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Streamlabs has unveiled a new addition to its platform—a monthly tipping service. This new feature will allow fans to give more to their favourite streamers and allows streamers to generate more consistent and reliable income.

With Streamlabs’ monthly tipping service, viewers can set up an automated payment automatically withdrawn from their checking account or credit card at the beginning of each month. All donations will be pre-authorized before being processed, so viewers know exactly how much they donate. In addition, the personal data associated with payment information remains secure, as Streamlabs handles data protection by Privacy Shield regulations and adheres to the highest standards in online privacy management.

For streamers, this new feature offers them an opportunity to dedicate more time and effort into creating content as they now have a stable source of income from devoted fan donations. It also gives them an easier way to recognize top donors and incentivize them for long-term support for the streaming community—essential for any successful streaming career.

The new monthly tipping service allows both viewers and streamers a stable form of support for the community that helps create meaningful opportunities for both parties.

Logitech’s live streaming software company Streamlabs rolls out a monthly tipping service for use on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, and says it won’t take a cut (Ian Carlos Campbell/The Verge)

Logitech’s live streaming software company Streamlabs is introducing a revolutionary new way to monetize streaming with its new monthly tipping service.

Streamlabs is rolling out this new service, which will provide Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook users a monthly tipping service that will allow their followers to subscribe and support them. Streamlabs is taking no cut from the subscription, making it an attractive option for aspiring streamers.

Let’s take a closer look at Streamlabs and the tipping service.


Streamlabs was launched in 2014 as TwitchAlerts and offered an all-in-one solution for streamers, including overlays, chat bots, alerts and merchandise. In October 2017, parent company Logitech acquired the company and rebranded it as Streamlabs. Today, it’s a leading streaming platform with more than 500 million donation messages sent from streamers to their audiences every hour.

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Streamlabs has always focused on helping streamers connect with their fans, whether through donations or subscribing to a Twitch channel. But now, Streamlabs is taking their services one step further by introducing monthly tipping. Tipping lets viewers support streamers directly every month by pledging money every month instead of a one-time donation. This adds a new layer of support that greatly helps viewers and streamers.

For viewers, there are no extra fees and they have complete control over how much they want to pledge each month (it can be as low as $1). On the other side of the equation, streamers benefit from setting up a steady revenue flow (which can help them scale up their streaming operations). In addition, Streamlabs’ partners receive 100% of all pledges because GlobalCollect covers all processing fees.

Overall, this new feature provides more opportunities for streamers to earn income and creates an easier way for fans to show their appreciation for the content they consume – giving fans greater control and freedom over how they show support for content creators.


Streamlabs is a popular Twitch and YouTube streaming platform that allows users to stream their content, accept donations, set up subscriptions and more. Over the last few years, it has become one of the go-to services for streamers who want to monetize their online presence.

In July 2018, Streamlabs launched a new service called “Tip Jar” that allows users to receive ongoing tips from viewers every month. These tips are stored in Streamlabs’ virtual wallet and can be used for additional branding or promoting content on social media platforms.

Tip Jar is especially popular with smaller streamers who don’t yet have the large audiences to sustain monthly subscription payments from their viewers. As a result, they have decided that receiving tips regularly makes more sense than asking for one-off donations. The Tip Jar also offers improved analytics, allowing users to better track how viewers engage with their content.

The streaming community has well received the service and Streamlabs hopes to add even more features like merch sales and live crowdfunding in the future. As it stands, Tip Jar has proven valuable as an effective way for streamers of all sizes to earn revenue from their hard work entertaining viewers day in and day out.

Streamlabs Monthly Tipping Service

Streamlabs, Logitech’s live streaming software company, has just launched its new monthly tipping service. This service will allow users to stream and tip content creators on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook without Streamlabs taking any cut of their tips. This service will revolutionise the streaming industry and bring content creators and their fans closer together.

Let’s look at how this service works and its potential impacts.


