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Flowcarbon is a global leader in the tokenization of carbon credits and carbon market development. Founded in 2020, Flowcarbon is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Cambridge, London, Tokyo, Paris and San Francisco. The company provides innovative blockchain solutions for companies and governments to transact in and monetize the most important global commodity – emissions allowances.

The Flowcarbon team consists of experienced entrepreneurs from leading tech companies such as Google, Oracle and Microsoft. Backing us with this unique combination of expertise are venture capitalists from Y Combinator and Sequoia Capital who are supporting us to realize Flowcarbon’s mission to make climate change a possibility for everyone on Earth.

Flowcarbon recently announced a $70 million raise to help build out its technology platform designed to tokenize carbon credits, started trading on several exchanges internationally such as Bithumb Global and OKEx jumps, creating an open-source carbon trading marketplace and directly contributing impact to climate change initiatives around the world. The platform is built on a proprietary blockchain that leverages advanced cryptographic security protocols combined with real-time transaction monitoring making it one of the most secure systems for trading emissions assets available today.

The team at Flowcarbon works tirelessly towards creating a more efficient and transparent emissions exchange system, empowering organizations across multiple industries with the capability to reduce their own carbon footprint or mitigate their exposure through purchasing offsets within their own supply chain management systems – all within an easy-to-use user environment where transactions settle instantly over our blockchain network without any need for trusted third parties or intermediaries like brokers or analysts.

The Team

Flowcarbon is a blockchain-based project that has recently raised $70M to tokenize carbon credits and build an on-chain market. This project is being led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who have a passion for creating innovative solutions to global problems. By utilizing the power of blockchain technology, Flowcarbon is aiming to promote a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

In this article, we will be discussing the team who is behind Flowcarbon and their accomplishments.


The Flowcarbon team comprises experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts, who understand the complexities of carbon markets and blockchain technology. The leadership team, headed by CEO Mark Konyl, is responsible for overall strategy and business operations.

Mark Konyl – Chief Executive Officer Mark has extensive financial markets experience with over 25 years in the financial services industry. He has held senior positions at global financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs and UBS Investment Bank, before becoming a partner at WP Stewart Asset Management Europe LLP.

Max Zolotukhin – Chief Operating Officer Max has spent over 20 years in the banking sector, focusing on capital markets and treasury operations. He joined UBS Investment Bank in 2003 as Head of Cash Equity Flow Trading and then moved abroad to become Asia Pacific Head of Trading at Goldman Sachs Tokyo branch in 2005. In 2015 he returned to London to become COO of Flowcarbon.

Jackie O’Neill – Chief Technology Officer Jackie has a strong background in software engineering, with over 10 years experience as a software engineer at Red Hat Inc., including roles leading agile transformation efforts across multiple teams. She is responsible for technical vision for Flowcarbon’s products and services across all technology platforms – from open source blockchain integrations to cutting-edge AI technologies used for training algorithms that enable greater accuracy and resilience in carbon market forecasts.


Flowcarbon is fortunate to have the advice and counsel of a few of the best and brightest in the blockchain and carbon credit space. Our advisory board brings significant expertise, experience, and global contacts to our team. We are fortunate to be partnering with individuals who have incredible accomplishments in their respective fields.

Our advisors include:

  • Dr. Sam Udotong – Strategic Advisor, founder of TTG Solutions LLC – A leading environmental engineering firm specializing in carbon reduction strategies
  • Joy Kim – Governance Advisor, Founder Anno Ventures – A firm that focuses on investing in early stage technology startups
  • Johanna Kettunen – Policy & Regulation Advisor, Co-founder & CEO of Climate Leadership Council – An organization that works with policy makers to develop sustainable approaches for climate protection
  • Nick Dedekian – Carbon Credits & Markets Advisor, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Blockpower Capital – An Investment capital firms advancing blockchain companies
  • Cara Dabba Scott– Special Blockchain Project Consultant , Co-founder @MadeWithLayers previously CR at Deloitte Consulting France
  • Shlomi Cohen– Marketing Strategist , Formerly Partner at Think&Go Digital Acquisition Advisory Group

Through our advisors’ existing relationships with leaders across the globe Flowcarbon hopes to extend its reach into new markets while simultaneously remaining committed to building an industry leading product with strong governance around it.


