The NFL and its players association have been in a long-running battle over player health and safety. Bill Belichick has now become the focus of this fight, after he was found to be using a banned substance on the sidelines.

Bill Belichick is officially having a problem on his hands that should make every NFL team jealous. Read more in detail here: bill belichick age.

Bill Belichick doesn’t have a great quarterback on his team. He also lacks a top-tier receiver. And he won’t have a lockdown corner anchoring his defense until he finds out what’s going on with Stephon Gilmore.

The New England Patriots, it goes without saying, have a few problems that may prevent them from winning the Super Bowl this season.

Fortunately for Belichick, he now has an issue with which every NFL club should be envious. And he can do so by parting ways with a player who doesn’t seem to have a long-term future in Foxborough if he wants to shore up a position of need or build up more money for the 2022 NFL Draft.

Bill Belichick’s present dilemma should make other NFL clubs envious.

Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, observes practice with senior football adviser Matt Patricia. Getty Images/By Barry Chin/The Boston Globe

While the Patriots may be weak at other areas, Belichick has a dilemma that other teams should envy: he has too many excellent running backs on his roster.

Professional in his third year This season, Damien Harris is expected to get the majority of the carries. The third-round selection in 2019 has all of the physical attributes necessary to excel as a running back. Harris could exceed 1,000 running yards and establish himself as one of the best young players at his position if he remains healthy.

On obvious passing downs, James White should continue to handle the majority of the snaps. Although the three-time Super Bowl winner doesn’t have much to offer as a pure runner, his pass-protection abilities and steady hands make him an important part of the offense.

Sony Michel, however, has looked good in preseason play despite not living up to expectations as a first-round selection. This summer, he’s looked quicker and more powerful running the ball, and he’s had a larger impact in the passing game.

Of all, by selecting Rhamondre Stevenson in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft, the Patriots may have gotten a bargain. Despite his 6-foot-227-pound frame, the 2020 Cotton Bowl MVP has surprised with his fast feet and remarkable agility for a player of size. Stevenson rushed for 66 yards and two touchdowns on 15 carries against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday after running for 127 yards and two scores against the Washington Football Team. As a rookie, he seems to be capable of making an impact.

In addition, J.J. Taylor wreaked havoc on Nick Sirianni’s side by rushing for 93 yards and a score on 12 attempts. The second-year pro, who is built in the style of former Patriots standout Dion Lewis, continues to make a solid case for a roster berth. Taylor isn’t very big at 5-foot-6 and 185 pounds. However, he has a very well-rounded skill set, which may force Belichick to make a difficult decision elsewhere in order to retain him on the roster.

By using their depth at running back, the Patriots may make an improvement at another position.

The Patriots have five running backs (plus special teamer Brandon Bolden) who are deserving of playing time. Josh McDaniels, on the other hand, may find it difficult to feed so many mouths.

Fortunately for Belichick, he can put his vast wealth at the position to good use elsewhere.

Despite his excellent start, Michel does not seem to be a long-term building stone for the Patriots. He has been forced to miss far too many games due to injuries. And when he has donned the uniform, he hasn’t had anywhere near the same impact as he did in college. It should come as no surprise that the Patriots refused to take up his fifth-year option.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of Michel assisting the Patriots in the future.

Belichick should be confident with the condition of the power running game now that Harris and Stevenson are on board. Why not use Michel as trade bait instead of utilizing him as a part-time player? Given Cam Akers’ season-ending injury, a club like the Los Angeles Rams would be an excellent match. Based on Michel’s playing time and performance, Belichick may be able to recoup a conditional mid-round selection.

Consider trading the fourth-year running back for a wide receiver or cornerback. New England needs more depth at both spots, and trading Michel might help Belichick achieve that goal.

If everyone performs as expected, New England’s attack has frightening potential.

Finally, Belichick’s deep and skilled running back group is an issue that other teams should covet. The Patriots emphasize flexibility, and it’s obvious that they have guys at the position that bring something special to the table.

Is this, though, a guarantee that New England will have a top-five offensive in 2021?

Certainly not.

While Belichick’s squad has an impressive offensive line and an intriguing group of running backs, the rest of the roster is riddled with questions.

In his 11th season in the NFL, will Cam Newton establish himself as a reliable passer? Will Mac Jones keep ascending and ultimately take control?

Will Kendrick Bourne and Nelson Agholor live up to the hype? Or will the free-agent receivers struggle to adjust to an offense that has a reputation for being tough to master?

What does the future hold for Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry, the promising tight end duo? Both are expected to play significant roles, but their health is a big worry.

If all goes according to plan, the Patriots will be able to put up huge score totals. However, the offensive will need a little luck and a lot of work to achieve its full potential.

On the other side of the ball, Bill Belichick doesn’t have nearly as many questions.

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