Streamlabs is launching a new monthly tipping service that makes it easier for viewers to support streamers and influencers regularly. This recurring subscription feature gives viewers three payment tiers ranging from one dollar to five dollars per month. It also offers added benefits, including super fans’ rewards, streamers’ crediting programs, and giveaways for loyal supporters.

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The new tipping service benefits the viewer and the streamer by encouraging more consistent and steady monthly donations. For viewers, this means that they can easily establish a small but steady way of supporting their favourite creators. Streamers can also benefit by leveraging their built-in communities to create even more revenue opportunities through their always-on monthly tipping system.

The features of Streamlabs’ monthly tipping system are as follows:

  • Recurring subscriptions: Viewers can select one of three tiers – $1, $2 or $5 – to automatically donate each month with no additional effort (excluding potential card authorizations).
  • Rewards: Special rewards and exclusive content are granted to loyal super fans who subscribe at all three tiers.
  • Crediting: Streamers will receive credit when subscribers continue their subscription the following month instead of cancelling it.
  • Giveaways: Loyal donors will be randomly chosen during streams for bonus rewards or giveaways from time-to-time based on the amount contributed.


The Streamlabs Monthly Tipping Service provides a great way for subscribers to consistently show their support for streamers. By signing up for the service, subscribers can set up a convenient and automated payment option to be processed monthly. This payment allows them to tip their favourite streamers continuously and contribute to their success and growth.

The Streamlabs Monthly Tipping Service offers several benefits for streamers and viewers. Viewers can set up an easy to manage recurring tipping amount each month and adjust the amount at any time if their budget or interests change. In addition, this service will also help streamers plan more effectively when hosting large events or collaborating with other channels, as they can know exactly how much money they will have available each month due to these tips.

Overall, the Streamlabs Monthly Tipping Service provides a steady income source that helps both streamers and viewers reach their goals faster while providing an innovative way of rewarding content creators in the streaming community.

How Streamlabs is Different from Other Services

Streamlabs, Logitech’s live streaming software company, recently launched a monthly tipping service. It is available on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, and Streamlabs promises it won’t take a cut from the users. But how does this service differ from other tipping services?

Let’s dive in to find out.

No Cut Taken

Unlike other services, Streamlabs does not take a cut on the donations made through their tools. This means that all of your donations get delivered in full to whoever you’re sending them to. There are also no fees for setting up a donation link or using any other tool provided.

Streamlabs offers several payment solutions for those who want to donate online, including PayPal and credit cards. Their secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payment processing ensures that all donations are secure and protected from fraud.

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In addition to receiving donations directly with no cut taken, Streamlabs also provides users with powerful analytics and tracking features so they can track exactly where their donations come from and gain insights into how donors behave over time. This data can be used to better target an audience or offer more personalised incentives such as special rewards and discounts for loyal donors.

All of these features combined make Streamlabs an attractive option when it comes to setting up a donation page or tip jar service.

Platforms Supported

Streamlabs has created an innovative way for content creators to receive tips and support without ads or subscriptions. The Streamlabs tipping service allows viewers to easily enjoy their favourite videos without the annoyance of intrusive content and send donations in various forms. Streamlabs is currently available for users on Twitch, YouTube and Mixer, allowing for more ways for content creators to earn revenue and remain independent from ads or subscription-based platforms.

The platform features an intuitive interface that makes it easy for viewers to donate and content creators to receive tips in various forms. Streamlabs also allows viewers to tip through their favourite payment processing system such as PayPal, Credit Card or other popular payment services.

Streamlabs is free for the viewer with no account setup needed – simply use the existing payment option from the list of supported providers (such as credit card, PayPal) while watching a stream – no need to be logged into a different account or leave the streaming site. Content Creators also have access to an analytics dashboard which provides valuable insights on how their channel is growing, what works best and how they can improve their viewership performance over time. Additionally, all payments are processed securely without losing any of the funds that viewers send through their donation streams during each session.