Flowcarbon, the blockchain-based carbon credit platform, has raised $70 million from a range of strategic investors. The funding round was led by Blockchain Ventures and included participation from a broad range of investors including Angels, Funds and VCs focused on digital assets.

flowcarbon 32m 38m tokenjessopreuters

The team at Flowcarbon brings together celebrated entrepreneurs, engineers and environmentalists with an impressive track record of successful businesses. Flowcarbon’s founders have built renowned startups in the renewable energy and blockchain space, have been recognised through multiple awards and boasts accolades such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List honorees. Combined they have experienced success in leading businesses spanning finance, data analytics, fashion technology & sustainability. Their collective expertise makes them well-suited to create the technology enabled platform to help reduce global carbon emissions.

The Series A funding round has enabled substantial hire ups across Engineering & Product teams to drive scalability an develop new features for their revolutionary platform that aims to reduce the friction points for companies when it comes to reaching sustainability goals. The investment comes at an opportune time for Flowcarbon’s development as the transitioning from PoC trials towards commercial deployments is well underway. With some of their customers nearing launch on their Carbon Credit creation platform, this further validates the high demand they are seeing in this sector as global warming accelerates exponentially due to human activities in generating greenhouse gases (GHG). Their raised capital will enable them to scale quickly as more players join their network in tokenized carbon credits through blockchain technology.

Products and Services

Flowcarbon is a decentralized platform which enables businesses and individuals to tokenize carbon credits and build an on-chain market for them. The platform provides a variety of services such as carbon credits tokenization, carbon credit trading, and carbon credits storage. Additionally, the platform offers a suite of tools to make the process of buying and selling carbon credits simple and secure.

Let’s explore the products and services Flowcarbon has to offer.

Flowcarbon Raises $70M to Tokenize Carbon Credits and Build an On-chain Market

Flowcarbon is a blockchain-based platform dedicated to tokenizing carbon credits and creating an on-chain carbon market where individuals and organizations can earn, use, and trade them. By tokenizing carbon credits issued through the Flowcarbon platform, users can easily transact with each other, providing greater liquidity and access to global marketplaces.

Flowcarbon uses a two-stage approach to monetize carbon credits while enabling decentralization of power in the process: (1) Onboarding of large buyers/sellers that possess capital resources; (2) Launch of tokens backed by carbon credits on blockchain; allowing traders of all sizes to participate. This two-fold approach ensures that Flowcarbon remains scalable while creating a new level of accessibility for those entering the global environmental market.

Through the use of Smart Contracts, all transactions are done securely on chain and with immutable records. Transactions are reliable and fast; drastically reducing operational costs for both buyers who want to lock in prices for future purchases as well as reducing time spent on paperwork processing for sellers who want to maximize sale prices.

The Flowcarbon platform is designed with an eye towards the future – Bitcoin or other native cryptocurrencies are not accepted currently but may become available in any expansion or update of the platform moving forward. This signals its commitment to progress simultaneously with cryptocurrency technology.

Carbon Credit Marketplace

Flowcarbon, an early leader in the field of tokenized carbon credits and digital asset management platforms, has raised a new $70M investment round to finance the development of a market for carbon credits. This funding round is led by the private equity company Centre Partners and will be used to develop Flowcarbon’s secure carbon credit marketplace and underlying network infrastructure.

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Flowcarbon seeks to use blockchain technology and tokenization to ensure an efficient and secure marketplace for buying, selling, transferring, and tracking carbon credits across the world. Carbon credits are a tradable commodity that represent emissions reduction from businesses seeking ways to offset their contribution towards climate change. By tokenizing them on a centralized platform, Flowcarbon can streamline the process of trading these exchangeable emissions offsets for businesses who seek them out as part of their sustainability plans.

