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Shark Tank investor and tech billionaire Chris Sacca recently called out Donald Trump as a ‘fake’. This comment sparked an uproar with many people voicing their opinions.

In this article, we will explore what the public thinks about Sacca’s claims and discuss the impact this could have on Donald Trump’s presidential run.

Shark Tank’ investor and tech billionaire Chris Sacca calls out Donald Trump: ‘I think he’s a fake’

On November 8, 2017, prominent tech investor and Shark Tank star Chris Sacca posted a series of tweets attacking Donald Trump, calling out his numerous falsehoods, inconsistent statements and lack of morality. One tweet stated “I think he’s a fake”.

The tweet quickly garnered attention both positive and negative. From Trump supporters it was seen as a baseless attack on the sitting president; those less sympathetic to Trump saw it as an apt and well-deserved criticism of the president’s ethical code and penchant for dishonesty.

In the ensuing days Trump’s supporters criticised Sacca’s accusations while analysts examined the evidence that could be drawn from Sacca’s criticisms to validate or refute his claims.

By raising important questions about Donald Trump’s character and trustworthiness to serve as a leader–questions that remain unanswered–Chris Sacca has sparked a much-needed conversation about what it means for an individual to be deemed “real” or “fake” in today’s political landscape.

Reactions from the Public

Following Chris Sacca’s bold statement about Donald Trump, the public has been vocal about their reactions. Supporters of Chris Sacca’s sentiment have praised his courage, while others have criticised him for speaking out.

It’s clear that opinions on this issue are divided, and it will be interesting to see how the general public makes sense of Sacca’s statement in the coming days.

Celebrity Responses

The statements by Chris Sacca, a Silicon Valley tech billionaire, on Shark Tank led to intense public reaction. After publicly denouncing Donald Trump as a “fake,” celebrities and media members had plenty to say about what Sacca had declared in his statement.

Famous figures from both sides of the political aisle echoed Sacca’s sentiments, joining him in standing up for what is true and condemning pretentious actions from the President. For example, in a tweet posted on May 22nd, model Gigi Hadid noted that “using bullying tactics & false promises = fake”:

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On one side of the spectrum, Elizabeth Banks tweeted, “Chris Sacca had to call it like he sees it, ” commending him for his honesty and strength in speaking up against Donald Trump. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, an openly Republican member of Congress himself, joined in to express his agreement with Chris:

On the other hand, some celebrities took caution when responding to this issue – keeping their comments focused on taking a stand against lying rather than calling anyone out directly – with Brad Paisley tweeting out that “honesty should be praised.”

Regardless of their stance on Donald Trump or their political views in general, many celebrities have used this opportunity to stand united behind one key concept: always fight for truth and speak out against lies.

Political Responses

Politicians from both major parties have responded quickly to the comment made by Shark Tank’ investor and tech billionaire Chris Sacca regarding Donald Trump.

Republican politicians largely appear disappointed and angry at Sacca’s statement. U.S. Senator Mike Lee of Utah stated he was “disappointed that someone as successful as Chris Sacca would take a shot at such a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and president.” Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland told reporters, “I find it very troubling that another leading member of the business community would go on record with such a damaging claim like this.”

On the other side of the aisle, Democratic politicians were far more supportive of Sacca’s claim. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York applauded him for his “boldness” in speaking against Donald Trump and “listening to the voices of those marginalised by this administration”. Meanwhile, South Carolina Representative Joe Cunningham called his comments an important reminder for Americans “that we should never become so comfortable with who we put in office or throw away checks and balances on our democratic process”.

Overall reactions from both parties highlight the deep divide between them regarding President Donald Trump’s policies.

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Social Media Responses

In a recent podcast, Shark Tank’s investor and tech billionaire Chris Sacca asserts that Donald Trump is “a fake.” The remarks have stirred reactions from the public and social media platforms have become a platform where people voice their opinions on the claim.

On Twitter, comments range from sceptics unconvinced by Sacca’s majority stockholder status to those pointing out Trump’s questionable history of professional dealings. Similarly, there has been an influx of posts quoting Sacca or documenting background information about the issue on Instagram. Additional popular responses include memes mocking the phrase “fake news” and accentuating how Sacca sees Trump as an illegitimate president—posing a challenge to how Trump sees himself.

Despite humorous content, an overall theme surrounds conversations about Donald Trump and Chris Sacca: one questioning the authenticity of America’s current leader. In contrast, others urge people to look closely at his intentions in office. These conversations have raised eyebrows as they fuel considerable public dialogue on social media platforms—posts that vary in sentiment but come together with a unifying theme to assess and examine what it means for one U.S leader to be branded as “fake.”


Chris Sacca, an investor on ABC’s Shark Tank and tech billionaire, recently lashed out at Donald Trump, claiming he is a ‘fake’. His statement has generated a strong reaction from both sides of the political aisle, causing quite a stir in the media landscape.

Let’s look closer and analyse what other people say about this claim.

What does this mean for Trump’s campaign?

The reaction to the criticism expressed by Shark Tank investor and tech billionaire Chris Sacca has been mixed. Some believe it is an honest opinion shared by those inclined to think poorly of Donald Trump. Others are questioning whether it will be enough to derail Trump’s campaign.

Although Trump has been able to stay in the race despite numerous controversies, this latest one may be viewed as more damaging, as it comes from a business leader and a billionaire who had previously praised Trump on some level.

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It remains to be seen whether this criticism resonates with potential voters or if they simply view it as another attempt by an elite businessman to disparage the candidate he does not support. If the word starts spreading about what Sacca said, the negativity associated with his comments could eat away at public perception of Donald Trump. This could cause people initially interested in supporting him due to his promises of change and honesty to start turning against him due to lack of trustworthiness and changing their minds places their vote elsewhere.

The impact of Sacca’s opinion on Donald Trump’s campaign may not be known until after election day. Still, it can serve as an interesting talking point for both sides in the political arena.

What does this mean for Sacca’s reputation?

Chris Sacca’s bold statement about President Donald Trump has stirred up controversy. Many people have wondered the implications for the tech billionaire’s reputation, given his comment’s high profile and stature in Silicon Valley.

Sacca appeared to be attempting to call out Trump for insincerity and dishonesty, standing behind what he believes are true statements on behalf of an audience of millions. However, it may be that Sacca is ready to take a stand against values portrayed by Trump as President of the United States – especially given his outspoken stance on topics like immigration, race relations, and gender equity in recent months.

While there may be some risk associated with criticising such a powerful figure so publicly, it could also prove to be a positive move for Sacca’s reputation; it indicates that he is willing to put himself out there to fight for causes he believes in. Such commitment demonstrates character and integrity, which will likely earn him respect no matter what people might think of his opinion on Trump or other issues. Additionally, expressing this public support may help galvanise support among other industry figures or organisations with similar values – potentially driving even more attention and respect towards Sacca’s name.

Ultimately time will tell whether Sacca’s action will negatively or positively affect him professionally. Still, the action has certainly helped him gain notoriety across social media – creating an opportunity that can be used depending on how the public views his opinion.