Cash Crew Review

Cash Crew By George Patterson


Income generated by Cash Crew members: $8,961,948
This is the total sum of profits generated with the Cash Crew App updating live. All results have been verified and are still being monitored live by a third party.
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George Patterson:
“You’ve probably not heard about me before. For 14 years I’ve been a commodity trader at a prestigious hedge fund in Chicago. I try to keep a low profile, I don’t chat on forums or social media websites, but what I’ve been doing for the past two years is cracking the code to huge profits – first for the fund, then for myself. After a lot of research, I’ve made over $2,700,000 trading Binary Options. With the help of Steve, my son who is a programmer, we automated my trading method and perfected the algorithm.

We made our first million trading manually. Then, by applying the automation techniques, we made the next $2 million in just 4 months! We were so amazed with the results that we started calling ourselves the Cash Crew ”


Cash Crew is a web application, all you need is a web browser. It will work on any Windows, Linux, Max and even on your tablet or smartphone.