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Tiger Global is a leading global investment firm headquartered in New York City. It is led by Chase Coleman III, a veteran investor and entrepreneur known for his ability to spot market opportunities in technology, media, and consumer internet stocks.

Tiger Global has invested in over 100 companies and recently led a $150 million Series D round for OutSystems, a low-code development platform. Abdiel Capital, a VC firm based in San Francisco, also participated in the round.

This investment is a testament to Tiger Global’s capability to identify high-potential companies and contribute to their success.

Overview of Tiger Global

Tiger Global Management LLC is a leading global investment firm focused on private and public markets. Founded in 2001, the firm manages over $50 billion in capital across multiple strategies and has offices in New York, Palo Alto, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mumbai.

Tiger Global pursues a portfolio of investments in private companies and public markets across four main asset classes: direct investments in private companies, venture & growth investing, public market opportunities, and special situations. Investing across asset classes diversifies our investors and creates opportunities to add value over time.

The Tiger bench comprises partners who are former entrepreneurs and experienced financial professionals from among the world’s best-known venture capital firms. The team’s background enables them to better appreciate their investees’ milestones before checking progress against original pro forma targets or recommending interventions when results are off target. In addition, their advice can provide strategic support for start-up / early-stage companies or offer sound guidance for potentially difficult decisions during uneven growth or complexity during scale-up phases like restructuring/organizational alignment or optimal exits & Go To Market Strategies.

By combining intimate knowledge of target industries with an understanding of global markets, Tiger Global is well positioned to seek opportunities within the rapidly changing technology landscape globally. In addition, they use their expansive network of corporate contacts and industry experts to form alliances that can create significant positive outcomes (for both investors & invested). As a result they have built strong relationships with leading investors while playing a critical role in helping their portfolio companies achieve scale-up success.

Overview of OutSystems

Tiger Global is one of the leading global investment firms, focusing primarily on technology and internet investments. With a strong emphasis on research-driven quantitative and qualitative analysis, the firm has a proven track record of successful investments in growth companies.

OutSystems is one of Tiger Global’s most recent investments, an agile development and deployment platform for enterprise web applications.

OutSystems enables organizations to rapidly create custom web applications without writing code. Users can quickly design application backends and frontends without coding knowledge with an intuitive visual modeling and drag-and-drop interface. OutSystems also enables rapid deployment of applications in the cloud or on premises to any device, including tablets and smartphones. In addition, it includes powerful built-in functionality for mobile user experiences including push notifications, offline access and integration with other components such as Salesforce.

Finally, its advanced API management capabilities enable easy connection with existing external systems or data sources so customers can capitalize on existing assets while making their applications more powerful.

outsystems 150m tiger globalwilhelmtechcrunch
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Tiger Global’s Investment Strategy

Tiger Global is a leading global investment firm focusing on technology and internet investments. It has invested in numerous companies, such as OutSystems, which recently raised $150 million led by Tiger Global and Abdiel Capital.

In this article, we will discuss the investment strategy of Tiger Global and how it is helping companies grow and succeed.

Tiger Global’s focus on technology investments

Tiger Global is a leading global investment firm with a long and successful track record in venture capital, growth equity and private investments. Founded in 2001, the firm invests across various asset classes and best-in-class managers, emphasizing technology investments.

The firm takes a long-term view of investment opportunities, anticipating and reacting to evolving industry trends while remaining focused on generating returns for its investors. Tiger Global seeks to strategically and methodically build positions in high potential opportunities where it can add significant insights, network driven access to great companies, and unique strategic value by fostering meaningful collaborations both within the portfolio and beyond.

Established relationships with leading accelerators and venture funds worldwide helps Tiger Global to identify entrepreneurial teams at the early stages with potential for significant value creation. Beyond buyouts, spinouts and other investments made inside VC funds, the firm often goes beyond traditional VC investing models by taking larger positions in later stage deals with pre-IPO or IPO considerations.

Because of its deep expertise in digital media, software & services and core technology sectors at various stages from seed to growth equity investments, Tiger Global excels at helping partners build better companies through various initiatives such as sales/marketing programs, product development guidance, talent acquisition strategies, etc. In addition, the team strives not only for financial success but also for successful exits that benefits all parties involved — employees, founders & investors from the portfolio.

Tiger Global’s focus on late-stage investments

Tiger Global, a leading global venture capital and private equity firm, has developed an expansive track record of successful investments in public and private companies across all stages of growth. The firm’s investment strategy is concentrated on late-stage investments, to build large, long-term positions in scale businesses founded by exceptional founders.

Tiger Global seeks to partner with founders and management teams with a long-term vision to build global tech companies. Specifically, the firm has established itself as a leader in late-stage organizations looking to scale their businesses through large rounds of financing—typically Series D rounds or later—to capitalize on opportunities for growth and expansion.

The team takes an unbiased approach to investing, having invested across all asset classes—debt, public equities, private equity and venture capital. Although Tiger Global typically invests in series D+ stages or later (post revenue stage), the collective experienced team seeks a favorable return for its investors through numerous strategies including: direct investments into public/private companies; multi–asset pool investments; creating that require deep domain expertise; investing in technologies that offer solutions that solve real problems; being an early investor/early stage venture builder.

