Have you been wondering if WWE is actually a real wrestling? It has been said that it is a fake wrestling since the time of mythological era, but it has become more famous between people. Nowadays, You can’t deny the fact that WWE’s popularity keeps increasing day by day and many children are dreaming to become a wrestler in their future.

WWE has become a platform for people to show their skills and ability to the public. It’s not only because of wrestling, but also many other factors such as acting, singing, and dances which make WWE shows more interesting for viewers. However, The question is : Is WWE a fake wrestling? As long as it entertains people, then I think that wrestling becomes more famous. Despite the fact that some wrestlers have been injured in their matches, WWE has been considered as a safest sports to watch according to organizations which follow the rules and regulations of the organization. On the other hand, you may think that WWE is a fake wrestling because it’s more like an entertainment than a real sport due to many reasons.

how does wwe decide who wins

First of all, in WWE, you will not see any real wrestling skills with punching or kicking because it’s more about acting. Every wrestler has its own style to show their skills in front of the camera. They try their best to create a story in each match between two wrestlers for viewers who are watching the match live on the ring or watching it on TV. It’s not only the wrestlers, but also producers and directors behind the scene who are responsible for creating a story in each match. They care about every little detail which makes this sport more like an entertainment than a real sport. Even though some people think that WWE is fake wrestling because there are no genuine fighting skills between two wrestlers, but I think that real fighting skills are not necessary to be a wrestler.

What is WWE and what is fake about it?

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment which is an American company established in 1980 by Vince McMahon. WWE was founded with the primary goal of becoming number one wrestling entertainment to fight other existing wrestling companies at that time. So it took several years until WWE became successful among audiences, wrestlers, and organizations. From then on, It has been growing to be the most popular wrestling entertainment in current days.

The history of professional wrestling and how it evolved into WWE

Professional wrestling is a type of sport which was initially staged by traveling carnival exhibitors and has evolved into a billion dollar industry. It has been said that wrestling started from the moment when humans were living in caves and battling for food, water, gold, and other resources. Wrestling became popular between societies especially during ancient times because it helps them to prepare for war.

wwe matches end with pinfall or submission

Even though people say that wrestling is an old sport, but it has been said that the first real evidence of Wrestling happened between 1880s and 1920s. During this time, many wrestlers were battling each other in front of public to become number one wrestler. They fought in backyards, theaters, and everywhere they could find. Wrestling became more popular after World War II because people love to watch live wrestling matches between two wrestlers who try their best to win the match with using legitimate wrestling moves which are based on Greco-Roman Wrestling.

How staged fights are put together and the role of the referee

Staged fights in wrestling are put together by producers and directors behind the scene before it happened live on camera. They spend a lot of time to create a story for viewers and make sure that everything in the show is running smoothly.