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The “why isn t aiyuk playing” is a question that many people have been asking. The answer to the question lies in the fact that Aiyuk was able to play without thinking about his injury.

The Washington Football Team had an interesting offseason this past spring, despite not being able to snag one of the top rookie quarterbacks in the 2021 NFL Draft. On paper, they significantly improved their offensive by signing free agents Ryan Fitzpatrick and Curtis Samuel.

Washington already possessed a strong defense (at least on paper), so getting their offense up to league-average looked to be the only thing they needed to do to assure their return to the playoffs in 2021.

However, the injury bug hit at the worst possible moment, as it often does in the NFL. Just a few plays into his Football Team tenure, Fitzpatrick suffered a season-ending hip injury, while Samuel has been in and out of the lineup all year with lingering injuries.

This year, Taylor Heinicke defeated Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Cam Newton, and Russell Wilson.

Those four quarterbacks have a combined total of 30 Pro Bowl appearances, five MVP titles, and eight Super Bowl rings.

Not bad for a 28-year-old ODU product who went undrafted.

30 November 2021 — Pete Hailey (@PeteHaileyNBCS)

The signing of Fitzpatrick was anticipated to provide Ron Rivera and the WFT with some quarterback security. The organization seems ready to swing toward a more established arm after a whole season of playing about with Alex Smith, Kyle Allen, and Taylor Heinicke. Fitzpatrick is unremarkable. He does, however, have a track record of being able to win games with his strong arm.

The Fitzpatrick fantasy was obviously short-lived, allowing Heinicke to return to the starting lineup. For what it’s worth, he’s been good the last several weeks.

Curtis Samuel’s lack of performance, on the other hand, has severely harmed the Football Team’s offensive production. In the receiving game, he and Terry McLaurin were meant to form an exceptional one-two punch. Instead, he’s sat on the bench for the most of the season.

Samuel hopes that this will no longer be the case in the future.

Curtis Samuel just gave a positive injury update.

Curtis “Samuel said,” “I’m in high spirits… I’m able to sprint quickly, cut quickly, and play without worrying about my injuries. That is the most important thing.”

December 1, 2021 — John Keim (@john keim)

Samuel played against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 12, but it was evident he wasn’t 100 percent. He had just one grab for a total of nine yards. When questioned about the long-term implications of his groin injury, Samuel exuded a level of confidence that we haven’t seen from him this season.

“I feel terrific,” Samuel told the Washington Post’s Sam Fortier. “I have the ability to cut and run quickly.” I can now play without having to fret about my injuries. The most important thing is that I can go out there with confidence.”

Last season, Samuel had 1,051 scrimmage yards with the Carolina Panthers. For a Washington offense in dire need of additional firepower, a healthy and reinvigorated Samuel is excellent news.

Could Curtis Samuel lead the Football Team to the playoffs if he’s healthy?

Patrick Smith/Getty Images/Curtis Samuel

The Football Team is unexpectedly in a solid seeding position thanks to the NFL’s new extended playoff system. They’re the NFC’s No. 7 seed, coming off a three-game winning run.

If Samuel is back to 100 percent, it’s difficult to dismiss Washington’s chances of making the playoffs for the second year in a row. The defense is regaining its footing, and Heinicke is doing just enough to keep the club in games.

When you add Samuel to the mix for the closing stretch, Washington should be confident in their prospects. Moving ahead, they face the Philadelphia Eagles twice and the New York Giants once, both of which are winnable games.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

The Panthers will revisit the Deshaun Watson trade talks after Christian McCaffrey’s season-ending injury.

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The “chargers depth chart” is a list of players on the San Diego Chargers roster. The depth chart helps coaches and players to know who is playing well, who has been injured, or who needs more time to develop.

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