The National Football League (NFL) is one of the most anticipated annual sporting events. Many millions of people tune in to watch their favorite teams battle it out to reach the playoffs.

With many talented teams packed full of the world’s greatest football talent competing for the glory of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy way up high, you can guarantee that every game will be more thrilling than the last.

Because the overall level of talent in the NFL is so great this year, and teams continue to improve each week, the Odds To Win Super Bowl changes pretty frequently.

While the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, and Kansas City Chiefs are leading the odds, there are some serious longshot contenders for the Super Bowl 2023.

Los Angeles Chargers +2000

We’ll admit, the Los Angeles Chargers aren’t really all that much of a longshot for the Super Bowl this season. However, the Bolts are outside of the top five on nearly every single sportsbook and betting site, which is as good of a reason as any for us to include them here!

The Chargers haven’t managed to make the playoffs in four years (since 2018) but came very close last season.

With an extremely healthy roster consisting of some of the league’s brightest talent, such as Justin Herbert, Austin Ekeler, Mike Williams, and linebacker Khalil Mack, there’s no denying that they could defy the odds and make their way to the playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys +2000

Many are already sleeping on this season’s Dallas Cowboys team and it’s pretty easy to see why. They lacked strength during the preseason which didn’t look very promising.

However, thanks to an elite quarterback and defense, Dallas remains the best team in a bad division.


The Cowboys ended the 2021 season with the number one spot in offense in the NFL in terms of the yards gained and points scored. Notably, they also finished with the third-highest number of passing touchdowns in the league and ranked second when it came to yards.

With the expertise of both Dan Quinn and Kellen Moore this season, as neither man left to fill vacant head coaching positions, the team’s luck could seriously change.

Minnesota Vikings +2000

As of writing, the Minnesota Vikings have quietly put themselves in a potential first-round bye in the postseason and also in the frontrunner position for the NFC North.

Beating the likes of New Orleans, Chicago, and Detroit by a combined total of 16 points isn’t something to ignore. After all, any win is better than a loss!

And while there’s nothing overly impressive about their performance at the start of the 2022-23 season, the wins are quickly mounting up. So, despite playing at a pretty average level, the team could have the serious potential to break through as a true Super Bowl contender!

Cincinnati Bengals +2900

It’s safe to say that so far this season, the Cincinnati Bengals seem to have a strong, skilled roster with at least one star player in every group.

The 2021-22 season saw a lack of stability in the Bengals’ offense which directly impacted play.

Fortunately, there have already been major improvements to this going into the new season thanks to three new offensive linemen: Alex Cappa, La’el Collins, and Ted Karras.

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And, unlike many other teams, most of the key starters from the 2021 Bengals are also returning to try and reach the championship. As a direct result, the team appears to be playing as strong as ever.

Miami Dolphins +3400

There’s no denying that the Dolphins are much better this season in terms of offense and strategy. They have slowly been adding skilled players to the roster and it finally seems to be paying off!

Their defense has been the one constant, especially during last season, and has carried the Dolphins to various wins. As a result, they forced 26 turnovers last season which was the eighth-highest in the entire NFL.

A newfound all-around approach to playing coupled with exciting young talents like Jaelan Phillips and Jevon Holland proves that Miami still has lots left to offer.

Put simply, don’t count Miami out just yet.

Tennessee Titans +5500

You might’ve missed it, but with a 3-2 record, the Tennessee Titans are back on top of the AFC South. Better yet, the division finally appears to be settling after a pretty tumultuous first month!

There’s no denying that the Indianapolis Colts or Jacksonville Jaguars stand a chance at clinching the division title. But thanks to a well-developed formulaic strategy, the Titans’ odds of lifting the Lombardi Trophy are getting better by the day.

And, even if they don’t have as impressive a profile as other prospective NFL teams, they have proven themselves to be a dangerous foe thanks to great run defense and a seemingly relentless rushing game.


These are the longshot contenders for the Super Bowl 2023. Currently, the Buffalo Bills appear to have the best odds to win this season’s Super Bowl. However, this doesn’t guarantee their success. And as we’ve seen before, things in the NFL can change very quickly!