The market that Flowcarbon creates is designed to help create both industrial scale offsetting markets in developing countries as well as personalized options for those looking for smaller-scale options such as residential vehicle fleets or corporate energy projects with direct environmental impacts. Already, they are partnering with leading insurance companies such as Swiss REinsurance who have become key proponents of tapping into the new digital asset economy created by this type of service. With their new partners also come new geographies such as India where they can look to shift ecological policy while creating economic opportunities through this tech-driven trading platform.

Tokenization of Carbon Credits

Flowcarbon is a platform that utilizes blockchain technology to tokenize carbon credits and build an on-chain market for trade and exchange. Carbon credits are tradable securities that represent the reduction of some unit of carbon dioxide emissions as compared to a set baseline, and can be bought, sold and exchanged. Flowcarbon harnesses this potential by enabling companies, organizations, governments and individuals to buy, sell, trade and exchange tokenized carbon credits on a decentralized platform using smart contracts.

Using Flowcarbon’s technology, customers will be able to purchase tokens backed by verifiable carbon offsets that have been validated by third-party organizations. Companies can also use the platform to issue their own tokens representing their own carbon offsets projects. Additionally, Flowcarbon provides white-label solutions that enable businesses to easily integrate its technology into existing systems with minimal effort.

The company recently raised $70M in funding led by global venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz in order fund its development of tokenized carbon credit applications and further support its ambition of providing companies with a cost-effective method for reducing their environmental footprints.

Recent Funding Round

Flowcarbon recently closed a $70M funding round, led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs. The substantial funding round will enable Flowcarbon to tokenize carbon credits, build an on-chain market, and further develop technologies that help limit climate change.

With the additional capital, Flowcarbon is now well-positioned to bring its solutions to the global carbon market.

Overview of $70M Funding Round

Flowcarbon, a blockchain startup focused on the tracking and trading of carbon credits, has closed a $70 million funding round. The company is led by experienced entrepreneurs and seeks to tokenize carbon credits on the blockchain and create an on-chain marketplace.

The $70M round was led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) with participation from DST Global, Digital Currency Group (DCG), Polychain Capital, Marc Benioff (Salesforce founder), Michael Bloomberg (former Mayor of New York City), 8VC, Coinbase Ventures, Sean Parker’s Foundry Group, Insight Ventures and others.

This latest funding will be used by Flowcarbon to expand its global presence and accelerate the support of their blockchain-based carbon asset platform which enables participants to trace the origin, progression and ownership of digital assets related to carbon credit tracking.

The goal of Flowcarbon is to make the purchase, generation and trade of carbon credits easier for governments or businesses. By building an on-chain marketplace for carbon assets, Flowcarbon plans to enable institutions or individuals to easily track green initiatives at scale. Furthermore, tokenizing assets can open new financial opportunities that were previously inaccessible due to expensive infrastructure set up costs.

Use of Funds

Flowcarbon recently closed a $70 million Series A funding round, primarily backed by iconic investor Digital Horizon Capital, which will be used to support the development and launch of their suite of products. This investment is one of the largest Series A rounds raised by a private company in the carbon markets sector and will be used to further develop Flowcarbon’s innovative technology, scale team-wide initiatives, and kickstart global market engagement.

flowcarbon 32m goddess tokenjessopreuters

The funds will be used to launch an all-in-one platform for seamless, on-chain tracking of carbon credit trading and ownership, enabling businesses worldwide to instantly access the full range of services required for effective management of their emissions footprint. This includes a range of regulation compliant application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable new methods for assessing carbon credits quality before they are issued by firms. The proceeds will also fund expansion initiatives geared towards growth such as research and development, marketing efforts, hiring talent globally in engineering, sales & marketing capabilities related to Flowcarbon’s technology. Finally, Flowcarbon plans to allocate a portion of its invested capital into building strategic partnerships with companies operating in various subsectors across the green economy.