions. Martinez, best known for his book ‘Chaos Monkeys’ and work at Facebook, will join the tech giant at its California headquarters.

Having spent five years in Facebook’s advertising department, Martinez brings a wealth of experience to Apple. In his post as ads product manager, he managed the company’s multi-billion dollar global display business and spearheaded initiatives such as receiving or delivering data from third parties. He was also tasked with driving Facebook’s mobile audience network strategy. In addition, from 2014 to 2015, he was CEO and co-founder of financial platform Simon Solutions.

Recently published reports suggest the Californian-based director is taking on an important role with Apple, leading a new initiative focused on developing an advertising platform for major apps including iTunes Radio and iCloud storage services. Martinez is taking control of this project and working with several other managers within the company. This hire marks a significant step forward as Apple looks to expand its business in the digital ad space and compete with Google and Facebook in this market antonio martiacute exfacebookfriedaxios


Apple’s Hiring Strategy

Apple’s hiring decisions have always been highly sought after, as the Silicon Valley giant has recruited some of the best talent in the technology industry. The latest high-profile hire is Facebook ads manager, Antonio Garcia Martinez, author of ‘Chaos Monkeys’.

This article will examine Apple’s hiring strategy and analyze why they chose Antonio Garcia Martinez to join their team.

Apple hires Facebook ads manager, ‘Chaos Monkeys’ author Antonio Garcia Martinez

Apple’s latest hire of Facebook ads manager, Antonio Garcia Martinez is a prime example of the company’s strategy to make high-profile hires with specific expertise in certain fields. As one of the most valuable companies in the world, Apple continues to poach top talent from other major tech firms, including hiring Chaos Monkeys author Antonio Garcia Martinez away from Facebook. This strategic move marks another effort to boost its engineering capabilities and accelerate product development.

Apple poaching experienced engineers has become increasingly common in recent years. For example, in 2015, Apple hired software engineer Yury Ponyatovskiy from Google’s Android team to lead development of its new iOS mobile operating system. Similarly in 2017, Apple hired top computer vision scientists from two of Facebook’s Bot Shop projects as it tried to bring AI and machine learning capabilities into its hardware and software designs.

These tech giants are competing for some of the best minds available at any cost, ensuring they will always have an edge on their competitors regarding product innovation and development. By bringing these thought leaders into their employ, Apple can benefit from the knowledge and experience they have already gained with their former employers while ensuring that they continuously improve their products so that consumers can get the most use out of them.

Apple’s strategy for poaching talent from other tech companies

Apple seems to be following a strategy of ‘poaching’ talent from other tech companies, with the most recent example is hiring former Facebook Ads manager Antonio Garcia Martinez. The move aims to augment Apple’s current product lineup to potentially drive growth and remain competitive in an ever-evolving tech industry.

In addition to Martinez, Apple has poached several other high-profile employees from other tech titans such as Google and Uber in recent years. For example, Apple hired its first head of machine learning, Russ Salakhutdinov in 2017. Similarly, it snagged John Giannandrea – Google’s chief AI scientist and former vice president of search – as its director of AI research in 2018. More recently, Apple exhibited boldness by hiring Angela Ahrendts – the CEO of Burberry – as its retail boss in 2013. Aside from this, Udacity founder and AI specialist Sebastian Thrun was appointed to manage the firm’s special projects group earlier this year.

Apple’s ability to recruit top talent from other leading firms reflects an effective approach towards addressing strategic challenges that can likely hone its future software efforts and product development cycle. In line with this pathway, the company also appears keen on leveraging relationships within the tech community by borrowing senior-level staff en masse when needed rather than resorting solely to outside hires without any existing affiliations or experience upon joining Apple’s ranks.

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Antonio Garcia Martinez’s Career

Antonio Garcia Martinez is an author, entrepreneur and software engineer best known for his book, ‘Chaos Monkeys’. After working for major companies such as PayPal, Facebook and Twitter, Garcia Martinez has now been hired by Apple.

Let’s explore the intriguing journey of Antonio Garcia Martinez and the impact of his latest appointment at the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Career background

Antonio Garcia Martinez is a former data scientist and an author of the 2016 nonfiction book Chaos Monkeys. Before this, he was head of product for mobile ads and business platform at Twitter from 2011 to 2013, following his roles as a consultant at Goldman Sachs and later at Facebook in targeted ads.

