The football is a game which you can play with your friends. There are many common ways to throw the ball, but not all of them are correct or efficient. It is important that you know the best technique of throwing the ball so that it reaches its intended target. This article will give some tips on how to throw it further and improve your game.

Throwing the ball with proper technique is very important. You need to have an open palm while holding the ball and ensure that you are not gripping it so hard so as not to injure your fingers. Grip it lightly but firmly, aiming slightly downwards towards the ground, keeping your elbow locked in position at shoulder height or higher throughout the entire throwing motion. Do not bend your arm at the elbow when you throw, keeping it straight and locked in place, so that the force of your action does not pull on your shoulder muscles or injure your arm. The ball should be held with fingers up before it is thrown, ensuring that the tip of your thumb faces directly towards where you are throwing it. This is done to keep the ball in line with your arm and prevent it from moving off target when you throw it, resulting in a better shot.

how far can a 13 year old throw a football

Your wrist should be straight when you throw, no bending it to the side or rotating it. Your arm should be brought back behind you slightly as you throw. As your arm comes forward again, rotate your body towards where your throwing hand is pointing by rotating just before the ball leaves your hand and follow through on that rotation. The follow through should be a smooth movement of your arm pointing in the direction that the ball is going, with your fingers also facing forward. Your elbow should be brought back as far as possible to get maximum power, and only come forward to release the ball when you are throwing it.

How to Throw a Football Further

In order to throw the ball further, you need to know your limits and work on them. You should not try impossible throws as you might end up injuring yourself. However, even a small increment of improvement can increase your distance enough for it to be an advantage in a game situation. After learning how to throw a football correctly, see if you can work on the speed of your throw. The more force and power you put into it, the faster it will travel and the further it will go. Also aim high to maximize the distance that you could achieve in such a throw.

The Physics of Throwing a Football

The best technique to throw the ball would be using your legs. You can do this by taking at least three steps before you throw it. This will help you gain momentum and power, making it easier for you to throw the ball further than usual. It is important that the steps are small so that you don’t overbalance yourself or lose control of the ball.

Types of Throws in Football

You should also practice throwing the ball with different types of arms. Watch out for wind speed and direction if you are outside. You can throw it overhand, underhand, side arm or even backhanded depending on the situation. These throws will help keep your opponent guessing about how you would strike next, making them nervous and off balance so you can take advantage of that. Being unpredictable is a good strategy and you should start practicing it even if you think that your technique does not need improving.