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Slow Horse Luke

Slow Horse Luke betting system review


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What He Saw Was Potential.

Nothing outrageous but with the low stakes and low odds I managed to get over the hump of I DO NOT LAY BET!
From then my lay betting strategies have gone from strength to strength, the first thing I did was remove the 20% of favourites that were over 3.0 odds. Only backing the lower risk favourites.


Overall, I won at a low % but the lower odds resulted in a very similar outcome.
It Was Time To Get Serious!
The First Step was to assess…


The Stable Guys

The Stable Guys betting system Review
The Profits Speak For Themselves £72,924 So Far In 2017
Who is Mickey and Perry?


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Why Are The Stable Guys Right For You?
With this easy-to-follow method, you will make maximum returns on low risk bets.
Nothing To Learn – Paint by numbers simple to do


No Fly By Night Industry – Do you think horse betting is going to end any time soon?
Small One Time Fee – Pay us once profit for life…

I’ve Been Scammed Before – Then it’s even luckier you’ve found us today, no worries about that here.
How Much Can you make? – As much as you want, we send you the winners you decide how much …
And Many More …

The Stable Guys are offering an easy-to-follow method which ensures maximum returns on low risk bets!