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OutSystems, a software development platform market leader, has recently raised $150 million investment at an impressive $9.5 billion valuation.

This move puts OutSystems in a strong position to continue leading the market as they expand their reach and offer more software development solutions to businesses worldwide.

This article will examine the company, what they offer, and what this investment means for their future growth.

Overview of OutSystems

OutSystems is a leading low-code software development platform for companies building enterprise-grade applications. It provides the tools to design, develop, and deploy mobile and web solutions quickly and efficiently. With its comprehensive cloud, on-premises, and hybrid services, OutSystems enables teams to turn ideas into production-ready applications with unprecedented speed, reduce complexity drastically and create more resilient architectures.

OutSystems’ low-code capabilities enable developers to create enterprise solutions that look amazing and account for scalability and cost savings. In addition, its advanced development tools allow developers to work faster without compromising quality or security, while a selection of open source libraries let developers quickly explore new software possibilities. OutSystems is also futureproofed with its continuous integration & delivery platform, allowing developers to manage code in real time with automated deployments. So they can stay ahead of their competitors in this digital age.

OutSystems unites design and engineering teams to share best practices from both disciplines and bring creativity to life faster than ever before by quickly prototyping projects before committing valuable resources towards production. With free runtime resources for starters, it’s no wonder why OutSystems has become one of the most sought after solutions in the industry – enabling companies large and small alike to address their business challenges confidently.

OutSystems’ Growth

OutSystems is rapidly making a name for itself in the software development platform market, having just raised a $150 million investment at a $9.5 billion valuation. However, it’s in a very competitive market, and their success must be analyzed.

The following will explore OutSystems growth, who the investors are, and how it came to dominate the software development platform market.

outsystems 150m abdiel capital tiger globalwilhelmtechcrunch
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OutSystems, Software Development Platform Leader, Raises $150 Million Investment at $9.5 Billion Valuation

OutSystems, the fastest-growing low-code software development platform, announced today that it has raised $150 million in a series G round of funding at a $9.5 billion valuation. This is the largest single raise ever by an enterprise software development platform company and demonstrates OutSystems’ commitment to reshaping the future of application delivery.

The investment will be used to fund OutSystems’ continued growth and expansion in customer acquisition and its new Cloud operations to firmly establish itself as a leader in application development and delivery. The capital infusion comes on top of recent announcements for two customer growth public cloud offerings, an expanded general availability for OutSystems Insights and an expansion of its solution partner ecosystem.

With this latest round of funding, OutSystems is well-positioned to extend its predictive analytics capabilities and continue creating new features, reducing time-to-market while helping teams improve collaboration. The capital infusion will also drive international expansion including increased investments in sales and marketing initiatives in Europe, Asia-Pacific and other key markets worldwide.

This latest raise provides evidence that OutSystems has solidified its position as a modern software development platform market leader. Their technology is reshaping how businesses build applications electronically and changing how their teams collaborate both internally within their organizations as well as externally with partners across services lines all over the world. As companies across industries continue digitizing their operations, look for a significant increase in demand from customers looking to build better experiences and streamline speed to market through low code solutions like those offered by OutSystems’ suite of products.

OutSystems’ Growth in the Software Development Platform Market

OutSystems is a recognized leader in the software development platform (SDP) market, enabling organizations to visualize, create, change and evolve enterprise-scale applications faster than ever before. The company’s growth story started far from its current market dominance as a small but ambitious provider of web application development solutions catering to the needs of legacy companies and startups. Since then OutSystems has grown exponentially, boasting more than 350 customers worldwide in industries ranging from banking to healthcare.

OutSystems’ advantages over traditional software development include increased speed and reduced complexity. Its Visual Application Builder allows developers to rapidly build business applications without complicated coding knowledge or considerable training. It includes an open environment that simplifies integration with existing IT investments, enabling their data sources and back-end systems for a seamless user experience. Through automation its model-driven approach limits the manual labor required for many common programming tasks allowing developers more time to focus on developing innovative ideas instead of debugging code.

In addition, OutSystems offers tailored features including machine learning capabilities that extend far beyond what would normally be limited by traditional methods, making it a powerful tool when it comes down to innovation in customer service delivery models or automated decision making initiatives making use of artificial intelligence technology such as chatbots or computer vision models within an application. OutSystems is trusted by some of the world’s most successful companies due to its industry-leading capabilities across various platforms including web frontends, mobile app stores and IoT products integration needs. These can all be managed effectively through their unified platform with suitable infrastructure scalability options dependent on associated industry demands.

outsystems tiger globalwilhelmtechcrunch

OutSystems’ Benefits

OutSystems is a leader in the software development platform market. The company recently raised $150 million in investment, valuing the company at $9.5 billion. This investment is an indication of the great potential of the OutSystems platform.

This article will explore the various benefits of using OutSystems for software development.

OutSystems’ Low-Code Platform

OutSystems is a leader in the software development platform market, due to its ability to provide developers with greater visibility and agility. The OutSystems low-code platform facilitates the rapid delivery of enterprise-grade applications, reduces development costs, and enables faster innovation.

