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OutSystems, a low-code focused platform, has recently raised $150M at a $9.5B valuation. This marks the largest funding round for the company to date.

OutSystems enables users to rapidly create and deploy applications, in a secure and compliant environment, and is aimed at helping businesses deliver high-quality applications at scale.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the platform, and explore what makes it so powerful.

OutSystems Overview

OutSystems is a low-code platform for developing and delivering high-quality applications at scale. OutSystems takes an agile, iterative approach to software development so users can quickly build solutions that satisfy their business needs without sacrificing performance or reliability.

OutSystems is engineered with enterprise users in mind, providing organizations with the stability, scalability and resilience they need to meet the demands of modern applications. In addition, OutSystems provides comprehensive integrated DevOps tools and CI/CD pipelines to streamline development processes and ensure apps are securely deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

OutSystems also offers powerful features engineered for mission-critical projects, like machine learning training modules, enterprise connectors for almost any type of data source (including mainframe integration), support for iBeacon technology, cloud storage integration (including Azure AD B2C Actions) and much more. In addition, the platform is built on AWS or Azure infrastructure with 24/7 technical support available from its expert services team at any time.

Low-code Focused

Low-code application development platform enables developers to quickly create applications with much less code than traditional software development tools require. This makes it an ideal tool for getting things done faster and with fewer resources. Using low-code, developers can create sophisticated, custom applications without learning a new programming language.

OutSystems is a leading low-code platform that helps enterprises and teams deliver large-scale applications. With its drag & drop visual builder, modern environment for continuing development and expert guidance, OutSystems accelerates the delivery of exceptional user experiences that are both secure and scalable across all digital channels.

OutSystems features an extensive components library that reduce coding effort while saving time. OutSystems also offers cutting-edge features such as cloud support, enterprise integration capabilities, AI powered analytics and automated testing services– allowing businesses to leverage the best technology to enhance customer experience. By relying on outsystems’ low-code solutions, enterprises can quickly build applications without compromising quality or performance.

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OutSystems Benefits

OutSystems is a low-code platform that enables developers to quickly create and deliver large-scale applications. With its latest funding of $150M, OutSystems is now valued at $9.5B, making it one of the market’s most promising enterprise-focused Low-code platforms.

This article will explore the benefits of using OutSystems and how it can help organizations realize their business goals.

Rapid Development

Rapid development is a key benefit of using OutSystems. OutSystems allows developers to quickly create high-quality web and mobile applications with an efficient, integrated platform that reduces software maintenance costs and improves time-to-market. In fact, in most cases developers cite a 75% reduction in development time with applications built with OutSystems.

OutSystems provides developers the tools to rapidly create well-designed applications that combine presentation and logic into a single repository. This includes drag-and-drop wizards for creating visually appealing user interfaces combined with powerful programming languages like Java and Visual Basic for configuring the application’s back end processing logic.

The IntelliSense technology in OutSystems’ low-code platform also makes it easier for developers to write code quickly, as it auto completes what the developer is typing as they code, saving them from having to type out lengthy expressions or statements manually every time. Finally, features such as role management and version control help ensure that teams stay organized when managing several iterations of their applications.

Quality Assurance

OutSystems enables the engineering and QA teams to improve the quality of applications through a comprehensive set of tools, resources, and processes. OutSystems includes powerful built-in tools that simplify debugging and testing applications, including an in-browser debugger and an integrated version control system. In addition, the platform also supports automated testing tools like Selenium and Sikuli to help teams quickly develop test scripts and run them on multiple devices. This greatly simplifies the process of quality assurance for large applications.

OutSystems also helps teams enforce coding standards by providing built-in code analysis tools to detect errors such as missing semicolons or unused variables before the application code is written into production. This helps reduce development time since bug fixing is performed early during development.

Finally, OutSystems provides resources such as best practices documents and whitepapers on application security to ensure that applications are reliable, secure, and performant. By leveraging these resources with their intuitive design environment engineers can update their projects with enterprise standards in no time.

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OutSystems provides scalability benefits in multiple aspects. First, its platform allows applications to be deployed dynamically and responsively on the cloud to meet the changing needs of any business. This can be done in seconds, allowing for secure and rapid deployment, testing, and continuous delivery.

OutSystems also allows organizations to scale their teams and capabilities by providing access to a skilled pool of high-quality OutSystems developers with diverse skill sets worldwide. These developers can quickly create or extend applications as required without manual coding or deploying Big Bang architectures.

Additionally, OutSystems helps reduce total cost of ownership significantly – because existing codes don’t need maintenance or troubleshooting – reducing the cost associated with Server upgrades or security patching. Furthermore, it can support massive amounts of data in one managed environment, resulting in automated scalability on all levels and faster time-to-market capabilities while maintaining operational performance levels at peak times.

