The story of the next generation quarterback from a young Ravens fan with no Super Bowl rings. Who is the best player in NFL history, and what does it take to be great?

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Even Jimmy Garoppolo has to confess that his NFL career has not gone according to plan. After all, the soon-to-be 30-year-old has missed far too many games due to injury. So, despite earning more than $100 million and leading the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl, his career pales in comparison to some of his more distinguished contemporaries.

Of course, Garoppolo’s future seemed bright not long ago. Bill Belichick seemed poised to switch things up at the most important position in sports as Tom Brady approached 40 years old. The New England Patriots, on the other hand, kept the TB12 era alive by sending his prospective successor to play under Kyle Shanahan.

Despite the fact that Garoppolo hasn’t lived in Foxborough in a long time, he clearly made a mark on one former teammate.

Unfortunately for the often chastised quarterback, Martellus Bennett has made it apparent that he does not hold him in high regard.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s ability to stay healthy continues to be a huge concern.

When Jimmy Garoppolo was injured for the first time each season, he was forced to start: Week 2 of 2016; Week 3 of 2018; Week 3 of 2019: no injuries Week 2 of 2020; Week 4 of 2021

3 October 2021 — Josh Dubow (@JoshDubowAP)

Is it possible that Garoppolo has had some poor luck in his NFL career?


At the same time, it’s tough to ignore that he poses serious durability problems. In fact, he may be said to be the league’s least trustworthy quarterback in terms of health.

Garoppolo’s injury history with the Patriots extends back to his second-to-last season. During a Week 2 triumph against the Miami Dolphins while filling in for a suspended Brady, he injured the AC joint in his throwing shoulder, sidelining him for two games.

Garoppolo has battled to remain healthy after moving to San Francisco in 2017. He tore his ACL in Week 3 of the 2018 season, just weeks after signing a five-year, $137.5 million contract deal. He performed well to play in all 16 games in 2019, compared to just six a year ago.

To make things worse, Garoppolo suffered a calf injury in a Week 4 defeat to the Seattle Seahawks earlier this month, which has kept him out of play since.

It’s fair to label Garoppolo an injury-prone and disappointing player as an eighth-year veteran with just 36 regular-season starts and three postseason starts on his career.

Martellus Bennett brutally puts his former Patriots buddy in the bus.

Do you think the Patriots are relieved that they didn’t go all-in on a quarterback who has shown to be the polar opposite of Brady in terms of endurance and toughness?

While it would be fascinating to learn Belichick’s uncensored opinions on Garoppolo, the chances of him telling the truth seem to be slim. One of his former teammates, on the other hand, had no qualms about speaking out against an ex-teammate.

Martellus Bennett, who was Garoppolo’s teammate for the entire 2016 season, appeared on the “Double Coverage” podcast hosted by Devin McCourty and his twin brother, Jason. And, during his conversation with the two experienced defensive backs, the retiring tight end went off on the oft-injured quarterback, using explicit and perhaps inflammatory language.

Bennett remarked, “Bro, we lost two games.” “One of them was Jimmy Garoppolo acting like a jerk. He made the decision not to play just before the game. Jacoby [Brissett] came out and played his heart out with a f—– up thumb, but Jimmy was just being a b—– about it all.”

The 34-year-outspokenness old’s didn’t end there.

“First and foremost, you can’t win with a b—- for a quarterback,” Bennett remarked. “With him, it was all about that. Because his agency was trying to protect his body or whatever, he didn’t want to come out and do anything. I can’t say I blame him for that. However, that decision should have been taken on Thursday.”

Garoppolo is under a lot of pressure to turn around a 49ers club that wants to make the playoffs.

Let’s just say that if the Patriots have a reunion party for their 2016 championship squad, Garoppolo is unlikely to seek out Bennett. The former NFL tight end’s remarks did not create a good image of a quarterback who will be replaced soon.

However, just because Garoppolo’s price seems to be at an all-time low doesn’t mean it won’t climb in the coming weeks.

He has an opportunity to prove his naysayers wrong by helping the 49ers turn their season around, as he is set to start for the first time since Oct. 3. Garoppolo’s comeback might help the club recover from a three-game losing streak that included close defeats to the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals. Trey Lance has a lot of potential, but he needs time to grow, so Shanahan would rather have an experienced player in the starting lineup for now.

However, sooner rather than later, the 49ers will part ways with their current starter.

And until Jimmy Garoppolo morphs into Tom Brady for a few months, he will be remembered in San Francisco as the quarterback who failed to elevate the team.

Fortunately for him, the GOAT has already gifted him with two Super Bowl rings.

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