This low-code environment allows organizations to create agile, financial and labor–intensive applications with fewer resources. OutSystems consists of several components – a mobile app factory, an enterprise service bus (ESB), visual tools, a live app monitoring tool, an early user feedback tool, an integration server and an AI assistant. This cohesive collection of technology helps speed up development processes considerably with minimal resources.

OutSystems allows for faster deployments due to its ability to reduce coding efforts and is one of the most cost effective platforms on the market today. Furthermore, it also offers improved scalability as well as market position. The platform includes solutions for both web and native mobile app development via its MBaaS API service which provides developers with efficient access to their application servers through a single API endpoint – allowing them to develop once while reducing maintenance costs in the long run.

The integrated lifecycle management component within the low-code platform helps automate deployment tasks while relieving some of the stress associated with these processes by providing automated tracking points throughout all phases of development. This allows organizations to continuously monitor application performance across different stages while providing insights which can help drive decision making processes that yield better results over time.

By leveraging OutSystems’ low-code platform capabilities businesses can develop faster without sacrificing quality or energy efficiency thus gaining greater competitive advantage in terms of innovation velocity and driving down cost of operations for sustainable legacy success in addition to future growth.

OutSystems’ Security and Scalability

OutSystems is a leading software development platform that provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities to build rich and secure applications. OutSystems’ unique combination of security, scalability, reliability and cost make it the perfect choice for enterprise IT teams.

Security: OutSystems is securing both the cloud infrastructure used to deploy applications and the back end data sources these applications use. Additionally, in-house security development processes ensure all code follows industry best practices to mitigate risks.

Scalability: OutSystems comes with built-in scalability, ensuring that the system remains up and running as your application grows and evolves. The platform can scale on demand up or down without interruption or impact on quality or code changes.

Data Protection: Various privacy settings in OutSystems guarantee that user data is safe on the platform. From encryption-at-rest to spatio-temporal privileges,OutSystems ensures no user data leaks away from your scope of control.

Cost: Making custom software can become costly very quickly when using traditional tools and infrastructure; however, with Outsystems you can easily manage application costs as your needs change without compromising on quality or time savings! With its unique pricing model, you know exactly how much you spend each month based on usage levels — there are never any hidden charges!

outsystems abdiel 150m globalwilhelmtechcrunch

Future of OutSystems

OutSystems has recently raised a $150 million investment to become a leader in the software development platform market at a valuation of $9.5 billion. This round of funding demonstrates the global demand for a software platform that enables companies to quickly build, deploy, and manage enterprise-grade applications.

In this post, we’ll look at the future of OutSystems and how the platform will continue to change the face of software development.

OutSystems’ Expansion into New Markets

OutSystems, a software development platform market leader, is continually expanding its reach into new industries and customer bases. As demand for custom applications and faster delivery times increase, OutSystems is helping to meet that need. By leveraging its platform’s ability to quickly create complex applications, OutSystems enables businesses to move faster and stay ahead of the competition.

OutSystems capabilities have gained significant traction across various sectors including finance, government, healthcare and retailing. In particular, OutSystems has seen success with financial services companies who need rapid application development (RAD) solutions that can be deployed quickly and securely – such as online banking platforms and claims processing systems. Government entities are also increasingly turning to OutSystems for options-packed digital solutions that provide high rates of cost savings compared to traditional software engineering models.

With the technology becoming available in more countries than ever thanks to cloud-based deployment options and compatibility with on-premises servers, OutSystems is set to make further waves in these markets and others such as insurance, manufacturing and healthcare. In response to this burgeoning demand for advanced yet low-resource application development solutions from private enterprises and governments alike, OutSystems continues on its trajectory towards market domination within the software development space.

OutSystems’ Plans for the Future

OutSystems is a low-code development platform that helps companies quickly build and deploy enterprise applications with little code. With an impressive presence in 44 countries, OutSystems is one of the leading players in the software development platform market and has grown rapidly over the past few years. The company is growing swiftly, recently raising $360 million in Series D funding and acquiring other low-code tech companies to expand its offerings.

To remain competitive, OutSystems must continue to develop and iterate on their products. Recently, they have been focusing on building new tools to make development easier while automating tasks like bug fixes and application deployments. They are also investing heavily in their infrastructure; they have opened several new data centers across Europe and Asia to be better positioned for scalable international customers that require local installation of the OutSystems environment.

OutSystems plans to increase its investments in AI and Machine Learning technology over the coming years. This will enable teams to do more work faster with automated testing capabilities that check for bugs or security compliance issues before applications go live, reducing deployment latency times significantly, providing predictive analysis for operational insights from application data, and suggesting intelligent decisions as part of business processes.

In short, OutSystems’ plans for the future include expanding their product line up with more specialized tools while taking advantage of advances in Cloud computing technology to benefit existing customers by creating a more efficient devOps process using automation. Alongside introducing smarter business solutions with AI driven insights. This will help them stay ahead of competitors and strengthen their position as leaders in this market.

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