Low-code focused OutSystems raises $150M at a $9.5B valuation

OutSystems, a low-code focused software company, recently raised $150 million at a $9.5 billion valuation.

This funding will help the company expand their reach and deliver high-quality applications at scale.

Let’s take a closer look at this news and how it will affect the future of OutSystems.

$150M Raised

OutSystems, the worldwide leader in low-code development and delivery platform, has announced it has raised $150 million in a funding round led by Goldman Sachs Growth Equity. Existing investors KKR, Sapphire Ventures, and JFIP are also participating. The funds will be used to continue OutSystems’ growth trajectory and expand its teams around the world.

The investment brings OutSystems’ total disclosed funding to $246M, further validating its leadership position in the low-code development and delivery market and its capability to securely deploy high-quality applications at scale, within organizations of all sizes. In addition, Goldman Sachs will join leading technology investors KKR, Sapphire Ventures and JFIP on OutSystems’ Board of Directors—providing experience across enterprise software and substantial institutional knowledge of platform technologies.

Leadership from OutSystems has been proud of this extraordinary step forward for the company: “It reaffirms our mission to be the trusted provider of choice for enterprises across industries leveraging low-code technology. In addition, we anticipate robust engagement between our professional services organizations with additional capabilities that allow us to better serve our customer base as they scale operations globally,” stated Geraldo Perez, Chief Financial Officer of OutSystems.

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$9.5B Valuation

OutSystems, a platform for developing high-quality applications at scale, has raised $450M in its Series D funding round valuing the company at $9.5B. This is one of the largest venture capital rounds of 2021 and marks OutSystems’ fourth consecutive billion-dollar valuation since its founding in 2001.

The funding was led by Advent International, with participation from existing partners such as Atomico, Temasek, KKR and HarbourVest Partners. The financing bolsters OutSystems’ positions in the application development space and deepens the company’s knowledge base and development technologies to reduce time to market for clients. With the support of new investors, OutSystems will continue to expand beyond existing markets into new regions across Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America.

This latest investment is also part of a larger shift towards digital initiatives as organizations strive to modernize their technology capabilities quickly and cost-effectively without losing sight on quality product delivery outcomes.


In conclusion, OutSystems is a low-code platform that helps businesses to build and deploy high-quality applications at scale. In addition, OutSystems recently raised $150M at a $9.5B valuation, indicating strong investor confidence in their platform.

The platform does not just provide an easy way to create applications, but also provide an easy way to monitor and optimize them. This makes it a great choice for businesses looking for a reliable and efficient way to build applications.

OutSystems is a powerful tool

OutSystems is a leading low-code application development platform that provides businesses with an optimized and cost-effective solution for quickly building and deploying reliable applications at scale. OutSystems enables teams to develop with speed, security, and control. It’s a powerful platform for high-quality development that supports both .Net and Java and provides an extensive library of themes, tools, components, and plugins.

With its platform-agnostic approach, users can use OutSystems to optimize existing applications. In addition, OutSystems has native cloud capabilities and a cloud-independent extensible application runtime environment that offers scalability to run in any IaaS or PaaS model.

OutSystems also provides a customizable mobile client experience so users can publish mobile applications on the App Store. Additionally, the OutSystems Marketplace provides access to 1000+ reusable UI patterns and easily integrate them into an app’s design in just one click. Furthermore, developers can access a range of tutorials available online to get started quickly on using the platform to build enterprise applications.

Overall, OutSystems is a powerful tool that helps developers reduce time spent on development by providing all necessary tools for fast delivery with quality assurance – essential components for web or mobile application success at scale.

OutSystems will continue to grow and evolve

OutSystems is a revolutionary platform that enables companies to create and deliver high quality, modern applications quickly and easily. Companies can easily develop, deploy, update and manage apps on OutSystems without sacrificing quality or time. OutSystems also provides unparalleled scalability, allowing both small-scale solutions and enterprise-level applications. As a result, outSystems is already trusted by some of the world’s largest brands including Microsoft, eBay, Adidas and Netflix.

As technology advances, it is expected that OutSystems as a platform will continue to evolve to stay ahead of the competition. It could be likely that the platform will expand into artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities shortly to help customers achieve further success in developing their applications with advanced automation tools.

The growing adoption of low-code platforms by businesses of all sizes has shown that they are here to stay in software development at scale. The feature-rich nature of OutSystems combined with the agility it offers makes it an essential platform for modern businesses aiming for a competitive edge over their rivals. Furthermore, with continual improvements to the OutSystems suite of products, we can expect cutting-edge features to be released regularly, which will fuel its growth even further.

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