The Minotaur was a legendary creature that lived in the labyrinth on the island of Crete. He was a terrifying beast with a bull’s head, a man’s body, and a serpent’s tail. In Greek mythology, King Minos had him imprisoned in order to keep his people from being sacrificed to him.

The hades theseus and asterius guide is a guide that will help you beat the Minotaur in Hades. It includes different strategies, videos, and more.

The battle against King Theseus and the Minotaur Asterius, the bull of Minos, is Hades’ third boss encounter. The Champions of Elysium, unlike the Fury sisters or the Hydra, may be a major impediment to reaching Hades’ fourth and final level.

Even with Extreme Measures enabled, understanding how to defeat Theseus and the Minotaur optimally makes the battle virtually free, much like all the other bosses in Hades.

If you run across Asterius on your route to Theseus (he appears as a potential challenge arena behind a skull door), take advantage of the opportunity to practice battling him in solitude and as a gauge for your damage output. If you face him early in the game, he will have less health and will not have a Damage Control marking during the boss fight.

Your first objective should be to beat Asterius once you reach the boss chamber to confront Theseus and the Minotaur. Concentrate on the bull, for once he and Theseus reach half health, they will enter a second phase. The minotaur gets somewhat more aggressive, though not much so. It’s Theseus who has to be avoided.

When Theseus reaches half health, he will summon the Olympians for assistance, typically by blocking the whole arena with harmful effects that may rapidly build up. Stick to the arena’s outskirts and take shelter behind the pillars to avoid the king’s spear tosses.

Keep an eye out for Theseus to summon his buddy. Prepare to avoid the widening circle the bosses make if Asterius returns to the king and Theseus orders “Delta Strike.” It does 20 damage and has a surprisingly big hitbox. The bull will then hurl Theseus towards you for further damage, but you may escape it by dodging perpendicular to the monsters’ location.

The Minotaur: How to Defeat It


  • Asterius swings his ax in a broad arc in front of him in one or two strokes, adapting to your position if there is a second swing. If you can’t get away from him, go behind him. The assault doesn’t reach a small region immediately behind him, so if you can’t get away from him, get behind him.
  • Asterius swings his ax in a broad arc in front of him, then leaps at you, doing damage both on the way to and after contact. If you mistime your dodge behind him, the ax swing will follow you. Asterius fires four missiles in front of him and to the side as he lands after leaping. The slam strike in Extreme Measures 3 produces a huge shockwave on contact, and Asterius may use it up to three times.
  • Charge: With great tracking, Asterius charges at you. If he collides with a wall or pillar, he comes to a halt and is shocked for a brief time. Stick to the pillars and the side of the arena, dodging at an angle to avoid being struck by the bull.
  • After a short windup, the Minotaur starts whirling his ax in extremely wide circles while pursuing you around the arena. Without safeguards, they do approximately 30 damage each hit. When the minotaur unleashes this attack, stay away from him since the hitbox likes to linger, and if you’re caught within the smear, you’ll suffer damage.

Avoid his broad swings by ducking under his leaping assault. Keep an eye on the aiming reticle; when it becomes bright pink, Theseus will launch his 20-damage spear.

Kite the minotaur for as long as it takes to defeat him, keeping an eye out for any area of effect strikes that may also be doing havoc on Theseus. Both monsters have enough health to survive a few errant strikes, but you don’t want to risk your life by having both the minotaur and the Olympians attack you at the same time.

How to Get Rid of Theseus


  • Theseus will target you for approximately five seconds before throwing his spear, which is his primary strike in the initial phase. Before returning to him, it travels approximately half the length of the arena. Just before a throw, the aiming reticle will flash bright pink, so use it as a cue to avoid.
  • Theseus spins a complete 360 degrees and travels ahead in your direction after a short windup. The hitbox of this move also tends to linger, so escape it by ducking behind the king and to the side.
  • Theseus is also favored by Olympus, and when he is half-healthy or without his chariot, he appeals to the gods for help. A large part of the arena becomes a damage zone that either surrounds you or follows you around. 
  • Bombing Run (Extreme Measures 3 only): Theseus rides around the arena in a golden chariot when Extreme Measures is active. There are two kinds of bombing runs: those that go around the perimeter and those that go straight into the center. The monarch will launch huge bombs into the air as he travels, which will explode soon after. The red circle indicates the extent of the damage. A bomb’s strike does 50 damage. Most of the time, Theseus will go around the arena twice and then through the center, dropping bombs along the way.
  • Theseus rides across the center of the arena, firing his twin Gatling guns as he goes (Extreme Measures 3 only). To dodge this assault, go to either side.
  • Standing in front of Theseus’ chariot will inflict approximately 20 damage each time he runs you over (Extreme measures 3 only). Whether you dodged in front of him or were already on his path, this will happen; stay behind him while spamming his rear.

Get close to him in his initial phase to turn him around. Despite his protection, you may utilize area of effect Boons like Blade Rift to attack him. He’ll switch between tossing his spear and doing a spin strike. After either, if you go too near to him, he’ll turn around and walk a little distance away. During these times, do as much damage to him as possible.

Extreme Measures is the first step. Theseus’ explosives explode long after he’s beyond their damage radius, so you may remain behind him and wreak havoc on his rear without fear of retaliation. The biggest danger is if he abruptly changes course and you are caught off guard.

Positioning is the most difficult aspect of first-phase Theseus. If you ever stand in front of him, he will repeatedly inflict 20 damage until you leave his chariot’s hitbox. If you’re a dodging freak, keep your speed in check since it’ll get you murdered.

In the initial phase, There are times when Theseus would halt and taunt you for free damage. Make the most of these opportunities.

You must deplete 3/4 of Theseus’ health to reach second-phase Extreme Measures 3, at which time his chariot explodes. The second phase is then the same as the original battle.

These pointers should give you an advantage in defeating Theseus and the Minotaur. For additional information, see our Hades guides hub.

The hades minotaur and theseus impossible is a game that has been present for a while. However, it is an easy game to beat.

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You cannot defeat Theseus in Hades.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What happens if you kill Theseus first?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Theseus will be killed, the Minotaur will live.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you beat the third boss in Hades?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You have to use the power of the sun.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I defeat Theseus in Hades?

You cannot defeat Theseus in Hades.

What happens if you kill Theseus first?

Theseus will be killed, the Minotaur will live.

How do you beat the third boss in Hades?

You have to use the power of the sun.

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