The New Orleans Saints released a statement to the public on Friday, stating that they had reached out to Latavius Murray in an effort to re-sign him. However, the former Oakland Raiders running back rejected their offer and sent them a stern message.

The latavius murray is a running back for the Oakland Raiders. He was recently traded to the New Orleans Saints, but he rejected their greedy and insulting demand of giving them a percentage of his salary.

Latavius Murray was set for another hectic year as the New Orleans Saints’ backup running back heading into the 2021 NFL season.

Murray has established himself as an excellent secondary option for the Saints to turn to anytime the offense needs a change of pace while playing with Alvin Kamara. Murry rushed for 1,293 yards on 292 carries in two seasons in New Orleans. In addition, he racked up 411 yards on the receiving end.

Murray had 1,704 total yards of offense in 15 games, which would be impressive for most starting running backs in the NFL, but he was mainly serving as a backup. Murray’s presence on the roster was a huge plus for New Orleans. It is, however, a luxury that they no longer enjoy.

Latavius Murray was dismissed by the New Orleans Saints after he declined to renegotiate his contract.

According to a source, the Saints are releasing running back Latavius Murray. They requested for a salary cut the other day, but he refused. Murray had his finest season last year, averaging 4.5 yards per run and 7.7 yards per grab.

September 7, 2021 — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)

Every offseason around this time, clubs begin actively pushing players to renegotiate their contracts in order to free up cap space. For example, the Los Angeles Rams recently did it with punter Johnny Hekker, a decision that may have long-term consequences.

The Saints have never been a club that saves money in the summer, preferring to spend.

The Saints went all-in this summer, and it paid off. They drove their payroll all the way up to the league’s salary limit, prompting them to request restructures in early September.

Players usually agree to restructure and renegotiate a contract because they are afraid of being dismissed just before the season starts. Murray, on the other hand, did not, which led to his release by the Saints only days before Week 1.

Someone finally stood up to the greedy front office of the New Orleans Saints.

In March, the Saints might have asked Latavius Murray to accept a salary cut. He probably wouldn’t, but he’d have had alternatives in FA. They urge him to accept a five-day salary reduction before the season begins. His back is against the wall, so he’ll say yes. He declines and is freed. #DIRTY

September 7, 2021 — Shannon Sharpe (@ShannonSharpe)

While most Saints supporters are probably angry with their former running back, the sad truth is that he was under no duty to renegotiate his contract. Murray was signed by the Saints. It is their responsibility to uphold that.

The Saints have been hammering their players with restructures and reworkings for the last several seasons. Murray is the first player to declare enough is enough to the team’s executive management.

If anything, the Saints’ decision to remove Murray demonstrates their greedy mentality. Murray has been a key component of the New Orleans offense for the last two seasons, but the team’s executive management had no problem cutting him go when he refused to accept a salary reduction.

Latavius Murray isn’t going to be a free agent for much longer.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images/Latavius Murray

Murray is a talented runner who just had a good 2020 season. He won’t stay unemployed for long.

The Baltimore Ravens had previously been touted as a possible suitor after losing J.K. Dobbins and Justice Hill. Injuries to the running back position are also not rare in the NFL. Week 1 will almost certainly result in the loss of a prominent player, which will provide Murray with an instant employment opportunity.

The Saints will start the season without their second-best rushing back. Without Drew Brees and Michael Thomas, they’re already trying to function. Murray’s departure may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in New Orleans.

The front office of the Saints can only blame itself.

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