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Scrapbook is an end-to-end payroll platform that streamlines and automates the entire payroll process for film and television productions. Our comprehensive platform takes care of all payroll needs, including contract management, budgeting, compliance, termination paperwork, timely payments, and more. In addition, Wrapbook seamlessly integrates with various production software such as Movie Magic™ Budgeting & Scheduling, IATSE994 Contracts & More to simplify the workflow for users.

We are continuously working to ensure we provide our customers the best in class service. By using Wrapbook you receive trusted service, innovative technology and direct support. This FAQ section outlines many commonly asked questions so you can get the most out of using Wrapbook’s products and services.

What is a Wrapbook?

Wrapbook is an end-to-end engagement and payroll platform for production crew professionals. Our platform enables improved speed and efficiency of executive hires, onboarding crew members, engaging workers, tracking hours, handling background checks and running payroll. We believe hardworking professionals shouldn’t have to worry about complicated paperwork or getting paid on time. That’s why we created Wrapbook to simplify your production process by digitising all the paperwork and streamlining the hiring, onboarding, time tracking and payroll processes.

At Wrapbook we focus on facilitating each step in the production process so that you can focus on what matters—getting the job done right. With our suite of services you can easily manage crew across multiple projects (with varying pay rates) no matter where they are working from.

  • We offer complete control over how data is entered with an intuitive dashboard interface that allows you to easily make changes while running accurate reports to simplify auditing.
  • At the heart of our workforce engagement solution sits our payment technology: tightly integrated with banks and major independent contractors services (ICS).
  • This ensures crew members get paid quickly and precisely every single time from one central platform.

What services does Wrapbook offer?

Wrapbook offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to address the needs of freelance professionals and employers in the entertainment industry. Wrapbook’s features are designed to simplify processes such as onboarding, contracts, time tracking, payments, payroll and taxes for freelancers.

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With Wrapbook, freelancers can onboard securely and manage their data with ease. Employers can create and issue legally binding contracts at no additional cost, followed by automated payment processing with the ability to set up customised schedules. There are also options to easily track work hours and pay per required rate or project completion status. Additionally, Wrapbook’s payroll management system ensures accuracy in calculating, recording and distributing taxes under local laws, ensuring all participating parties remain compliant.

Freelancers can also access personalised dashboards containing the tax documents they need and organised summaries of their finances that are updated automatically each time they get paid by their employer on Wrapbook.

How does Wrapbook benefit businesses?

Wrapbook makes it easier for businesses to manage, track and process payments to all the people they work with or contract regularly – cast & crew, freelancers, independent contractors, and vendors.

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Wrapbook automates everything from onboarding and credentialing of these talent professional’s information; to tracking time & attendance; invoicing & payment processing securely within our enterprise-grade platform – taking the manual heavy lifting off of business’ hands while providing a best in class experience for talent.

From a workflow perspective, businesses benefit from:

  • having the team’s data organised in one source of truth;
  • understanding where their workers are throughout any given project cycle with transparency into timesheets and geolocation;
  • being able to audit many aspects of their accounts payable by providing more granular data for reviewing worker verifications;
  • improved compliance as every engagement is managed onsite, reducing any risk of late payment liabilities or missed deductions.

What is Wrapbook’s pricing structure?

Wrapbook’s pricing structure is designed to be both competitive and transparent. We offer full-service payroll and production accounting for a base rate of 10% of employee gross wages plus the additional payroll costs incurred. We also charge additional fees for unforeseen changes or unpaid invoices and other services such as production audit, set payments, and document preparation.

Our charges are per project basis, meaning we can scale with any size production. This ensures that our clients always get cost-effective solutions that fit their budget and crew size. Additionally, our clients have access to an all-in-one dashboard that provides visibility into their payroll expenses across projects.

What is Wrapbook’s recent funding news?

Wrapbook recently announced its Series A funding round of $5.75 million led by Greycroft, with participation from XG Ventures and Brian Angle. This latest round brings Wrapbook’s total funding to $7.75 million.

The new capital will help expand Wrapbook’s innovative payroll, tax and benefits solution for entertainment professionals across the US. Currently operating with entertainment customers in 17 states, the funding will enable Wrapbook to grow its team, expand into new states and accelerate product development initiatives as it continues to provide industry professionals with a comprehensive payroll, tax and benefit solutions for both union and non-union talent workers.

These services are designed to reduce financial risk, improve contractor experience and help streamline workflows for production companies of all sizes in the ever-evolving media industry – transforming how they pay people working on their projects while helping them stay compliant in an increasingly complex space.

How does Wrapbook help freelancers?

Wrapbook is a revolutionary all-in-one, automated payroll solution designed to streamline the way freelancers get paid. Whether you’re a self-employed individual or part of a large-scale production team, Wrapbook can help ease the complexities and cost associated with freelance payroll by taking care of every step in the process.

With Wrapbook, users can quickly and securely manage their freelance payroll needs – from tracking payments, tax filings, workers compensation to onboarding new talent for gigs. We also provide insights into labour patterns and freelancer engagement trends so that you always have an accurate snapshot of your crew’s contributions.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to gain more control over how you manage your freelance crew payments, Wrapbook is designed to revolutionise how freelancers get paid – all while delivering amazing customer service. Our mission is to ensure that everyone involved in a project gets paid on time with the utmost transparency and accuracy.

What is Wrapbook’s customer service like?

At Wrapbook, we strive to provide a prompt and helpful customer service experience.

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Our team of experts can answer any questions about our products and services. If you have any challenges, please contact us via email ([email protected]) or telephone (+1 888-444-WRAP).

We’ll gladly answer any queries related to our monthly subscriptions or services such as:

  • Onboarding new crew members and contractors
  • Payroll/Benefits Administration
  • Time Tracking/Management
  • State Labor Regulations


Thank you for taking the time to read Wrapbook’s FAQ. This guide was created to equip you with an understanding of Wrapbook’s product and how it can streamline the payroll process for production companies and entertainment professionals. We hope this FAQ answers your questions, but if not feel free to contact us directly with any further inquiries.

At Wrapbook, we are dedicated to demystifying the payroll process for everyone involved by making it a transparent and efficient experience. Using our online platform, you can quickly and easily manage payroll, tax credits, crew lists, wrap documents, timecards and more. We are always here to help should you have any further questions or require additional assistance managing your resources.

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