The Sea of Thieves Shrine of Flooded Embrace Journals Guide is a comprehensive guide that will help you find the best possible loot for your pirate.

The shrine of flooded embrace guide is a new book that offers players the knowledge they need to complete the Sea of Thieves Shrine of Flooded Embrace.

The allure of hidden riches and mysteries is too strong for most pirates to resist. Why should they, after all? There’s treasure to be found and riddles to solve! That means discovering all of the diaries buried inside the intriguing new Siren Shrines in Season 4 of Sea of Thieves. Five of these diaries are strewn around the Shrine of Flooded Embrace’s ruins. Here’s where you may look for them.

Journals of the Sea of Thieves Shrine of Flooded Embrace

Check your map table for the Shrine of Flooded Adoration’s location. Bring your spacecraft to the specified location, watch for the bright light above the waves, and jump in.

You’ll come upon what seems to be an upside-down galleon buried in a huge underwater mound as you descend. A hole may be found immediately “below” the rudder. That’s how you get in. You’ll reach a huge water-filled room if you swim inside.  

Journal 1 of the Shrine of Flooded Embrace: The Shrine of Flooded Embrace

The top of the room houses the first journal. The inverted galleon’s cargo hold is right above you.

Swim up, recover your breath in the air bubble, then search the area around the stairwell for some yellow coral. The diary is strewn around the room.  

Journal 2 of the Shrine of Flooded Embrace: The Sirens


Exit the first shipwreck and swim a little distance straight down. Turn around and gaze straight up to see a brig (prison) door facing down, surrounded by shimmering teal-colored coral.

The journal will be on your left as you open the door.  

Mermaid Gems, Shrine of Flooded Embrace Journal 3


A translucent barrier, sealed with blazing red coral, stands at the shrine’s midway (vertically). A huge air pocket and a mermaid statue may be found within.

When you enter, the third diary lies on a pile of debris to your immediate left.  

Journal 4 of the Shrine of Flooded Embrace: Siren Gems


Under an awning of coral, just below the room containing the third journal, lies an upside-down wrecked ship covered in seaweed.

An air vent may be found within the wreckage. The diary is perched on the wreckage’s façade.

Journal 5: A Great Battle at the Shrine of Flooded Embrace


The last journal is located at the chamber’s absolute bottom. Look for a piece of debris on the seabed, approximately north of center, resting against the wall. It will be bathed in a sea of brightly lit coral. The notebook is resting on top of the coral.  

You’ve found five of the hidden journals, which is fantastic. There are twenty-five more to track down. On our dedicated Sea of Thieves site, you’ll discover guides to them as well as lots of additional mysteries.  

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