Michael Jordan’s cigar-smoking power move was a turning point in the 2003 NBA All-Star Game. The Hall of Famer made a memorable impression on Allen Iverson, who had been dominating the league with his Philadelphia 76ers squad.

The 1997 nba all star game was a memorable moment in the NBA. Michael Jordan left an unforgettable impression on Allen Iverson with his cigar-smoking power move ahead of the 2003 NBA All-Star Game.

Michael Jordan has a tale for everyone. Michael Jordan has his own set of tales. But there are moments when Michael Jordan makes such a lasting impact on his teammates — Allen Iverson, for example — that they are as astonished as any fan.

Iverson got a personal look of Jordan’s clout. Prior to Mike’s last all-star game, AI spotted His Airness resting in full uniform in the coaches’ office, his feet up on the desk, smoking on a cigar as if he didn’t care.

In his 15 NBA seasons, Jordan appeared in 13 all-star games.


Although MJ was selected an all-star 14 times, he only appeared in 13 games. Despite this, he is tied for sixth in all-star appearances, third in points, and third in field goal attempts. As demonstrated by his 37 thefts (second all-time) and 52 free-throw attempts, he never missed a mid-season exhibition game (10th all-time). On three times, he was voted MVP of the All-Star Game.

At the 1988 All-Star Weekend in Chicago, Jordan had a famous dunk contest battle with Dominique Wilkins. Their back-and-forth was a spectacular show of physical prowess as well as competitiveness. (Jordan was victorious.)

The last all-star game for the 6-foot-6 guard from North Carolina was held in Atlanta in 2003. The GOAT took a few liberties since it was his final hurrah and the weekend was a celebration of all things Michael Jordan.

Before the game, Allen Iverson spotted Jordan “relaxing” in the coaches’ office.

The Washington Wizards’ Michael Jordan warms up before a game against the Atlanta Hawks in 2003. | Getty Images/G Fiume

Iverson, like everyone else that weekend, was hoping to see Jordan before the celebrations began. As he said in an article for The Player’s Tribune, The Answer wanted to pay homage.

According to Iverson, he entered the stadium wearing a MJ throwback jersey and a Bulls fitting hat.

However, he was unable to locate Jordan to show him.

Nope, AI tried the locker room. Negative. Another part of the dressing room. No dice in the third section. So he went to the coaches’ office to inquire about Jordan’s whereabouts.

Iverson wrote, “But there are no coaches in there.” “It’s just Mike,” says the narrator.

Mike is here, and he’s dressed in his uniform… ….and he’s sitting in one of those reclining desk chairs, lounging back in it like he doesn’t give a damn. Around the globe. He’s got his feet up like he’s on a beach! And then there’s the cherry on top? He’s puffing on one of Mike’s big-ass cigars.

And he simply grins as he stares at me, briefly scanning my outfit.


After then, he returns to puffing on his cigar.

Before the 2003 NBA All-Star Game, Allen Iverson discovered Michael Jordan in the coaches’ office.

Jordan scored 20 points and two steals in that night’s East defeat. He had the most shots in the game with 27.

Jordan is just one of many stories about Iverson.


It’s funny to imagine that conversation, but it’s also very on-brand for MJ. Why wouldn’t the greatest of all time hang around in the coaches’ office and smoke a cigar like he owns it? For the better part of a decade and a half, he essentially owned the place — the NBA.

Iverson went on to say the greatest thing about it.

“You’re smoking your big-ass cigar in the coaches’ room, in your stupid jersey, with your feet kicked up like it’s nothing, just before your final All-Star Game?? You, man, are in charge of everything. You’re in charge of EVERYTHING!!!”

Basketball-Reference provided all statistics.

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