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Football loophole

Football loophole system review
Make consistent profit on any league in the world!

Football Loophole Betting System!
Learn how to expose an actual loophole that the bookies can’t plug.
* Set-and-forget system
* Follow the rules and watch the profits roll in
* The system makes use of one specific type of bet

You can use the system as often as you want.


The Football loophole system website login:

What is Football loophole system!?
It is a football selection system!
The simple set and forget system guaranteed to make you profit.

All selections and bets can be made in advance.
Use any bookmaker in the world.
Step-by-step, set and forget.
Test is risk free for 2 months.

The instructions are simple and clear to follow.
They recommend that you start with a minimum of £100. It doesn’t really matter what you start with. Your bank is going to grow steadily.



Footy Multiplier

Footy Multiplier Betting system review. £30 To £1,001.14 PROFIT In Just 3 Days
Footy Multiplier by Luke Brinkley


The Footy Multiplier system website login:

This gets you access to all of the bets over the weekend. If you want to play again the following weekend you need to pay again and sign up before Friday 6pm
Round 1 – The First 3
The first 3 bets, use 100% of our weekend bank. £10 bets = £30
These bets are here to make us more cash to bet with when the bulk of the action takes place, the 3pm kick offs on Saturday.

Round 2 – The Positioning Bets
As long as things haven’t gone “tits up” in the first round, we have more than £30 to play with for the 3pm kickoffs/Saturday late game.

These bets are likely to be multiples and generate higher returns. The goal is to position ourselves where we have returned enough profit by the end of Saturday to take our initial stake and some profit and put that on one side and still have enough for a bigger stake on one or two final bets.

Round 3 – The BIG BUCKS Round
The ideal scenario is to use profit alone to but bigger stake bets on one or two fixtures. We go for the kill, for the big bucks return while our initial stake and smaller profit is sat in the bank ready for next weekend