Recently the firm’s focus has been oriented towards technology platforms such as Software as a Service (SaaS), marketplaces, FinTech applications and solutions used by enterprise customers. Moreover, Tigers Global looks beyond location when making their target selection, which means they are invested into companies based around the globe, from Silicon Valley to India or Brazil—making them one of the most diversified players in today’s market.

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OutSystems Raised $150M led by Tiger Global and Abdiel Capital

On March 16, 2021, OutSystems, a leader in low-code development, announced it had raised $150 million in a round of funding led by Tiger Global and Abdiel Capital. This is the latest in a series of investments that Tiger Global has made into the tech space, positioning itself as one of the world’s most active venture capital firms.

Let’s take a closer look at Tiger Global’s investment into OutSystems.

Overview of the investment

Tiger Global, a leading global investment firm, recently announced its investment in OutSystems. This announcement reflects the growing demand for digital transformation solutions from businesses and organizations worldwide. OutSystems is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that rapidly delivers applications across multiple channels and devices.

The capital obtained through this strategic partnership will aid OutSystems in expanding its operations and accelerating growth in global markets. The funding will be used to help provide businesses with greater access to innovative enterprise cloud solutions backed by trusted analytics capabilities, as well as processes that can be automated easily. It will also support expansion of their implementation skills and partnerships with industry leaders.

Moreover, Tiger Global’s expertise in financial services will give businesses access to technological solutions that are highly secure and reliable, leading to increased customer satisfaction levels across multiple industries. The partnership is an important milestone towards digitization of enterprise operations worldwide and further analog-to digital transition for various business activities.

How the investment will benefit OutSystems

Tiger Global Management, LLC is a leading global investment firm with offices in New York and Hong Kong that manages private equity and hedge fund portfolios for high-net-worth individuals and institutions. It is considered one of the most successful venture investors in recent years, with notable exits like LinkedIn and Flipkart.

The recent investment of Tiger Global in OutSystems will inject capital into the low-code application development software vendor. This injection will make it easier for OutSystems to advance its leadership in innovation and combination of low-code development technologies with AI tools. Additionally, this capital injection will help expand their customer base, support product maintenance, and recruit highly talented professionals who can add value to its existing offerings.

The resources that Tiger Global injects will also help OutSystems further enhance growth in its sales by helping it generate more leads via direct sales channels developed around the world. In addition, it will also help OutSystems enhance customer productivity through improved scalability and performance capabilities on distributed cloud architectures used by multiple customers simultaneously.

The partnership between Tiger Global Management, LLC and OutSystems not only helps drive revenue growth but also helps promote scalability and provides a worldwide reach across different businesses using located hosted solutions. All these aspects bring a higher business value to customers worldwide who opt for such an approach for their IT solutions delivery needs.

outsystems 150m abdiel globalwilhelmtechcrunch

Other Notable Investments by Tiger Global

Tiger Global is a leading global investment firm with a track record of success in various industries. They are highly respected by tech companies and have invested in many start-ups and growing businesses. Recently, they have made a $150M investment in OutSystems, a cloud-based development platform.

Let’s take a look at some of their other notable investments.

Overview of other notable investments

Tiger Global is a leading global investment firm focusing on the technology sector. Founded in 2001, it has invested in over 500 companies over the last two decades. While it is best known for investing in startups such as WhatsApp, Linkedin and Stripe, Tiger Global also invests in some of the most prominent public companies and private equity funds.

Some of its notable investments include:

Public Companies: -Amazon -Netflix -Google -Microsoft -Airbnb -Facebook

Private Equity Funds: -TCV Growth Fund (Focusing on growth stage technology companies) -Guardian Strategic Ventures (Investing in disruptive technologies) -Boldstart Ventures (Targeting early stage technology companies) -QED Investors (Investing globally in new products/services)

Tiger Global’s investments are typically characterized by its commitment to long term growth and patient capital approach while aiming to create value through strong partnerships with portfolio companies. As such, it has established itself as a highly respected investor in public entities and venture capital funds.

How these investments have helped the companies

Tiger Global Management has invested shrewdly in some of the world’s top technology companies for over two decades. After initially focusing on venture capital investments, Tiger Global shifted its focus to growth equity, private equity and publicly traded investments. Tiger Global’s notable investments have helped companies – such as LinkedIn, Uber, Spotify and Flipkart – achieve tremendous success.

These companies have significantly benefited from Tiger Global’s strategic advice and financial support. By contributing powerful expertise and resources to select technology hubs like Silicon Valley and New York City, Tiger Global has made a tangible difference in how these businesses succeed. In addition, the companies backed by the firm have also provided invaluable assistance to ensuring other startups receive funds for their ambitious initiatives.

Due to its extensive portfolio of stellar investments, Tiger Global is now considered one of the most dominant global investment firms. Apart from actively leading deals in the technology sector, the firm is focused on consumer-focused initiatives such as civil law reform projects across Asia and Africa. In addition, Tiger Global is highly committed to philanthropic endeavors to improve healthcare systems worldwide. By forging mutually beneficial relationships between investors and entrepreneurs, they continue revolutionizing businesses while positively changing everyday life.


Tiger Global, Abdiel Capital, and other consortium members have shown their confidence in OutSystems vision with the recent $150M round of funding.

With this extra financial support, OutSystems will be able to speed up their development of the next generation of product and services offered to customers.

Overall, Tiger Global has emerged as one of the leading global investment firms whose actions strongly back cutting-edge technology development.

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