Sports betting is a growing industry in the UK, where it has been legal since time immemorial.

It’s also growing elsewhere in the world, with a majority of US states now having legal online sports betting in some form. As it grows, it picks up new bettors who aren’t used to the practice and need to learn fast if they want to genuinely enjoy their time on betting sites that can be found at There are so many questions it is possible to have when it comes to sports betting, and it takes time to answer even a few of them.

One worthwhile question to ask regards which sport someone should look at to make their early bets. Over time, as you learn about betting and get a better understanding of where the value lies, you can diversify your bets. Early on, though, you should focus on a narrower field to get to grips with the way the process works and to keep mistakes to a minimum (ideally, a minimum of zero). So which sports are the best to bet on as a sports betting beginner?

Whichever Sport You’re Into

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Yes, it’s a fairly obvious answer, but there are reasons it’s worth specifying here. Betting as a beginner is a surprisingly tense process. You need to make sure you’re reading the odds correctly, you need to think about getting your stake right, and you need to know you’re betting on the right thing. Among all of these, it’s preferable to have a safe ground of names and terms you understand. For a tennis devotee who hates football, betting that Djokovic will beat Tsitsipas in three sets is much easier to do than betting that Arsenal vs. West Ham will feature more than 9.5 corners in 90 minutes.

But Yes, Football

Football is a sport that works well with betting. There are many reasons for this: perhaps the main one is that there is so much football. There is international football; there is club football.

There is English football, Italian football, Ghanaian football, and Bolivian football. There is men’s football and women’s football. There’s always some football on, and it’s covered very broadly.

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So even a relative novice can generally find out what they need to know about a match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. With a little digging, you can have some confidence about the grudge match between Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko S.C, too.


Although there are at least a few sports more popular than tennis that you can bet on, the ease with which you can bet on tennis is due to a number of reasons. First of all, the tennis touring calendar goes all year round – so whether your first bet is in January or July, there’ll be something to bet on. There are also endless markets on which you can bet – picking a player to win a tournament, betting on the winner of a match, judging who will serve the most aces, and more besides. It’s trickier to bet on tennis if you don’t know much about it, but the learning curve is one of the gentler ones in all of sport, so tennis betting suits the beginner.