As the popularity and availability of the internet have increased in recent years, online gambling is now more accessible to the general public. In the meantime, the online gambling industry is not regulated at the same pace. Some nations have no regulatory framework, while others specifically forbid it. The industry of internet gaming is flourishing. A habit that has remained since lockdowns. In this text, we’ll discuss problems in the gambling industry and how AI-based face recognition technology might help the online gambling and casino sectors.

Difficulties That Gambling Industry is Facing

The market for online gambling, which is anticipated to be worth 92.9 billion USD by 2023 (nearly twice as much as it was in 2019), has been welcoming a fresh influx of gamers who are rushing to online casinos to kill time. Considering the amount of money circulating and the number of players involved in this industry, online gambling needs to be controlled due to numerous ways of fraud. Among many, money laundering and terrorism financing are the most important ones.

What is Facial Recognition?

It represents a method of recognizing or verifying a person’s identification using their face. People can be recognized using this technology in real-time or in images and videos. It is a subcategory of biometric security. The primary use for this new tech was in security and law enforcement.

But times are changing, and people find the use for it in other businesses, as some of the best sports betting operators, according to promoguy. The advancement of technology creates benefits for all, and implementation of it in this industry is benefiting both operators and players.

How Does Facial Recognition Operate?

Face recognition, in contrast to other methods of identification, recognizes the distinctive characteristics of the person’s face and then compares them using a database of images already in existence. The color of the eye, the curve of the nose, and other factors let sensors recognize different facial forms. Of course, other aspects of the face are important, such as the jaw, the shape of the face, and bone structure. The face is validated once the database picture and the involved person’s face match.

Facial Recognition in Gambling Industry

Gambling companies are anticipating risks because their games draw both dishonest people and those with plenty of money to waste, almost like NBA stars. Facial recognition is widely used today to maintain the fairness of games. This technology assists casinos in gathering information that is used to determine potential risks and rewards. It collects information on big spenders, including their average wins and frequency of visits. It also identifies cheaters, criminals, and self-excluded players.

Tracking Gambling Addicts

The level of client protection provided by gaming enterprises can be increased with facial recognition. It is challenging for employees to keep an eye on people entering and leaving gaming areas, particularly in congested, huge venues like casinos.

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Casinos can detect those who have been listed as gambling addicts thanks to facial recognition technology. If gamblers on voluntary exclusion lists are found playing, casinos risk severe fines.


Due to its practicality and potential to make lives easier, technology has unquestionably developed and is now gradually integrating itself into people’s daily lives. Facial recognition is here not simply to stay, but to expand and conquer, from its creation to its accessibility.