In 2016, it was reported that Apple had hired Martinez away from Facebook to strengthen its advertisements business. During employee onboarding, Antonio Garcia Martinez was a Product Manager at Facebook’s ads business. He was said to head up the advertising research team within the company’s iAd unit.

Martinez posted an update on his Linkedin page where he indicated his imminent departure from Facebook and described what he would be doing in his new role at Apple. Since then, very little has been heard about Antonio near Apple, though we know he has been repeatedly engaged with various products within the organization.

His book “Chaos Monkeys”

Antonio Garcia Martinez is an American author, entrepreneur, and former product manager at Facebook. He wrote “Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley”, a memoir of his time in the tech industry and within the world of startups more broadly. The book was released in June 2016 to critical acclaim and received mostly positive reviews from established publications such as The New York Times, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Business Insider, Fast Company and USA Today.

An object of scathing satire by those in the Silicon Valley tech world for its unflattering portrayal of tech industry culture and personalities, “Chaos Monkeys” further opened Garcia Martinez to criticism for alleged sexism and misogynistic views. This controversy has had repercussions on his current career path with Apple as he has been subjected to intense public scrutiny since joining the Cupertino giant’s team in 2018.

Impact of the Hire

Apple’s recent hire of the former Facebook ads manager and ‘Chaos Monkeys’ author Antonio Garcia Martinez generates quite a bit of buzz in the tech world. The implications of this high-profile hire are yet to be seen, but it will likely have strong impacts on both Apple and Facebook’s operations.

This article will explore the potential impacts of this hire on both companies.

Potential impact on Apple’s advertising business

The news of Apple’s high-profile hire of Facebook’s former ads manager, Antonio Garcia Martinez is an encouraging sign that the tech giant may be looking to ramp up its advertising business. With his background in mobile and digital advertising, Martinez has the knowledge and experience to help Apple make a greater impact in the marketplace.

His tenure at Facebook provides him with extensive knowledge on creating and managing powerful advertisements on social media platforms. Beyond utilizing this specialized skill set to drive Apple’s fully-fledged advertising expansion into services like mobile video, search engine marketing (SEM), and programmatic ad buying, his presence may open doors for partnerships between the two companies. For example, Facebook’s userbase includes many high-value target market customers that could receive tailored advertisements from Apple.

apple antonio garciacute martiacute exfacebookfriedaxios

In addition to his potential output within this space, some reports have described Martinez as “a master at finding creative solutions to complex problems,” qualities which could be advantageous in terms of maintaining and expanding Apple’s working relationships with current partners while navigating brands new territories with regards to data privacy issues like GDPR.

In summary, Apple’s recruitment of Antonio Garcia Martinez appears well-timed with important factors such as technological advancements continuing to shape the company’s recent strategic efforts around their advertising business – a potential impact that should have industry watchers keeping one eye on Cupertino.

Potential impact on the industry as a whole

The recent high-profile hire of Antonio Garcia Martinez, author of ‘Chaos Monkeys’, as the new ads manager for Apple signals the tech giant’s intent to move into the same orbit as Facebook regarding ad spending. With previous experience at Goldman Sachs, Martinez is no stranger to total product integration and is likely to bring many ideas in this direction as Apple moves forward.

This could have a major impact on the industry, with other companies likely to be forced to adjust their strategies to compete and keep up with innovation. Furthermore, this hiring is widely expected to see Apple become increasingly competitive in digital advertising — which could have long-term consequences for other tech giants.

By poaching a leading figure from within the industry, Apple has gained an edge on its competitors, which will almost certainly influence shifts at other companies. How major these shifts are remains to be seen but it seems certain that this kind of major hire has the potential for big ripple effects throughout the industry.


Apple’s recent hire of Facebook ads manager, Antonio Garcia Martinez, and author of ‘Chaos Monkeys’ shows the Cupertino giant’s commitment to stay on top of the digital marketing industry. The hire of Martinez will be a great addition to Apple’s digital marketing team, bringing his vast experience in ecommerce and online ad campaigns.

Apple is looking to expand its online presence and presence in the digital marketing space. Let’s look at the conclusions around Apple’s latest hire.

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